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Friday, June 12, 2009


Sometimes when you begin to document or to have a public forum, there is a subtle temptation to embellish your words.

And, I have been guilty of that.

One that comes to mind (glaringly) is the audio I've 'drug' out of the archives to show that the government was possibly listening in on my program. In reality, it is most likely a glitch over the internet.

But, there again, life has it's gray areas, doesn't it? I mean, it wasn't exactly a lie for me to insinuate what it COULD HAVE BEEN.

But, gray areas are not something that I should be dealing with. Herein lies the seductiveness of internet radio, conspiracy talk, Bible prophecy- this elevation of ourselves that, if not careful, actually blots out the true message.

God doesn't need my help if the help is an embellishment. He doesn't need someone who was healed of a pain in the arm to tell his friends that God grew his 'missing' arm back. It doesn't help the Kingdom because His Kingdom is not built on anything less than integrity.

Lessons learned this week.

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