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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Great Promo video of Lynn Marzulli

"Ow, Charlie, that really hurt!"

Lesson: Don't stick your fingers in your brother's mouth.

Bruce Collins, host of The Big Finale, Upcoming guests

December 5th- Lynn Marzulli
December 12th- Steve Bonenberger

The Curse of Arthur Conan Doyle?

Robert Downey, Jr. and cast having trouble on the set of new Sherlock Holmes movie.

Shake It Up

Expert: Small Ark. earthquakes could be warning

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A series of small earthquakes that rattled central Arkansas in recent weeks could be a sign of something much bigger to come.

Inconsistencies Pile Up In Mumbai Bloodbath...

Armed police 'would not fire back'...
10 gunmen did it all?
Taj hotel warned of attack...
'IT'S WAR' declares Indian press... War declared already by media- WHO did it?

Robbing US (U.S.) Blind

US: $45 billion bailout of Citigroup angers New Yorkers READ HERE

Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Turned Obama Adviser
Was Paid Tens of Millions by Bailed-Out Citigroup

By Matt Cover 25-11-2008 – Robert Rubin, a key economic advisor to President-elect Barack Obama who served as Treasury secretary in the Clinton Administration, has been one of the highest paid executives at the now twice bailed-out financial giant Citigroup.

Why hasn't the bailout by the Democrats and Republicans been for the consumers? Because it isn't about giving you money, it's about taking money from you!

Nasal Cavity Assault: Scent of a Co-Worker

The alleged Victim: Inflamed?

Judge Allows Civil Suit Over Co-worker's Perfume

Judge OKs Suit That Claims Detroit City Employee Couldn't Work Because Of Co-worker's Perfume

DETROIT, Nov. 27, 2008

(AP) A federal judge says a Detroit city employee can proceed with a civil suit claiming she couldn't work because of a co-worker's strong perfume.

The Detroit News says U.S. District Judge Lawrence Zatkoff determined Susan McBride has a potential claim under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The city is asking to have the suit dismissed.

McBride says she's severely sensitive to perfumes and other cosmetics. She says the perfume worn by a co-worker in the city's Planning Department made it difficult for her to breathe.

She says the co-worker also used a plugged in room deodorizer.

The suit says the co-worker later agreed to stop using the room deodorizer but kept using perfume.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Most Tasteless Way To Celebrate The Birth Of Jesus Christ

From the 'What Are They Thinking' Department:

Outrage over Planned Parenthood Christmas 'gift' cards

'It is difficult to think of a more tasteless, ghoulish thing to give anyone'

By Bob Unruh
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Planned Parenthood, which in past years has promoted a "Choice on Earth" abortion campaign during the Christmas season, has a new outreach, offering Christmas gift certificates to be used for abortions.

"It is difficult to think of a more tasteless, ghoulish thing to give anyone. I refuse to refer to these financial instruments as gifts as they are nothing more than a legal way to put a hit out on someone," said a participant in a forum at the online Lone Star Times, where the plan was reported.

"Planned Parenthood, this generation's King Herod, you know, the guy who ordered the mass slaughter of babies when Jesus was born," added WND columnist Jill Stanek, who also documented the plan on her blog.

According to the Lone Star Times, the nation's leading player in the abortion industry is "celebrating the most important crisis pregnancy of all time by selling gift certificates, perfect for the woman who has everything but moral fiber … And it's so much easier than finding the perfect 'Baby's First Christmas' ornament."

Merry Christmas: 8 week old Aborted Baby

The New Rulers of The World- (BBC) John Pilger

A very good film that takes a hard look at globalization, as we know it today.

UPDATE: This movie is a MUST SEE. It should make you outraged as you watch the American corporations and the World Bank, working together to enslave people in third world countries. Workers at 24 hour work shifts in sweat shops making 72 cents per day, living in the worst possible slums, etc. It's interesting- this film talks about a meeting in Europe that took place that revolved around Indonesian investments with David Rockefeller, Chase bank, etc.

Yet, the American people can't seem to understand the scam around them. We just bailed out the banks and the banks are slowly squeezing Americans. Their plans for a New World Order are working because most of us are too consumed with High Definition television sets.

The United States is in big trouble. You cannot play around with dictators who slaughter mass amounts of people- to enslave the rest under horrific working conditions- so your elites profit.

One word: JUDGEMENT.

