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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oceans and Lakes, No More- Giant Cups of Tea




Ft. Worth:




Article on St. Louis Tea Party

Friday, February 27, 2009

DRUDGE REPORT Hits The Nail On The Head...

I have made a new decision with The Big Finale...

So, here's the deal... I have been thinking of some of the emails that have come my way and I've been having a change of heart.

Although most of my own focus is directed toward economics and the New World Order, I understand that many of you listen to the show and are particularly interested in UFOs, supernatural, etc. So, I have had a change of heart about completely changing the tone of the program.

Having said that, I'm thinking about launching a new program on BlogTalkRadio that will deal exclusively with economics and conspiratorial aspects. It will be called The Currency Exchange. It will be found here:

Here's the catch- the program will not be on a regular basis... it will be on a 'as time permits' basis. I may do a show one week, then skip a week.

We will see how it goes but I'm looking forward to it.

I also want to thank all of you who listen to The Big Finale, those who have voted for The Big Finale as Best Podcast (STILL IN FIRST PLACE) and those who send emails and comments. Your voice and opinions are important!

Sincere thanks,

Tonight on The Big Finale: Ralph Epperson Returns!

Tonight at 7pm Pacific at, Ralph Epperson will return. We will be discussing the recent move by states to declare their sovereignty. What's going on? Why are the states so riled up about the Federal government? Find out tonight!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

FLASHBACK: Dr. Walter Vieth Speaks At Australian Church

Dr. Vieth talks about the new Tower of Babel, Saddam Hussein, satanic symbolism and other important pieces of information.

FLASHBACK: Devvy Kidd/ World Net Daily: Treasonous agenda of the Trilateral Commission

By Devvy Kidd

© 2009


The Trilateral Commission is another little known entity that is diligently and methodically working to destroy the sovereignty of this nation and put the United States under foreign rule – it is the twin monster of the CFR. Barry Goldwater was one of the lone voices decades ago trying to warn the American people about this operation. He said of the Trilateral Commission:

The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational
consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power – political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical.



CNBC Accidentally Airs Ron Paul's Introduction, Hosts Bristle...


Please explain to Mark Haines the difference between "SUBSTANDARD" and "SUBSTANTIAL"

What Happened To Honor? Congress "Porks Out" On New Bill

WASHINGTON - Congress went on a pork-a-palooza yesterday, approving a massive spending bill with big bucks for Hawaiian canoe trips, research into pig smells, and tattoo removal - all while the nation faces an economic crisis.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Santelli's Revenge: Nationwide Tea Party This Friday

Even Staunch Democrat Robert Byrd Sees Obama As Bush, Part 2

Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), the longest-serving Democratic senator, is criticizing President Obama’s appointment of White House “czars” to oversee federal policy, saying these executive positions amount to a power grab by the executive branch.

In a letter to Obama on Wednesday, Byrd complained about Obama’s decision to create White House offices on health reform, urban affairs policy, and energy and climate change. Byrd said such positions “can threaten the Constitutional system of checks and balances. At the worst, White House staff have taken direction and control of programmatic areas that are the statutory responsibility of Senate-confirmed officials.”

While it's rare for Byrd to criticize a president in his own party, Byrd is a stern constitutional scholar who has always stood up for the legislative branch in its role in checking the power of the White House.


Triangular UFOs low flying over three states

Triangular-shaped objects caught the attention of five witnesses from three states on Feb. 22 and 24 - while a low-flying "huge black object" was spotted moving north through Oklahoma skies.
In the two Rhode Island and two California cases, the reports are similar enough that in both cases, it could be the same object being observed.

FLASHBACK: Barney Frank's Underage Boy Prostitution Brothel

Congressman Barney Frank’s scandalous tolerance of a gay prostitution business operating out of his house, uncovered by the Washington Times in 1989.

Video Interview With Former FBI Agent, Ted Gunderson

Ted Gunderson was hired by the FBI - by J. Edgar Hoover. Very interesting interview, including his discussion on J. Edgar Hoover.

Note: Ted Gunderson and Stanley Monteith are scheduled to be at the Conspiracy Con this June in the Bay Area.

This is how evil, corrupt and satanic those in power are:

The kidnapping of children for purposes of prostitution, pornography, high tech weaponry experimental abuse, mind control abuse, child slave labor, white sex slavery, and the satanic ritual murder of untold thousands of American children snatched from the streets and playgrounds of America by agents working for the CIA is the principle reason for the existence of a covert CIA operation called "The Finders". The Finders is one of the most alarming and despicable covert operations against America's children that Gunderson's investigations helped to uncover, but it's only one of many covert Gestapo-like acts committed against American citizens by government agents under directives issued, not by Congress or the President, but rather by international satanists collectively known as the Illuminati, who control the Secret or Inner government of the United States as well as every other major government in the world. The "Finders" operation began in the 1960's and continues kidnapping children to this very day.

Federal Bailout of States Violates U.S. Constitution

By Karen McMahan

February 23, 2009

After the $700 billion bailout of the financial industry and the $17.4 billion bailout of domestic automakers, Americans are now being asked to pony up billions more to rescue states that have been fiscally irresponsible. A bailout, many argue, would not force states to re-examine their fiscal policies to prevent future deficits and instead would encourage them to continue to overspend.

With more than 41 states facing budget deficits in the current fiscal year, governors are asking the federal government for $1 trillion to help them pay for education, infrastructure projects, and a host of social and health-care programs, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.


World's economies tumbling like dominoes

Lately, I have been struck by how bleak and black the newspapers have been in their coverage of the economy. Not that I've been surprised, but one can never know when events in the economy will coalesce into the news that causes the masses to realize how difficult the environment is.

In reading the papers, it was obvious to me that it's becoming clear to everyone that "the next time down" is well under way, though the average person wouldn't call it that.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gerald Celente on Glenn Beck's Program, Parts 1-4

Paranormal researcher opens Marlow's X-Files

12:48pm Friday 20th February 2009
By James Nadal »

A PARANORMAL researcher believes the truth is out there and aims to open Marlow's own X-Files as he steps up an investigation into strange and spooky activities in the area.

