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Sunday, January 31, 2010

IBM, Verichip and The Fourth Reich

Keynes VS. Hayek (Keynesian VS. Austrian Economics): The Rap Song

Most politicians, Republican and Democrat, are Keynesian. That's a problem!

Here's an article I wrote about Keynes sometime ago:

Keynesian vs. Austrian Economics- Or, How A Deviant Bankrupted The U.S. Economy
August 03, 2006

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bruce Collins Show- 1/30/10- Guest: Jason Offutt, Author of "Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us"

Jason Offutt is a syndicated columnist, author, college journalism instructor, and fan of all things strange. His books about the paranormal, "Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us," and “Haunted Missouri: A Ghostly Guide to Missouri's Most Spirited Spots,” are available at His blog is found at .

Note: Interestingly enough considering the nefarious topic at hand, we experienced an unusual amount of static and irregularities (you'll see!) so unfortunately this is not the highest quality audio program. In fact, there are about twenty seconds that we completely removed from the interview because somehow Jason and I were talking at the same time (he was receiving my voice delayed).

Saturday 10am EST/ 7am PST , WSMN 1590 AM, Listen online at:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saturday's Guest On The Bruce Collins Show, Jason Offutt: Giggles of the Ghostly Baby

Sunlight poured into 16-year-old David Emerick III’s room as he lie in bed, a cold fear freezing him motionless as he slowly realized he was not alone.

“I have never felt so helpless,” Emerick said. “I felt afraid for my life.”

And he couldn’t move.


DAVOS MYSTERY: World Economic Forum's Security Chief Found Dead After 'Suicide'...

On eve of big meeting...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Salvation Through Works (Beating Himself Senseless)

Book: John Paul II used belt to whip himself
VATICAN CITY - Pope John Paul II whipped himself with a belt, even on vacation, and slept on the floor as acts of penitence and to bring him closer to Christian perfection, according to a new book by the Polish prelate spearheading his sainthood case.
Question: If this works, what was the Cross for?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Will Democrats Be Disappointed? Obama Proposes Freezing All Spending ... EXCEPT... DEFENSE/ DOMESTIC SPYING!!!

we're the butt of this joke...

Washington (CNN) -- President Obama will announce in Wednesday's State of the Union address that he's proposing to save $250 billion by freezing all nonsecurity federal discretionary spending for three years, according to two senior administration officials.

The proposed freeze, which could help position Obama in the political center by sharpening his credentials on fiscal discipline, would exempt the budgets of the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs, along with some international programs.

"We are at war, and we're going to make sure our troops are funded adequately," one of the senior officials said.

Healed By The Power Of Prayer


Tracey Wagner says her son fell through an icy lake, and was trapped under water for 20 minutes. Pastor Danny Sinquefield was with Tracey that day.

"The very first thing we did was say can we pray with you."

Reese was rushed to LeBonheur, without a heartbeat or a pulse.

"I was there when the doctors came out and told her the prognosis wasn't good, in fact it seemed like it was going to take a miracle for this child to survive this accident."

"Well the great thing about being here at LeBonheur is that we're a faith-based institution."

So the prayers started for the 10-year-old baseball player.

"Over 15,000 people joined the pray for Reese Facebook page."

Then, Pastor Sinquefield witnessed the power of prayer at his church, Faith Baptist Bartlett.

"I probably personally have never been involved in anything more heart stirring, more powerful than that meeting, hundreds of people from the community came to pray for Reese."

It was the kids whose prayers hit Sinquefield the hardest.

"I believe that God hears us when we pray but he especially hears the prayers of children, it's a powerful thing that happens," says Sinquefield.

"Kids understand prayer sometimes much better than adults 'cause they are trained to believe in the unbelievable."

"God just heard those prayers and healed him."

And Reese realizes that to be a fact. When his body almost failed him, his mother says God quickly and fully acted to work a miracle.

"Thank you for praying for me," adds Reese

Prayer Hour With Guest Gary Busey

This parody points out the mixed messages that Christian programming (of all kinds) gives and it also shows the simplistic message of salvation that even someone like Gary Busey or I can understand.

Guess Which Celebrity Was Arrested Now?

The Energizer Bunny- charged with battery!

TBCS Guest, Nick Redfern: Lair of the Beasts: Beware of the Devil Dogs

In his absolutely definitive book Explore Phantom Black Dogs, the author and researcher Bob Trubshaw wrote the following: “The folklore of phantom black dogs is known throughout the British Isles. From the Black Shuck of East Anglia to the Mauthe Dhoog of the Isle of Man there are tales of huge spectral hounds ‘darker than the night sky’ with eyes ‘glowing red as burning coals.’ The phantom black dog of British and Irish folklore, which often forewarns of death, is part of a world-wide belief that dogs are sensitive to spirits and the approach of death, and keep watch over the dead and dying. North European and Scandinavian myths dating back to the Iron Age depict dogs as corpse eaters and the guardians of the roads to hell. Medieval folklore includes a variety of ‘Devil dogs’ and spectral hounds.”