I realize that my embedded video doesn't seem to be an efficient size so here is the link. PLEASE do watch it. It's important.


got birth certificate?

Pictured: President Barry
Justice Clarence Thomas and the Obama factor
Dave Bertrand, Traffic

The Obama "conspiracy theory" is reaching new heights beyond anyone's comprehension...or at least the comprehension of those that voted for this dynamic man. Dynamic in the sense that our Supreme Court on December 5th, will either put this all to rest and the voters will continue to believe in their messiah, or it will turn this country upside down. With many lawsuits backing-up and Justice Clarence Thomas now coming forth to unravel the dynamics of this conspiracy, our constitution is in crisis, but this is also an opportunity for the "World President" Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetero, Dunham or whatever his name is to forge ahead with his quote unquote, "International Order" which means "The New World Order."

But that's just ridiculous thinking and there's no way our government would allow a non-citizen to scam his way into the presidency?? And of course Bill Clinton "did not have sex with that woman," or George H. Bush didn't mean that "read my new taxes" was just a slip of the tongue, and Nixon was truthful when he said that he was "not a crook." Every president has lied and this president-elect may be slicker than willy himself, or more than any president we have ever had.

Simple enough for president-elect Obama to put this all to rest himself, is to provide his college records, medical records and the super secret vault birth certificate that is being kept under seal of being (possibly), the biggest embarrassment of this country's history and a major let-down to the African/American community that deserve a president, much like the charisma that Obama displays. Should he get a "free pass" if he is lying? In my opinion...this whole Obama conspiracy cannot be contained by both the corporate media and both the republican and democratic parties, and like most conspiracies....the "powers at be" will just get to the point with the American people and say, "so what!! What are you going to do about it??"

"Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetero, Barry Obama, Barack Dunham and Barry Dunham are all names that our president-elect has been known to use throughout his life

"It has been shown that in 1981 Obama traveled to Pakistan using an Indonesian passport. At the time of his travels to Indonesia, Obama was twenty years old. He was well aware he maintained his Indonesian citizenship, and had yet to regain his United States citizenship. Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship."

"The Obama campaign took great delight in pointing out that John McCain ranked 894th out of a graduating class of 899 at the U.S. Naval Academy. However do you know where Mr. Obama ranked in his graduating class at Occidental, Columbia or Harvard? You don’t know because Obama would not release any of his school records."

"A case that challenges President-elect Barack Obama’s name on the 2008 election ballot citing questions over his citizenship has been scheduled for a “conference” at the U.S. Supreme Court." [Scheduled for December 5th, 2008]

Sign of the Times: Trump entertainment to miss bond interest payment...

Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc (TRMP.O: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) said on Friday it will not make a $53.1 million bond interest payment due on December 1 in an effort to "maintain sufficient liquidity."

"Hotbed" for UFO Sightings

Hotbed for UFO sightings

Published Date:
28 November 2008
By Denis Robinson

THE Dispatch district appears to be a hotbed for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), a group have claimed.

This follows a Letter from Brian L.Sellers, of Hucknall's Derbyshire Lane, in the Dispatch's 'Your Opinions' about six mysterious orange lights he saw on the evening of Saturday November 15.

Kristian Lander, founder of Nottinghamshire Paranormal Network, said there had also been reports of UFO activity on the following evening.

"Two people walking between Linby and Papplewick saw between seven and nine objects like orange balls performing aerobatic manoeuvres," said Mr Lander."They were at a distance but were extremely bright and apparently very large indeed."

Mr Lander added that after he received the call, he looked from where he lives in Bulwell and saw a bright object rise and disappear in the space of five seconds.

Another sighting of that evening's UFOs was by Martin Bell (48), of Hucknall's Victoria Street, as well as by his stepdaughter, Kimberley (19), and his fiancee, Denise.

"They were travelling very slowly in a long line with 100 to 200 metres between them," said Mr Bell.

"They disappeared above clouds but came out on the other side. They they fizzled out."

Other witnesses included Julie Riley (42), of Strathmore Close, Hucknall, who saw them as she was taking her mum, Iris Woodfield (79). home to the town's Truman Drive after they had watched 'The X Factor' on TV.Under the circumstances, perhaps another TV programme, 'The X Files,' would have been more appropriate.

Mr Lander said one spine-chilling report, given anonymously to the group during the summer, was of a black BMW in Bestwood Village.

