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Friday, September 07, 2007

Whew! keeping busy...

Hello all--

Despite the fact that I have decided to not continue doing The Big Finale, my life doesn't seem less busy. My 'day job' is busy at times (although this week wasn't too bad).

I'm still going to be doing book reviews for and I intend to work on this blog and make it what it should be (or could be, at least).

I loved doing The Big Finale but it was more difficult than I ever imagined. Trying to keep up by reading the guest's books, formulating questions and contacting future guests (while trying to remain in touch with upcoming guests so they didn't forget when they were going to be on the show) was a lot of work. I did it for two years and it was great but the audience was very very small.

The most hits my website ever got in one day was 200 but, typically, my website usually only reaches 20-50 on Fridays. Even less than that about a quarter of the time. You can be sure when your audience is this small, you're preaching to the choir. That's ok but I had hoped for more.

I've really found the economic news fascinating as of late. Here we have an economic system that is literally sensitive to going in either direction: deflation from an imploding credit crunch or inflation from massive liquidity being pumped into the banking system.

Which one will win? My money is on inflation at this point.

I'll try to devote more time to this blog and have a regular comment and/or news items to share with all of you.

Thanks for stopping by!


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