One of the most infamous of all black-dog encounters in the British Isles occurred at St. Mary’s Church, Bungay, Suffolk, England, on Sunday, August 4, 1577, when an immense and veritable spectral hound from hell materialised within the church during a powerful thunderstorm and mercilessly tore into the terrified congregation with its huge fangs and razor-sharp claws. In fact, so powerful was the storm that it reportedly killed two men in the belfry as the church tower received an immense lightning bolt that tore through it and shook the building to its ancient foundations.

The search for aliens should start on Earth not outer space, says scientist

Professor Paul Davies, a physicist at Arizona University will tell a meeting at the Royal Society that the best way of proving that extra-terrestrial life exists elsewhere in the universe is to use evidence from earth.

The meeting at the Royal Society, which will include representatives from Nasa, the European Space Agency and the UN Office for Outer space Affairs marks the 5th anniversary of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) programme. Lord Rees, President of the Royal Society will also lead one of the sessions.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Bruce Collins Show, Saturday 10am EST/ 7am PST, WSMN 1590 AM, Guest: Alex Jones

Alex Jones is my guest this Saturday. Listen online at

As Alex mentioned on his show Wednesday, he did a radio interview the night before (The Bruce Collins Show) and woke up at 3:30am, thinking about Glenn Beck! We talked about Glenn Beck in the interview...

Join us for this important interview!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mysterious 'Chupacabras' Fear In El Paso

The legend may be back, just as mysterious and dark, to stalk the unsuspecting.

Until last weekend, Cesar Garcia and brother-in-law Juan Miranda saw their life near Horizon City as secluded and peaceful.

They moved to the area from Chicago three years ago, but have suddenly been beset by strange and unexplained occurrences.

Here's the STORY

Alex Jones Mentions On His Show Today...

...that he did an interview late last night and then woke up at 3:30am thinking about Glenn Beck.

We talked about Glenn Beck on the show! This broadcast will air Saturday!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Live Show Isn't Playing Quite Right...

Kind of sounds like Patrick and I have a bit of a speech impediment.

Here is the archived version:

Friday, January 15, 2010

-- Update --

Pictured: The lower facial area of 'The Thinker' Patrick "Paddy" Heron

Patrick Heron is my guest tomorrow at 10am EST/ 7am PST on WSMN 1590 AM. Listen online at .

Also, I have been invited to be the guest once a month on an AM wrestling show. For the most part, they want me to talk about my non-wrestling life, or my radio show. I don't know the reason for that- it's possible they want to poke fun...but I'm willing to give it a try. I'll have more information on that later.

This Is Not An Advertisement To Sell Product, But Advice To Prepare

Is America's financial collapse inevitable?
Patrick J. Buchanon

We were blindsided. We never saw it coming.

So said Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein of the financial crisis of 2008. He likened its probability to four hurricanes hitting the East Coast in a single season.

Blankfein was reminded by the chairman of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Committee, Phil Angelides, that hurricanes are "acts of God." Financial crises are manmade. Yet Blankfein was backed up by Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan, who said, "Somehow, we just missed ... that home prices don't go up forever."

The Wall Street titans thus conceded they did not foresee the housing bubble ever bursting and they did not consider the possibility of a collapse in value of the sub-prime mortgage securities piled up on their books.

Anyone who has ever heard any commentary I have done on the air knows that I believe that the banks were not blindsided and "didn't see it coming." This was engineered by the Banks.

I am no genius... but I saw this coming and said so on Monster Radio seven years ago! If I saw it, you're telling me that they didn't?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top Obama czar: Infiltrate all 'conspiracy theorists' (kudos to Chad Miles,

In a lengthy academic paper, President Obama's regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, argued the U.S. government should ban "conspiracy theorizing."

Among the beliefs Sunstein would ban is advocating that the theory of global warming is a deliberate fraud.

Sunstein also recommended the government send agents to infiltrate "extremists who supply conspiracy theories" to disrupt the efforts of the "extremists" to propagate their theories.

This Saturday's The Bruce Collins Show, Guest: Patrick Heron, Topic: EBook "The Return Of The Anti-Christ And The New World Order"

The Bruce Collins Show
WSMN 1590 AM
Saturday 10am EST/ 7am PST
Listen Online:

Dr. Patrick Heron was born in Dublin in 1952. When he was 24 years old, he had a "Saul on the road to Damascus" type of epiphany while reading the Bible. Thus began his Christian walk. He became interested in bible prophecy concerning the "end times" about 1996.