"The occupants were as still as mannequins when our contact knocked on the car window," said Mr Lander."One of the occupants suddenly turned and had no facial features apart from small nostrils and a thin slit for a nose."

The car then powered up and drove off. Men in black, perhaps?

"There is a low-frequency audible drone at the Bestwood Village entrance to the country park, which is currently unidentifiable. When you spend more than five minutes listening to it, you have the most incredible headache."

From the UK:

Switchfoot- The Beautiful Letdown

Comex Default and Gold Price Doubling in December?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede

A Wal-Mart worker died after being trampled when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a Long Island store Friday morning, police and witnesses said.
The 34-year-old employee, a temporary maintenance worker, tried to hold back the unruly crowds just after the Valley Stream store opened at 5 a.m.
Witnesses said the surging throngs of shoppers knocked the man down. He fell and was stepped on. As he gasped for air, shoppers ran over and around him.
"He was bum-rushed by 200 people," said Jimmy Overby, 43, a co-worker. "They took the doors off the hinges. He was trampled and killed in front of me. They took me down too...I literally had to fight people off my back."
The unidentified victim was rushed to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 6:03 a.m., police said.

The cause of death wasn't immediately available pending results of an autopsy.

A 28-year-old pregnant woman was knocked to the floor during the mad rush. She was hospitalized for observation, police said. Early witness accounts that the woman suffered a miscarriage were unfounded, police said.

Three other shoppers suffered minor injuries, cops said.

Wal-Mart spokesman Dave Tovar called the incident a "tragic situation."
Are we such shallow people in this country that we would kill others to get to some crappy piece of Chinese merchandise to celebrate a once Christian holiday?
Again, what is wrong with you soul-less murderers?
Did you feel good with yourself once again when you were able to get that trinket you fought for, as you saw the ambulance leave with the dead body?
If this is the outcome of "Black Friday" because Americans cannot act civil, then perhaps they should be stopped.
Walmart will probably be held somewhat responsible for this..but all of you murderers who walked over this person should do some healthy prison time. You ripped the doors from the hinges.
You are not humans, you are animals.
This is outrageous.

Citigroup says gold could rise above $2,000 next year as world unravels

An employee of Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K. displays a gold bar at the company's store in Tokyo Photo: Reuters
Gold is poised for a dramatic surge and could blast through $2,000 an ounce by the end of next year as central banks flood the world's monetary system with liquidity, according to an internal client note from the US bank Citigroup

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Last Updated: 7:29AM GMT 27 Nov 2008

The bank said the damage caused by the financial excesses of the last quarter century was forcing the world's authorities to take steps that had never been tried before.

This gamble was likely to end in one of two extreme ways: with either a resurgence of inflation; or a downward spiral into depression, civil disorder, and possibly wars. Both outcomes will cause a rush for gold.

"They are throwing the kitchen sink at this," said Tom Fitzpatrick, the bank's chief technical strategist.

"The world is not going back to normal after the magnitude of what they have done. When the dust settles this will either work, and the money they have pushed into the system will feed though into an inflation shock.

"Or it will not work because too much damage has already been done, and we will see continued financial deterioration, causing further economic deterioration, with the risk of a feedback loop. We don't think this is the more likely outcome, but as each week and month passes, there is a growing danger of vicious circle as confidence erodes," he said.

"This will lead to political instability. We are already seeing countries on the periphery of Europe under severe stress. Some leaders are now at record levels of unpopularity. There is a risk of domestic unrest, starting with strikes because people are feeling disenfranchised."

"What happens if there is a meltdown in a country like Pakistan, which is a nuclear power. People react when they have their backs to the wall. We're already seeing doubts emerge about the sovereign debts of developed AAA-rated countries, which is not something you can ignore," he said.

Gold traders are playing close attention to reports from Beijing that the China is thinking of boosting its gold reserves from 600 tonnes to nearer 4,000 tonnes to diversify away from paper currencies. "If true, this is a very material change," he said.

Mr Fitzpatrick said Britain had made a mistake selling off half its gold at the bottom of the market between 1999 to 2002. "People have started to question the value of government debt," he said.

Citigroup said the blast-off was likely to occur within two years, and possibly as soon as 2009. Gold was trading yesterday at $812 an ounce. It is well off its all-time peak of $1,030 in February but has held up much better than other commodities over the last few months – reverting to is historical role as a safe-haven store of value and a de facto currency.
Gold has tripled in value over the last seven years, vastly outperforming Wall Street and European bourses.