Richard Parsons, 39, a former pupil at Sir William Borlase's School, is on the hunt for reports of ghouls, ghosts and little green men in Marlow, Bourne End, Cookham and the surrounding towns.

Mr Parsons, who grew up in High Wycombe, said he is more a Scully than a Mulder, open to the possibility of paranormal but sceptical.


Jerry Smith Archive Up...

My interview with Jerry Smith is on the archive page (and on iTunes). Jerry is an interesting guy, he's done a lot of research on interesting topics - most notably H.A.A.R.P. and weather warfare. What I talked to him about last Friday was the Nazi connection to UFOs. He has some very fascinating perspectives and information.

Are Nazis in Antarctic?

Was the CIA modeled after the Nazi equivalent and constructed by a former Nazi?

How many German scientists and others came to the US after World War 2?

Did Nazi scientists create the UFO phenomenon?

Are there parallels between post- 9/11 USA and Nazi Germany?

These questions answered and many more!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

11/2008: Zbigniew Brzezinski "It is easier to Kill than to control"

Brzezinski Backs Obama
Washington Post - Aug 24, 2007

Brzezinski: US Recession Could Lead to Riots

The Facts on the Trilateral Commission Show New World Order Plot

Rothschild Agents Take 10 Key Posts In Obama Administration

By Michael Collins Piper

American Free Press



Our greatest founding father and first president, George Washington, probably wouldn't be ready to celebrate his birthday on Feb. 22 if he were alive today. Having led the 13 colonies to independence from the British Empire in 1783, following the course of a difficult eight-year struggle by those freedom-loving American colonists who followed him, Washington (who lived from 1732 to 1799) would most assuredly be appalled to see that the liberties achieved from the American Revolution are now being flagrantly defied by a number of figures who populate the upper ranks of the administration of Barack Obama.


Six former Rhodes Scholars (educated at Oxford University in Britain) and four others associated with the London School of Economics are serving in key posts in the Obama administration. That's not good.


Here are 10 of the key "British"-that is, Rothschild -operatives now ensconced in the Obama administration (more can be expected):


Susan Rice - ambassador to the UN; Michael McFaul - head of the Russian desk at the National Security Council; Elena Kagan - solicitor general of the United States; Anne-Marie Slaughter - State Department policy planning staff; Neal S.Wolin - deputy counsel to the president for economic policy; Ezekial Emanuel - senior counselor at the White House Office of Management and Budget on health care policy; Lawrence Summers - head of the National Economic Council; Peter Orszag - director of the Office of Management and Budget; Peter Rouse - senior advisor to the president; Mona Sutphen - deputy chief of the White House staff.


The truth about the Rhodes Scholarships is not known to the average American who is constantly told by the mass media that Rhodes Scholars (such as former President Bill Clinton) are among "the best and the brightest."


The Rhodes Scholarships-awarded to Americans and students from other former British colonies-are funded by a trust set up by 19th Century British imperial figure Cecil Rhodes, whose intent was to indoctrinate these scholars with the theme that the American colonies should be reunited with the British Empire and that they should work through "public service" to achieve that goal. But Rhodes wasn't just some rich madcap dreamer. His ventures were underwritten by the international Rothschild dynasty operating from the financial district in London known as "The City"-the banking center of the Rothschild controlled British empire that also includes the London School of Economics.


So now a clique of internationalists trained in the idea of extinguishing American independence are ensconced in the Obama administration.


And another Rhodes Scholar, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, is widely touted as the great Grand Old Party candidate to "take back the White House" in 2012. Jindal doesn't offer "change." He-like the other globalists in the Obama administration-is part of the problem.


All of this is not a "conspiracy theory." Rather, these facts are well known to those familiar with what the Rhodes scholarships are really about.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


By Michael Cutler
February 16, 2009
Our nation's leaders in government and in the private sector have made numerous errors as they sought quick and simple solutions to daunting challenges. An news article appeared in today's edition of the New York Times, reports on plans of our military to enlist foreign nationals (aliens) in our military. While this might help recruiters meet their quotas of new enlistees, in my judgement, this decision is fraught with real perils.
Let me, however, start out by saying that most people who want to immigrate to the United States simply want to share the "American Dream." Among those people were my mother who legally immigrated to the United States several years before the onslaught of the Holocaust in Europe which took the lives of 6 million Jews and a total of 13 million people irrespective of their religious beliefs. Among those slaughtered were many members of my mother's family, including her mother (my grandmother) for whom I was named.

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Over 31,000 blogs have been nominated over at . My blog is still in first place and I need your vote! It's important for this news to reach a large volume of people- you can help and it will cost you nothing! There is no other alternative news source exposing the New World Order that is close to winning an award- except this one.

Please vote!

You can use the 'buttons'/ links on the left side... Vote for "Best Podcast", that is the award we are winning so far.
Thank you!

Herbert Shiermer's strange UFO experience and was mothman in Nebraska?

Excerpt: And then there is the story of Nebraska's own 'mothman' experience. As most of us know, Mothman was a creature seen in the vacinity of Pointe Pleasant, West Virginia during the mid-1960s. He was described as a hominid with huge bat wings with a large wingspan and with glaring red eyes that left his experiencers with a feeling of fear and dread and the feeling that they had seen something terribly evil. But Nebraska beat them to it-maybe. In the fall of 1956, john Hanks saw a winged hominid flying 15 feet above the ground with shiney aluminum wings and a control panel across its chest. It was later described as having a leathery face with demonic features that left the experiencers paralyzed and feeling as if they had seen something demonic or evil! The similarities beg the question: was this the same creature? In case you feel there is too much distance between West Virginia and Nebraska, consider this: Mothman was also spotted recently in Tennessee! Obviously, he gets around!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

FREEDOM OF SPEECH??? FLASHBACK: Alex Jones Arrested For Asking Governor George W. Bush About the Federal Reserve

2004: Bush and Kerry, both of Skull & Bones, won't answer the question about Skull & Bones... WHY?

