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Monday, June 22, 2009

John Rubino: No Guns, No Bullets: Now It's Personal

Facts have a different feel when they’re personal. And speaking personally, evidence that Americans are seriously spooked is starting to pile up. In the past few months:

As Christians, we shouldn't be 'spooked' but I have been noticing this trend by the mass public.
Some of this was due to the economy. Some of this occured (particularly the gun/ ammo purchases) because of the election of Obama.
Is some of it media induced? Sure, look the apocalyptic television and movies being cranked out.
I'm still going over all of this. There is a puzzle piece I am missing here. Hard to explain what I am trying to express but there is something here that I know I am not understanding. I don't want to seem cryptic, I just want to understand the motivation for this in segments of the population that wouldn't normally 'get it.' Interesting.
In the meantime, wisdom should be exercised always. When you see storm clouds approaching, you take an umbrella. Protect you and your family as much as you can. Cover yourselves with the blood of Jesus.

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