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Ron Paul Warns Of Secret Plans To Create International Central Bank

Says plans will remain under wraps until government and banking elite see fit

Steve Watson, Nov 28, 2008

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has warned that international forces are planning the creation of a global central bank that will see a new fiat monetary system come to dominate the world economy.

The 2008 presidential candidate also warned that Barack Obama's administration will only represent a change in faces and not in policies.

Speaking about the recent G20 meeting Paul told Russia Today:

"I think something will come of it but you probably didn't hear about it yet. There was some pomp and ceremony that the public knew about, but behind the scenes they were talking about the future and what they are going to do to try to internationalize all regulations, going in the opposite direction of free market and more towards international regulations. I'm sure they even talked about an international central bank."

Watch the entire interview here.

Another look at Christopher Columbus...

Chris: Better dressed than the Quaker Oats fellow.

What does Columbus Day and Christopher Columbus have to do with Bible Prophecy? First of all the bible teaches that in the days when Jesus Christ returns to earth, it will be the descendants of the Roman Empire that will be ruling the earth. How do we know that? Daniel 9:26 "and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary". The city referred to here is Jerusalem. When was it destroyed? In 70 A.D. Who destroyed it? The Roman Empire.

The "prince that shall come" refers to the coming antichrist. Since it was "his people" that destroyed Jerusalem then this "prince" must arise from the Roman Empire. What does this have to do with Columbus Day and Christopher Columbus? First of all, the only empire that has conquered the nations successfully throughout history is the Roman Empire. Keep in mind that Europeans are Roman Empire descendants which makes the United States an extension of the Roman Empire since it was founded by Europeans. Great Britain colonized Africa, Hong Kong, and Australia. Canada was colonized by the French. South America was taken by Spain. All countries which were once part of the Roman Empire. In each case, the lands were taken by force. Christopher Columbus was from Spain which is in Europe which was the Roman Empire.

Daniel 7:19 states Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet.

This 4th beast is the Roman Empire and this Empire is the only one that has put colonies in and settled in all four corners of the globe. Was Christopher Columbus an adventurer who discovered America or was his actions more in line with the "exceeding dreadful" beast of Daniel 7:19. What really happened when Christopher Columbus came to America?

The event is fraught with misinformation. Let us start with the voyage itself. Contrary to the myth the weather was quite good and the Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria had clear sailing. This is confirmed by Columbus’ own journal. Second, the ships themselves were fully suited for their purposes and hardly the small tiny ships that we have been led to believe. Third, the voyage only took one month not two and the crew was not on the verge of near mutiny but were simply getting on each others' nerves. The Columbus biographer Samuel Eliot Morison confirms this. Upon arriving the natives went out to meet Columbus. They were friendly and gregarious. How did Columbus react? Well he said, "I could conquer them with fifty men and govern them as I please." So he kidnapped several of them and took them back to Spain where they met the queen. This was enough, along with the promise of gold, to finance another voyage by Columbus.

When Columbus returned he demanded gold. To ensure cooperation those who refused or committed a minor offense had their nose and ears cut off. His men demanded their women for sexual purposes and raped them. Finally, the Arawaks had enough and resisted. This turned into an outright slaughter by Columbus. He turned his attack dogs loose who ripped the resisters apart. Finding no gold he captured about 1,500 natives, took them from their families and set off to Spain where 500 of them would die along the way. Now Columbus brought the name of God into the picture, "In the name of Holy Trinity, we can send from here all the slaves and brazil-wood which could be sold." Columbus acted in a manner that was more devil like than God like. How often are atrocities performed in the name of God? This is simply Satan working to deceive people.

But the worst was yet to come and Columbus instituted a reign of terror. He demanded that the natives pay the crown a tribute. Those who did not had their hands cut off. Pedro de Cordoro wrote back to the King about what was happening and said, "As a result of the sufferings and hard labor they have endured, the Indians choose and have chosen suicide." He went on to say that, rather than give birth, women killed themselves and their newborn infants. The men of Columbus brought with them diseases as well. This was an ecological disaster that caused the death of over 3,000,000 Arawaks in the course of fifty years. To fill the vacancy left by this, Columbus brought slaves from Africa. So, Columbus was directly responsible for the introduction of the slave trade to the New World. This was the start of capitalism. The Catholic Church backed this genocide and European rule replaced a Utopia. These are the thoughts of Sir Thomas More who challenged European hierarchy with the examples of the native Americans.