Student gets arrested for asking about Skull & Bones, while the sheeple sit there and do nothing...

The Skull & Bones Occultist group has ties to Hitler's Thule Society and Bohemian Grove...

Skull and Bones “Crook” for the Tomb

Pictured: The 4 Bonesmen (top left: Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W. Bush)
Terry Melanson

Conspiracy Archive

February 19, 2009

On Feb. 17, the 100-year anniversary of Apache warrior Geronimo’s death, his descendants filed a suit in Washington. According to the Washington Post, the defendants are “President Obama, the secretaries of defense and the Army, Yale University and the Order of Skull and Bones” - and, presumably, the Russell Trust Association as well.

Geronimo v. Obama, 09-cv-303, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, seeks to “[t]o ensure that all existing remains of Geronimo and funerary objects are recovered by Geronimo’s lineal descendants, the Order of Skull & Bones at Yale University must account for any such articles that are or have been in their possession,” Bloomberg reported.

It concerns the 1918 grave robbery, by four Skull and Bones members: Prescott Bush 1917, Charles C. Haffner ‘19, Henry Neil Mallon ‘17, and Ellery James ‘17.

CNBC's Rick Santelli Explodes, Warns of New "Tea Party", Traders In Background Cheer Wildly

Traders in Chicago and Traitors in Washington.

I've seen Santelli hot before, but this time he is ballistic.

Social Collapse Best Practices


If you still have a job, or if you still have some savings, what do you do with all the money? The obvious answer is, build up inventory. The money will be worthless, but a box of bronze nails will still be a box of bronze nails. Buy and stockpile useful stuff, especially stuff that can be used to create various kinds of alternative systems for growing food, providing shelter, and providing transportation. If you don’t own a patch of dirt free and clear where you can stockpile stuff, then you can rent a storage container, pay it a few years forward, and just sit on it until reality kicks in again and there is something useful for you to do with it. Some of you may be frightened by the future I just described, and rightly so. There is nothing any of us can do to change the path we are on: it is a huge system with tremendous inertia, and trying to change its path is like trying to change the path of a hurricane. What we can do is prepare ourselves, and each other, mostly by changing our expectations, our preferences, and scaling down our needs. It may mean that you will miss out on some last, uncertain bit of enjoyment. On the other hand, by refashioning yourself into someone who might stand a better chance of adapting to the new circumstances, you will be able to give to yourself, and to others, a great deal of hope that would otherwise not exist.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are the states really broke or hiding assets?

By: Devvy

February 3, 2009
© 2008 -

"It's very possible you'll see the end of the United States as we know it. If the Fed doesn't bailout the States when their cash dries up and the banks don't loan them money, then our States will be left in financial ruin. This would be a tragic and unprecedented event never experienced in the United States."

An all too familiar refrain. California is getting the highest visibility. A state run by a nit wit governor who has continued to rubber stamp the mass fleecing of taxpayers year after year by the Democrat controlled state legislature. Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka and so forth, is claiming that Republican governors are begging for the gang rape "economic stimulus package." Actually, governors of both parties want their share of the booty, some $176 BILLION dollars that doesn't exist:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who is widely viewed as a potential presidential contender in 2012, said governors have little choice but to accept the relief being offered. "States have to balance their budgets," he said. "So if we're going to go down this path, we are entitled to ask for our share of the money."

They're all lining up, including Saint Sarah Palin. I got beat up from Sarah fans during the pretend election because I would never vote for her based on her past record as a governor, her phony rhetoric about being a reformer and the poor judgment she displayed regarding her former brother-in-law. Palin signed bloated budgets and now she's lined up with her hands out for you to pay for her state's shortfall under her stewardship:

"We in Alaska all know Alaska has a fiscal disaster waiting to happen. If the oil production decline rate steepens and oil prices drop, the state's rosy financial situation could turn bleak, which could be a problem with a bloated state budget."

This woman has never met an earmark she didn't love. Palin attended the Alfalfa Dinner last weekend in Washington, DC. This 'closed club' of 200 of Washington's "elites" was established in 1913. No press allowed. Saint Sarah was introduced to the attendees by none other than Vernon Jordan. Remember him? He was the adulterer-in-chief's legal fixer when he dropped his drawers for Monica Lewinsky. Jordan also introduced Slick Willy to world "leaders" at the Bilderberger conference in 1991. That's when the fix was in to install a little known governor who raped a woman named Juanita Broaddrick and was famous for his sexual escapades and cocaine use. I have some advice for Palin: Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. However, as she is a player and not some neophyte in the world of politics, Palin has her own agenda. She also has a financial mess in her own state.

Where is this $176 BILLION dollars supposed to come from? Not the people's treasury. It's now over drawn $10.6 TRILLION dollars with the interest compounding faster than a speeding bullet and another $72 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt for programs like social security, Medicare the these endless "wars" against terrorism.

Are all these governors stupid? Have they never heard of the 'national debt'? Where do they think this "money" will come from? This worthless fiat currency will have to be borrowed by CON-gress from the "FED." They will create more debt to reward state legislatures for incompetence and they want you, me, our children and grand children to hand over every penny we make to fund this lunacy. It will turn into nothing more than another massive "income" tax hike through the back door.

But, are the states really broke?

At least ten years ago, a man named Walter Burien began exposing something called a CAFR: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Walter managed to get on a SF radio show hosted by my friend, Geoff Metcalf. It was a real eye opener. Try as we all did, not one newspaper in the State of California would expose the truth of how the taxpayers were being fleeced. Nor would 99% of the radio stations statewide. I guess they all love being flogged every April 15th to reward the thieves in the state house.

