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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Purpose of The Economic Meltdown

We all know economic depression here, and some of us have an inkling about what is coming. The governments vacillate between spewing gloom and doom and ridiculous ‘happy fun clown time’ gibberish at the great unwashed masses depending upon whether they want fools to buy into the stock market at that particular time to make certain fat cats even richer, or they want those fools to sell and lose almost everything.

The housing bubble has been popped, the stock market is crashing and pensions are being siphoned off minute by minute. It’s clear that gold is being manipulated at the same time the dollar is going down. The contortionate “credit instruments” and exotic book-keeping (what an oxymoron that is) methods of investment houses, bankers and large businesses have all happened in a top-down way on purpose. The more they ripped off the little guy the bigger their commission and bonus; it is a system that thrives, indeed lives off of insatiable greed. And the monsters near the top aren’t sweating one bit. They know what is happening and they know what is coming next.

The fiat currency house of cards is tumbling down because the international bankers just exhaled a puff of the expensive smoke from their Cuban Cohiba Behike cigar and blew on it. In other words, it was planned. It is time now for the next phase of their plan.

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