In 1997, his first book Apocalypse Soon was published and became a bestseller in Ireland. It entered the Irish bestsellers list after an interview with Gareth O'Callaghan, on RTE radio, who said he "read it in one sitting and was gripped." Another book The Apocalypse Generation was also a success.

There has recently been amazing interest to-date in this new book The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, published by Kensington Publishing, which Patrick believes is the FIRST EVER book proving overwhelmingly who built the pyramids and why.

Patrick has a B.Sc. and M.A. in Business Studies from Trinity College, Dublin.

He also holds a Degree in Theology and recently received an Honorary Doctorate in Christian Literature from the California Pacific School of Theology, Glendale, California, as a result of the research done in his book, The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse (Kensington Publishing).

Dr. Heron is the Executive Producer of a TV special entitled Apocalypse and the End Times which is a Grizzly Adams production. This has been shown all over the United States and is currently available on DVD in stores nationwide.

Patrick owns and runs his own company in Dublin, Ireland, where he lives with his family. He is not associated with any particular church or denomination.

His website is


- Who is the Anti-Christ? Is he here today? Will he be an existing World Leader?

- Are Muslims also looking for their Messiah to return?

- Does 2012 or Mayan Prophecies have any significance to this event?

- What is the difference between the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation?

- The current economic situation in Ireland

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'Square' UFO silently floats under 60 feet over North Carolina

A North Carolina witness in Johnston County watched a "small, square craft" float silently and low to the ground on December 30, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The witness estimated that the craft size was about 25 square feet, that it was about 5 feet tall, was traveling just 50 to 60 feet off of the ground and 30 yards away. The speed was estimated at 30 mph.

The following is the unedited and as yet uninvestigated report filed with MUFON. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If North Carolina MUFON investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Upcoming Guest, Jason Offutt: 'Grandma Warned About Shadow People'

The adults didn’t intend for Samantha to hear their conversation.

Seven-year-old Samantha sat playing at her great-grandmother’s home when her grandmother came to get her.

“I always remember my great-grandma as a fragile old woman sitting in her recliner with thick, knee-high Dallas cowboy socks on watching a televangelist that had a speech problem because he was deaf,” Samantha said. “She was from Texas and she was a strong Christian. I remember her telling me Bible stories and about how prayer can heal anything.”

But that day, the ladies conversation turned toward strange, dark figures both had seen.

“‘It started out as someone I knew, then it was like a ghost, but solid and black,’ my grandmother said, very low to make sure I didn’t hear her,” Samantha, now an adult, said. “My great grandmother replied, ‘I know what you are talking about, like a tall man with no features, just a black cutout of a tall man.’”

They thought the black figures were just dreams, but as they discussed these visitations, the women realized they spoke of the same entity.

The Weapon against shadow people?
The Weapon against alien abductions?
The Weapon against tyranny?

Prayer and faith in Jesus Christ

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Bruce Collins Show Is On Right Now

listen 'live':

or, you can listen to the archive here:

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Brett Wagner Is My Guest On WSMN Radio Tomorrow....

Listen online , Saturday 7am PST/ 10am EST. I will post the archive later in the day.

Word of warning: I had so much fun talking with Brett once again that I lost track of time and we mostly talk about his career. I find it interesting but, I assure you, we will return to regular programming starting next week (in fact, I have some brand new guests over the next month or so and looking forward to it). I did start talking about conspiracy theory at the end of the hour...but it is only about ten minutes or so. Brett and I have had long talks about the Bible, the government of the United States, and other topics behind the scenes. At this point, we have different perspectives- but for a reason- all of the Christian 'celebrities', producers and business owners have screwed Brett over. And, isn't that sad? So, pray for Brett.

I have hopes that by years' end, his views will be vastly different. Give it time, next show that Brett will be on, we will delve much deeper. More celebrities need to know about the conspiracy because, once you know, you realize there is supernatural evil behind the powers that we can see with our physical eyes.

Brett is so fascinated by this topic (because I keep bringing it up!) and I am encouraging him to run with it- to develop a nationally syndicated program on the topic (the more the information is out there, the better). I am happy to take a 'follow' position- this isn't about me. And, it's not about money (I wish all of these Christians selling survival gear, in conjunction with fear mongering, felt the same way too...).

Perhaps This Is One Of The Reasons Most Economists Can't Tell Us We're Broke!

WSMN will be airing this spot for The Bruce Collins Show ten times per week!