I've written about this issue before and perhaps now, with the states crying poor, the citizens of the 50 states will do what I did years ago: I went to the Comptroller's Office in downtown Sacramento and got a copy of the CAFR. Oh, they didn't want to give it to me, but I whipped out my press credentials and after some muss and fuss, I obtained a copy. I am not an accountant so a lot of that tome was foreign to me. However, thanks to Walter and Gerald Klatt, even someone like me can understand this complicated shell game:

By Gerald R. Klatt

"Each year all State and local governments prepare a financial report on assets, liabilities, revenues and expenditures in more or less a standardized format that must conform to the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) accounting and financial reporting standards. This financial report is called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR, pronounced "cay-fer"). Most people have heard of the budget, which is the document that plans and authorizes the spending of money. The CAFR describes what actually was spent and the status of assets and liabilities at the end of the fiscal year."

This is Walter's attempt last month to get the intellectually lazy fools at the LA Times to do their job for a change:

Evan Halper and Patrick McGreevy

Staff reporters - LA Times

Evan and Patrick:

Per your article: California controller to suspend tax refunds, welfare checks, student grants. "John Chiang announces that his office will suspend $3.7 billion in payments owed to Californians starting Feb. 1, because with no budget in place the state lacks sufficient cash to pay its bills."

"You say short on CASH, stopping payments in the CA Budget accounting? Well now then, let's take a look at the squirreled away investment, self insurance, and advance liability cash equivalent accounts, and many enterprise operations have as can be examined in the California State and "other" CA local government's Annual Financial Reports known as the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) to see a true standing of CA Government wealth held and growth of these, what can be called nothing other than; "for profit government incorporated entities:"

"Some examples of CAFR reports are as follows:

"As a guide for you, here is a potential surplus review conducted of just "exclusively" for CA State government Inc., conducted in 2004 by Gerald Klatt, a retired Federal Auditor of 30 years that you can use as a guide for a 2009 CAFR review of just CA State Government - and then you can take a look at the some 4,500 other local government AFR's or CAFR's which in composite totals will dwarf the state totals...

"I have sent a CC copy of this communication to Governor Schwarzengger's office for his review also.

"And let us not forget to look and see how much investment wealth local CA governments have standing in a few of the CA government employee "strictly participatory" (employee buys a ticket to ride from point "A" to point "B" on the train but do not own one piece thereof, the local government owns the train), actuarial inflated retirement system wealth accumulation. Are they faring better than the private sector? It appears most definitely yes, and by far...

"What are the trillions of dollars in totals? It is way up there for total CA Government wealth held! Now do the math..... Problem you say? Yes, for the peoples of CA but not so as it appears for the local Governments of California. Learn the "Shell Game" played at your expense."

California: Alameda County Employees' Retirement System, California Public Employees' Retirement System, California State Teachers' Retirement System, CalPERS 457 Public Agency Deferred Compensation Program

CalPERS Investments and CAFR report: Contra Costa County Employees’ Ret. Assoc., Judges' Retirement System I, Judges' Retirement System II, Legislators' Retirement System, Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System, Los Angeles County Employees' Retirement Assoc., Marin County Employees’ Retirement Association, Merced County Employees’ Ret. Association, Office of the President, University of California, Orange County Employees' Retirement System, Part-time, Seasonal or Temporary Employee (PST) Retirement Plan, Sacramento County Employees' Ret. System, San Bernardino County Employees’ Retirement Association, San Diego County Employees Retirement Association, San Francisco Employees' Retirement System, San Joaquin County Employees’ Retirement Association, San Mateo County Employees’ Retirement Association, Savings Plus Program, Sonoma County Employees’ Retirement Association, Stanislaus County Employees’ Retirement Association, State Peace Officers’ and Firefighters’ Defined Contribution Program, Tulare County Employees’ Retirement Association

Ventura County Employees’ Retirement Association

You can type in the system for any of the above, i.e., California State Teachers Retirement System into a search engine. When it comes up, hit 2008 CAFR released. Then you can see the numbers.

Now, go read this pdf file from a representative in the Oregon State Legislature. This will give you a good idea of how a state legislature enters into contractual agreements that are unrealistic and cannot be met decades down the road. Notice what Rep. Richardson says: Once the special interest groups got wind that the legislature was going to live within its means and fund priority expenditures necessary, they mobilized and ganged up on their state rep and senator. "Gimmee, gimmee!" Rep. Richardson is serving his constituency well with his reports and the people of Oregon need to support him and get in the face of their representative.

You see, it's the same old merry-go-round. The real issue is taxes. If the American people were allowed to keep the fruits of their labor, they wouldn't need to continue demanding more and more from mother government, state or federal. There's nothing wrong with retirement systems as long as there is money to pay for them when the time comes for the draw outs. Not only have these states mismanaged their budgets and forecasts, what about the monstrous drain on the states from illegal aliens? In California, the state legislature and many mayors like Antonio Villaraigosa coddle and protect these criminals:

$11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.

Among the largest costs are Medicaid ($2.5 billion); treatment for the uninsured ($2.2 billion); food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches ($1.9 billion); the federal prison and court systems ($1.6 billion); and federal aid to schools ($1.4 billion).

$90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare & social services by the American taxpayers.

$12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally robbing American children within the states of a real education because resources are sucked up to reward breaking our immigration laws. How about this: ''The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One million sex crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States .' The cost of incarcerating these animals in state jails and prisons is astronomical. Instead of the states standing up and saying NO to the federal machine and asserting their sovereignty, they simply fleece your wallet. Instead of deporting these millions of illegal aliens (they are NOT immigrants), state legislatures and these governors roll out the red carpet and hand you the huge "pay up" on April 15th.

Mr. Klatt's report back in 2003 shows California had a surplus of $59.83 BILLION dollars. They continued to tax the hell out of the taxpayer. Now, faced with a $40 BILLION dollar "shortfall," they want to tax every breath taken by a California citizen. How much is your state hiding? Click here to see how to become part of exposing this shell game. I'm telling you if people don't get active and hold these legislatures accountable, we're all going to end up in rags while supporting grotesque spending and a free ride for illegal aliens.

Colorado has just introduced an honest money bill. This is picking up steam. YOU must become part of staying in the face of your state rep and senator to get the bill passed. Same as Indiana. See here for the master web site on these bills.


1 - Why an income tax is not necessary to fund the federal government - Text or audio

3 - Watch this video (free): state income tax tied to federal

Also See:

2 - Five minute video: The American form of government

3 - YOU are still funding this larceny: A very Profitable War

4 - Must watch video: The Creature from Jekyll Island


1 - Did YOU buy Made in America today? Stop the hemmorhaging of OUR jobs and stop the money from going to foreign countries

1 - MUST watch video: The Biggest Game in Town by Walter Burien

3 - Lawsuit Challenging Hillary Clinton Appointment on Behalf of State Department Foreign Service

Deja Vu All Over Again

"We are spending more money than we have ever spent before, and it does not work. After eight years we have just as much unemployment as when we started, and an enormous debt to boot."

- US Treasury Secretary, Henry Morgenthau
May, 1939

Gulp! Al Franken coming to The Big Finale???

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Brother Is Always Watching

Rush Limbaugh Warns: Big Changes Coming To 401(K)

Bruce Disclosure: I believe that Rush Limbaugh is a member of the CFR

I warned you that big changes are coming with 401(k)s and IRAs, that that's a big pile of money the government wants its hands on. They're going to eliminate -- well, what this woman's plan was, was to restore your 401(k) to August of 2008 levels before the crash and then they take it and they put it in your Social Security lockbox -- hardy-har-har -- and then they sell bonds to give you a guaranteed 3% return every year, and they eliminate the tax deduction for any annual contribution you make. This was heartily denied. "These were just hearings, Mr. Limbaugh. Again, you're demonstrating that you're willing to talk about things that you know nothing about. We were just conducting hearings and no serious plan to do this." Money magazine has a story about how, folks, they're coming. It's being looked at. The fact that it was mentioned last fall during the campaign and now the economy's gotten worse and when I say the economy's gotten worse, the government is losing money, and when the government loses money they come get it somewhere wherever there are huge piles and stashes of money. They will go do it, they'll go get it and if they think that it's costing them too much money to give you a tax deduction on your contributions every year, mark my words: it's coming.

Printing Like Mad

Daily Article by Posted on 2/16/2009 12:00:00 AM

We live in an age of grave economic ignorance, if central-bank policy is an indication of prevailing economic theory. It is apparent that we've learned nothing from several millennia of monetary destruction. The persistent demonstration that capital, not paper, is the basis for prosperity has fallen on deaf ears. Daily, we face the sad spectacle of government officials, pundits, and even Nobel laureates telling us that printing money is the answer to an economic downturn.
Consider that since the eruption of the financial credit crisis in the second half of 2007, all major central banks have embraced an irresponsibly loose-interest-rate stance.

My Brother Found This Website

A self reliant lifestyle, put simply, means anyone can be independent of "the system," building toward as much self sufficiency as possible, given the limits of present day living conditions. Should the electric power go out or natural disasters leave you isolated, plenty of stored food and water, plus heat and cooking systems, etc, will enable your family to continue to be warm and nourished during the emergency and beyond. If Martial Law is declared or terrorist attacks occur, you need not leave the safety of your home, unless your individual foresight and planning include an "early out" to a retreat with pre-positioned supplies. You will have stored food and water, essential to life. Add in faith, and we will wait him out. Remember the seven lean years! America could become a 3rd World nation overnight. Don't believe me? Read Survival In the City.

John Williams of ShadowStats.Com: $100 dollar bills will be worth less than toilet paper

Respected economist John Williams, editor of, a popular website that tracks real inflation figures, is advising that people hoard physical gold as well as food items in bulk so that they have some means with which to barter as the economic crisis turns ugly.

“Three or four years into the future I think we could be in a hyperinflation, within the current year you’re going to see much higher inflation than most people are looking at,” Williams told MarketWatch.

Williams said that his definition of hyperinflation would be a situation in which a $100 dollar bill would become more functional as a piece of toilet paper than a store of value.

Made In The USA Products (Sent to me by 'Grant')...

Made in the USA Products-- Buy American! Thanks for sending this to me, Grant.
This company makes a few useful things. My personal favorite are the safe-t-postcaps but the utility trailers are excellent as well:

These folks make MUCH more than cabinets. They do computer desks, coffee table sets, home entertainment centers-GREAT quality workmanship:

And if you want entertainment from outside of hollywood-these guys aren't too bad either:
If anyone else has American companies that they would like to post, please email me at and I will post them to my blog.
Thank you.
The letter below is in response to my post about changes to The Big Finale. My response is below the letter from Joan.

First of all let me say I understand and respect your decision.

Your new direction is very pressing and necessary for all of us to understand, also.

I am interested in what you said by how you think the government may be involved in the UFO's...does this mean that you think the government is responsible for the phenomonen, and if

Does this mean you no longer believe aliens are not fallen angels in disguise? Or is it a mixture of the two, and if so, how? I am genuinely interested.

Does this mean you will no longer be doing any more interviews on the UFO/fallen angel subject, for example with Lynn Marzulli?

I know what you mean by bizarre viewpoints on this subject...I ran into a few of them myself.

I was impressed by your kind and nonjudgemental comments, it's a refreshing change from what I often see on the internet.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks, Joan.

I always appreciate your kind words.

As far as Lynn Marzulli, I love interviewing him and maybe I can do a UFO type show once a quarter (every three months) or so, it's just that I feel like I should mostly focus on the destruction that is happening in our country right now.

It is more tangible to me- although I would agree that we may be talking about demonic influence on both fronts.