Click on the link to the left to see the WSMN "Bruce Collins Show" page...

Tomorrow, our guest is Brett Wagner, who will tell us about his new movie and will touch on the parallels to Swine Flu- and, get this, they were filming it when Swine Flu broke out in Mexico. Can someone say "movie propaganda"?

Guest:Brett Wagner, "The Crazies" movie, voice of "Monster Garage", Host of Speed Channel's Pass Time
When: Saturday 10am EST/ 7am PST
Where: WSMN 1590 AM

Listen online at

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thank You, WSMN 1590 AM!!!

WSMN is going to play ten 30 second commercial spots per week promoting The Bruce Collins Show- for free! They have really stepped up to promote the show. Thanks everyone for listening and thanks, WSMN!

Bruce Collins/ WSMN radio page:

This Blog Came In Second Place For "Best Podcast" And Fifth For "Best Political Blog" In The Bloggers Choice Awards!!!

Very impressive. Almost 40,000 blogs nominated (in all categories) and very impressive results!!

I won't be actively trying to win it this year but thank you so much for attracting attention to the program (and now that it has morphed into an AM radio show).


Think Capitalism/ Free Market Is Evil? ... Care To See How Intolerant Dictators/Socialists/ Extreme Islamic Countries Treat Their People?

North Korea, which reportedly has used believers as guinea pigs to test chemical and biological weapons, is the world's worst persecutor of Christians, while Iran, which may be using Christians as scapegoats for internal opposition to its president, is No. 2 on the Open Doors 2010 World Watch List.

Iran is among eight nations in the top 10 of the group's ranking of the 50 worst persecutors of Christians in which Shariah, the Islamic religious law, is dominant. A total of 35 nations on the list are under some form of Shariah.

"We can classify that as a growing trend," Jerry Dykstra, a spokesman for the ministry that works to serve persecuted Christians around the globe, told WND. "We've seen more countries (on the list) from the Muslim world."

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Alex Jones....

Is Coming in Two Weeks...

Monday, January 04, 2010

This Saturday On The Bruce Collins Show Is Part One Of "Convince A Celebrity That The Conspiracy Is True"

Brett Wagner

The Crazies Major Supporting (Jesse) Overture Films: Dir. Breck Eisner
Tekken Supporting Dir. Dwight Little
Big Stan Supporting Dir. Rob Schneider
Sleepover Supporting Dir. Joe Nussbaum
Puerto Vallarta Squeeze Supporting Dir. Arthur Seidelman
The Bicentennial Man Supporting (Lonnie) Disney / Chris Columbus
Finding Kelley Supporting ProMark / Lynn Hamrick
Players Club Supporting New Line / Ice Cube
Bed Bugs Starring Spy Prods / Suze Uttenbrock
Gun Crazy Co-Star Partners in Crime / Tamara Davis


The Colony Series Regular Discovery Channel
United States of Tara Co-Star Showtime / Dreamworks
Knight Rider Guest Star NBC
Life Guest Star (Crete) NBC
Sons Of Anarchy Guest Star (Johnny Yates) FX
Two and a Half Men Guest Star CBS
1% - One PerCent Recurring (Happy Dan) HBO
Weeds Co-Star Showtime
Desperate Housewives Guest Star ABC
House Guest Star FOX
Jordan... Already Guest Star Nickelodeon
Night Stalker Recurring ABC
Inconceivable Guest Star NBC
Yes, Dear Guest Star CBS
Cold Case Guest Star CBS
Y & R Recurring CBS
Nip/Tuck Co-Star FX
Judging Amy Recurring CBS
Drake & Josh Guest Star Nickelodeon
Oliver Beene Co-Star FOX
Jaime Kennedy Experiment Recurring WB
Passions Recurring NBC
M.D.’s Guest Star ABC


Pass Time (current) Host (85 episodes) Speed Channel
Monster Garage Narrator (79 episodes) Discovery Channel
Road Rage Host (24 Episodes) Mag Rack / On Demand
Monster Nation Host (40 Episodes) Discovery Channel


Monster Radio Host 2003-2005 (some guy named Bruce Collins was the Book Reviewer)


Saturday, January 02, 2010

WSMN Is Playing The New Episode- Whew!

You can listen 'live' here: (click on the listen live link)...

If you missed it, you can listen to the archive here:

Friday, January 01, 2010

Controversy, Once Again, At This Late Hour On The Bruce Collins Show

This week's program of The Bruce Collins Show may- or may not- play tomorrow at 10am EST/ 7am PST. If it does not play, a re-run will play in its' place.

Either way, I will post the link to the archived show that should have aired this Saturday.

This is just a constant, non-stop war- but I'll never give up.

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