On my opinion of UFOs, there are some crazy viewpoints out there- some of them I find completely plausible, others I think are out there. As someone pointed out on another blog, there is a well known Christian broadcaster who says there are dragons under the Vatican- How would they know that?

In fact, be very suspicious of people who claim to have contacts in government that tell them dozens of pieces of intel- because that's not how the government works! Most of that information is only known by a precious few- the rest are compartmentalized and the right hand doesn't even know what the left hand is doing!

There are exceptions. "By their deeds ye shall know them." When Dr. Monteith said on my show that oil was going down to $50 last July (it was over $140 at the time) which he had heard from Lindsey Williams, I was skeptical... because I don't know any Bilderbergers personally (sorry it is true). However, it appears that Mr. Williams does because oil dropped to $50, less than six months later.

As the Bible says, Test Everything. If a commentator makes dozens of wild eyed claims (as many do) that never come true and all they are doing is making you fearful- ask yourself to what purpose they serve.

There are a couple of reasons I write this blog and do my show: 1) To educate and to show people that, in terms of Bible Prophecy, we could be living in the Last Days (and they should get their house in order), 2) To help people survive because I do care, 3) To give people encouragement that we can turn this around...or at least, wake other people up in the process (by prayer and by our labor- it is what our forefathers did). If you see anything else coming from me- I will have sold out and you should not be listening/ reading.

People might say, well how do you know the elites are pushing for a one world government? Isn't there more proof that UFOs exist than the New World Order?

In my opinion, NO. The Trilateral Commission exists, the CFR exists, the Bilderbergers exist. Rockefeller exists, his words have been quoted. Brzezinski exists, he has written about a one world government in books. Kissinger exists, his words can be researched. Carroll Quigley was a real person, his book Tragedy & Hope laid out the plans of the elites. Leader after leader after leader, spanning decade after decade after decade, there has been a tangible push toward a one world government. When Presidents of both parties win, they stack the decks with Trilateralists and CFR members. Many insiders like Barry Goldwater have written about the elites who are working toward a one world government.

The proof is more tangible than 'grainy' nighttime video. Again, I'm not disputing anything, I'm just saying Wake Up America!

Further, my point about Alex Jones was that he is the big dog and I have seen people mercilessly try to tear him apart- I think it is jealousy. But to his credit, I haven't heard Alex act like he has 'spies' in the government. Unlike some of my peers, I am not jealous of Alex Jones because there are bigger issues here!

I'm not sure if the UFOs are government craft or not but I would say that this is a possibility. We know that the Nazis had hovercraft vehicles that the US called "Foo Fighters" way back in World War II. We also know they had brilliant scientists that were prized by the United States after the war.

Where they got that technology is the root question and I don't have the answer.

But, my point was, many people are looking for these craft and they do not see that the bridge is out a mile down the road- i.e. our country is going to be lost long before alien beings touch down on Earth.

I have seen many websites who say, Well, this is Bible Prophecy, we are powerless to all that is happening so we shouldn't even be trying. Oh ,really? Are you sure that we cannot change things in this country? I have even heard people say, Well, I'm just glad the rapture is coming before the New World Order takes place. I say to that person, Are you absolutely sure about the timing of all this and did our Saviour tell us to throw up our hands in defeat because we are going to sneak out before all of this hits the fan?

I'm sorry...but neither of these arguments makes sense to me. I am going to continue to do the three things above and my emphasis is on the shadow government that is purposely destroying our country.

I could go on and on about hosts and their focus but then I would be pointing the finger and I don't want to do that but I do get the sense that (and I am not talking about Lynn since his name has been brought up in this email) there are many out there that embellish for the sake of listeners or buyers,etc. I believe Lynn to be 100% sincere and he knows a lot more about the subject than I do! So, yes, I am always honored to have him as a guest.

I just want to focus most of my program on the satanic agenda of our leaders... but we must wake up the sleeping majority. I am willing to devote my time to this endeavor.

Again, thanks Joan and thanks to all who read my blog, listen to The Big Finale (live, archived, or on iTunes).

I appreciate all of you.

Bruce Collins


Gold and Silver climbing the 'wall of worry' once again...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Asian based Top 40 Blog Site Lists Bruce Collins Blog!

Bruce D. Collins Dot Com Blog listed as a top 40 Alternative news blog.

Prison Planet: David Frost interviews Jim Rogers- "Abolish the IMF & the World Bank"

got milk?

This looks like a good product for storing milk longer term:

The Coming Crisis: White Collar Homelessness

Last month, unemployment rates surged to 7.6 percent. As the jobless population becomes older and more educated, many are ending up with no car, no job prospects, no health insurance, and - before long - no home. Will the dramatic increase of unemployment change the face of homelessness in America?

According to data from the Labor Department, more jobs have been lost in the past 12 months than any other period since the government began keeping records in 1939. Perhaps most disconcerting is that experts predict unemployment will get worse before it gets better. In 1991 and 2001, unemployment didn't hit its peak until two years after those recessions ended.

As unemployment becomes worse, community-based organizations are noticing a change in their clientele. Shelters are seeing clients who are more representative of the newly unemployed. Here's what one non-profit, Partnering for Change, reported on their blog just last week:

India Journal: We Need A New World Order

Barack Obama was elected as President of America because people wanted a fundamental change. The American policies, particularly the policies of Bush, have miserably failed and have led to a global economic crisis and instability in the world. America has had its worst recession since the great depression of the thirties. This is not just an economic crisis but it is a much more serious crisis which can be called a crisis of the consumerist culture and the world order based upon the traditional capitalist system and its highest stage “Globalization.”

The present globalization is economic-only globalization and completely lacks any ethical aspect. America, the undeclared leader of the present globalization, has not pursued policies which are beneficial for the majority of the world population as well as for the majority of the American people. We can call this a globalization without a global perspective.

If Obama really wants America and the rest of the world to come out of the present crisis, then he has to fundamentally change the American unilateralist policies. The ground reality of the world is that it is no longer a unipolar world led by America and the western domination can not last. Asia, with China in the leading place, has now become the leading region of the world. The world has already become a multi polar world. No country or region can now dominate the entire world. Relations between the east and the west should now be based upon equality and mutual respect.

The global institutions such as the United Nations, World Bank and the international monetary fund should all be revised to reflect the realities of the world. At present all of these institutions are dominated by the west.


News of Interest for February 16th...

Japan's economy shrinks at 12.7% rate
Failure to save East Europe will lead to worldwide meltdown
Ireland 'could default on debt'
Nigerian currency control fears
Swedish central bank halves interest rate to 1%
China needs U.S. guarantees for Treasuries, Yu says
Land buyers are scarce, even in the hottest areas

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Future of The Big Finale Internet Radio Show

I am happy to tell you that The Big Finale will go on, as long as I am free and as long as I am able to present an alternative form of news (that is actually more truthful than mainstream news).

Having said that, and as I alluded to earlier, it is my intention to have a more specified program.

I believe that the greatest danger to this country, and this world, at the immediate time is the supernaturally led "New World Order" that promises to enslave the world if those who believe in Jehovah and freedom loving people do not take action.

Do I believe that UFOs are fallen angels? Yes, but I also believe it is a possibility that the UFO deception may be, in part, a deception by government. This doesn't seem to be explored as much as I would like it to... but do you think it might not be possible that these events are intended for people to get their eyes off the big picture (you are being robbed blind and your freedoms are being taken away)? We know that the US government was developing hovercraft fifty years ago. It is believed that the Nazis had flying discs- and brilliant scientists. We also know that the media has propagandized UFOs for years and years in movies, television and radio. Why? It's a good question.
Is Bigfoot and the Mothman real?
The Mothman really did happen, I believe. It was an evil supernatural being.
I'm not too sure about Bigfoot. At this moment, I'm more likely to see the United States collapse than a Bigfoot.

This is not a criticism of anyone because I am open minded enough to view everyone's opinion and heartfelt beliefs. I love my neighbor, period.

However, I have seen others attacked who did not believe in one another's perspectives, their salvation questioned, called names that may not be true and I question the motives. It seems like the whole UFO, conspiracy movement is full of backbiters, hateful attackers, people who try to position themselves over others and people just trying to make a sale.
This is a strange group. I have talked to many hosts and received emails from many of these competing hosts and a good percentage have mind boggling viewpoints. I have also found that when you disagree with someone, you immediately label them as a "disinformation agent." This could be happening at some level, certainly it does in the "Big" media, but it really does not serve a good purpose when some of us are trying to educate new readers/ listeners on the issues. You will not see me attack anyone.
Therefore, I am not 'naming names.' I am not wasting time on this after today.
I simply agree to disagree- and maybe disagree is too strong of a word. It is more accurate to say that I see the pressing needs of the day to be different. I still see them as spiritual because I believe that what we see in the world today is satanically anointed (those in power driving us to this 'new age').

A while back, I heard someone label Alex Jones as an anti-semite. I have reviewed Mr. Jones' program and I don't see the argument. In fact, all of the reports that Mr. Jones talks about on his program are backed by real articles and real quotes. Disclosure: I do not know Alex Jones personally but I believe that he is sincere.

There are others who, under the banner of Christianity, have shows where they claim they have government contacts, where they weave conspiracy theories within the halls of government. They live in a world where 'invisible' spies walk near them and they hear their voices. Also, they happen to walk down the street and bump into high level Army Generals.

There have been 'personalities' who claimed they were taken to underground bases yet they somehow escaped. These people, who most likely are delusional, were paraded around the internet, selling their books and wares.

One "Christian" radio host had a regular guest who was Native American and kept making the claim that all of us could levitate and fly through the air.

One prominent Christian internet/ shortwave commentator said a few years back that there were crematory trucks driving through the Southwest and taking patriots by force and burning up their bodies. I challenged him on that because he was the only one in the United States who seemed to know this. I presented this challenge: If this is true and you have the contacts to know this, give us the names of the dead. Then, I will personally do the research to see if this is true.

No response.

I absolutely believe in the existence of demons and fallen angels. I have seen what evil looks like. I also think that is what the UFO deception could very well be...but there are other possibilities, too.

What I do see and have concluded is that there is a conspiracy of satanic groups, composed of the elites, who are taking over our world in a violent way.
My great Uncle was a multi-millionaire. His name was J.W. Ruby and there is a hospital wing at West Virginia University that is dedicated to his name (JW Ruby Memorial Hospital- 8 million dollar donation). The point is, I did some research on this man years ago- I know that the powerful people in this world are not motivated toward the betterment of the masses.

I feel that this is my mission. To warn people what is happening to all of us.

Will UFOs come? Could be.

But, the first thing that is going to happen is that we will be enslaved by our debt masters. If many of us will be ushered into FEMA camps soon, you will have to contend with the military first.

It is because of this that I feel like I must defend my country with the platform I am given.

Many of you will not understand- but I do not do this for money.

I must do what must be done.

Robert B. Murray II: Corporate elites seek a new world order

Buttery on the outside, poisonous at the core...

The story of America, when finally written, will be one of a people struggling to go from rags to riches, and of the few who rose to the top and destroyed the rest. All the rhetoric about a nation of opportunity is merely fiction for most. In order to rise to the highest levels, one's ambition must be greater than the love for our fellow man or country. One has to abandon all ethics, morals and commit to a secular god of greed and power.


Why Obama's Ambitious Jobs Program Will Destroy The United States Dollar

By Bruce Collins,

I was recently in a discussion with a colleague at work who is liberal politically. His statement was that even though he did think that I was correct that a depression was coming (I told him this in January '08), he believed that at least his son would be ok because of the "FDR-like" jobs program that Obama was sure to implement.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure how this is going to be possible at this point with all of the trillions already printed and the gradual resistance to this irresponsibility growing in the public as well as political arena (many politicians who are siding with the President are starting to understand that the writing is on the wall with their careers).

However, this economy is going to get worse and I do suspect at some point, this administration will roll out a massive jobs program to: rebuild infrastructure, develop green technologies, begin an environmental brigade to ensure that their neighbors conserve energy. The last one, which was actually a plank of Obama's campaign, is very troubling to the cause of liberty. There is nothing like a 'snitch' in the neighborhood for a 'free' society of hope and changers!

However, even if all of these things were basically for the good of America (and obviously, infrastructure and new technologies would be), there is one fundamental problem with a jobs program.

None of these jobs are creating income for the federal government!

When we hire 50,000 new government workers to repair our roads and bridges, how does that reduce our trade deficit? It doesn't, because we are not actually selling/ manufacturing/ producing anything that can be sent overseas at a profit.

This is the problem FDR faced with his massive jobs program and, as a result, he actually prolonged the Great Depression.

The other point to be made about a massive jobs program is that it involves a massive amount of money. Where does this money come from? The Federal Reserve and we have to pay that money back to them- with interest!

So, in a jobs program, we create large amounts of liquidity, which cause prices to increase. We do allow more people to be employed- but at what cost? At the cost of robbing all of us through the inflation 'tax'! Poverty is equally divided among the people.

It really does not sound like a good idea once you peel back all the layers.

It also does not sound very good for the future of the US Dollar.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Big Changes Coming To The Big Finale and This Blog...

The Hour Is Late

After careful consideration, there will be some changes to The Big Finale Internet Radio program as well as this blog. Much of the focus of these two 'media outlets' will become more specific in nature within the next 30 days.

Some of these changes may affect future guests, etc., as the purpose of The Big Finale becomes more precise.

In the meantime, these guests are already booked:

February 20th- Jerry Smith
February 27th- Ralph Epperson
March 6th- Terry James

For those of you who have seen this blog become more heavily slanted toward the engineered crisis that is destroying the country that I love and move away from subjects such as the paranormal and UFOs, will already understand the objective that is clearer to me... and the immediacy of this message.

Announcement soon.

Thank you for all your support and prayers. I need your support (not financial support).

God bless you,

Bruce Collins

Ron Paul Supporters Lead Fight To Restore State Sovereignty in Oklahoma...

"State House to consider historic bill to take back state's rights under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution"

Oklahoma City – For far too long, the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been known as the forgotten amendment. With power grab after power grab, Congress has slowly eroded the rights of states to keep powers not specifically granted to the federal government.

As more and more citizens and state legislators across the country begin to realize that this loss of states rights is at the core of many of our nation's problems, those legislators have set out to stop the out of control Congress and restore some sense of sanity and constitutional protections to the individual states.

On February 11th, Oklahoma became the first state to act on legislation to do just that. This action was directly brought about by a Ron Paul supporter, and it is Campaign for Liberty members that will see this battle all the way through.

Gerald Celente: Worst Economic Collapse Ever

Officially “Out Of Control”

By Jim Sinclair

I sent you a certain few emails that I consider to be the most important communications issued in my career that started in 1958.

This communication is to inform you as of 2/13/09, "It is totally out of control." There is no longer any means of reversal of the beginning of the final phase of the downward spiral now solidly set in motion.

For your sake, protect yourselves immediately.

Be prepared for disruptions in distribution common to hyperinflation.

1. You should have already distanced yourself from your financial agents. If you haven’t you are headed for significant displeasure and strain.

2. Make sure you stay three months ahead on necessary items that could experience distribution delays such as prescribed medicine and preferred foods.

3. Even though real estate is far from a buy, if you can afford a second home outside of major cities it would serve a good purpose.

4. Own gold.

5. Consider that good gold shares of non-US companies incorporated in a non-US country operating in third country, traded on multiple exchanges are a means of money expatriation legally and in broad daylight if required.

6. For currencies, all you can do is own a spread held by a true custodial ship wherever that might be.

Simply said, as of Friday February 13th, 2009 the situation is in confirmed "Out of Control" mode as this well engineered downward spiral enters into a terminal phase.


Coincidence? Is MIchelle Obama Flashing Satanic Salute On Vogue Magazine?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wikipedia Threatens To Remove Bildgerberg Information

The lords of Wikipedia have announced they will delete the Bilderberg attendees list entry on the site because it is allegedly a “totally un-reliably- sourced list [and] possibly defamatory towards living persons.” The announced deletion will occur five days from 2009-02-18 at 14:53.

Wikipedia offers people concerned about this possible deletion the ability to edit the page. “You may remove this message if you improve the article or otherwise object to deletion for any reason. To avoid confusion, it helps to explain why you object to the deletion, either in the edit summary or on the talk page. If this template is removed, it should not be replaced.”

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Friday on The Big Finale: Michael Haltman, blogger of

'My name is Michael Haltman and I am the President of Exeter Commercial LLC, a direct commercial mortgage lender, broker and trainer in business since 1990. The purpose of this blog is to discuss and analyze how the goings on in Washington, the financial markets and the World will affect us all, no matter what party we belong to. This will be accomplished from my conservative perspective.'

Join us this Friday as we talk politics and economics at 7pm Pacific at .

Michael's outstanding blog is found at

DROP DEAD SHOCKING: Jack Van Impe (agrees with Bruce & The Big Finale) Reveals Inside Information From Bilderberg Meeting...


FINALLY, A prominent televangelist/ Prophecy Expert who is coming forward about the Satanists in power, The Illuminati, The Trilateral Commission, the CFR and the push to the New World Order. He also states that Obama has been picked to lead the One World Government.



Reporters arrested for 'offending Islam'

By Aaron Klein

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

– Two newspaper executives were arrested yesterday on charges of "intent to outrage" the "religious feelings" of Muslims.

Their alleged crime? Republishing an article that refers to Islam as "oppressive" and states the religion's prophet, Muhammad, had sex with a 9-year-old girl and ordered the murder of Jews.

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