Christopher Columbus was an ungodly man who behaved more like the antichrist than an adventurer who wanted to prove to the "queen" that the world was round. Yet the United States honors this man with a holiday each year. The USA screams for Bin Laden's head (and rightly so) while at the same time having a national holiday for a terrorist. Ironic isn't it?

Interesting enough, Columbus seems to have understood Bible Prophecy very well. He published "The Book of Prophecies". From PBS' "Frontline":

Christopher Columbus is often viewed as the hard headed navigator, a kind of modern man breaking with the past. But if we look at the history of Columbus and some of his writings, particularly his letters and in the Book of Prophecies that he put together, we can see that Columbus thought of himself very much in terms of the apocalyptic tradition. And he felt that his voyages of discovery were ushering in a millennial age, an age of a Last World Emperor, a Spanish Last World Emperor, who would recapture the holy apocalyptic city of Jerusalem and initiate a messianic period. And he had studied prophecies very, very carefully as he put together this Book of Prophecies, in order to sell his programme to Ferdinand and Isabella. And it's not that he was using this. He believed it. And he felt that they should believe it as well. ...

He was not an original apocalypticist. His Book of Prophecies is a compilation of a whole range of prophesies, texts from the Old and the New Testament, along with more current prophesies. What he's trying to do is to create a kind of handbook of prophesies that he can use in his attempts to get new funding from Ferdinand and Isabella. One of the prophesies that he fastens upon is a prophecy of a coming last emperor who will reconquer Jerusalem, who is very specifically a Spanish ruler. And we know that he ascribes this prophecy to Joachim of Fiore, but Joachim didn't write it. It ... was actually a Spanish prophecy from the early 14th century. But Joachim's reputation as the medieval prophet was so large that of course many later prophesies and visions were ascribed to him in pseudonymous fashion.

How does Jerusalem begin to figure into Columbus' discovery of the New World?

Well, Columbus felt that he was able to go around the world to get to Jerusalem, and that going around the world to get to Jerusalem would allow and facilitate the conquest of Jerusalem by a Spanish Last World Emperor. The way to Jerusalem had been blocked by the Turks and others. But the gold that he felt he would discover in the Indies was the money that would be needed to mount the military expedition that would reconquer Jerusalem and, as I said, issue in a universal messianic rule in which Christianity would triumph under the leadership of a Spanish last monarch. ...

So, Columbus' goal was to appoint a One World Leader to reign from Jerusalem under a "messianic-like" rule.

Can all of this explain the American Empire (which goes against many of the Founding Father's views) and the push for a New World Order?

G-20: Shaping a new world order

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Author Webster Tarpley: The Men Behind Obama, Parts 1 & 2

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Prison Planet/ Alex Jones Agree with Bruce's Blog: India Links Mumbai Attacks With Pakistan

Big Finale Blast: Judging from his appearance, this man's name could be Hassan Ben Sober- for quite some time! Is that a statue of Ross Perot in the background?

As Predicted, India Links Mumbai Attacks With Pakistan

Perfect pretext for continued bombing raids, increase in U.S. military aggression as promised by President elect Barack Obama - "official story" is manufactured around contradictions and lies.

Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson

Thursday, November 27, 2008

As we predicted would happen in our early report yesterday, Indian government authorities are now blaming Pakistan for being behind the ongoing attacks in Mumbai, providing a perfect pretext for expanded U.S. military aggression against a country that is also a target for President elect Barack Obama.

UPDATE on India False Flag Attacks Tied to East German Stasi DVD and Pakistani ISI

by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

People duck as gunshots are fired from inside the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai -Reuters


Thursday November 27, 2008 as of 5:15 a.m. PST

As of this hour the President of India has concluded the attacks against Mumbai aka Bombay were directed from outside forces aka the Pakistani ISI with direct funding from the East German Stasi DVD Deutsche Bank.

The paramilitary group, which entered India by sea using naval and cargo vessels that have direct links to the gang of Somalia pirates, have been operating unchecked off the shores of Africa and south Asia for at least four years.

Indian Intelligence sources tell us that the dots have been directly connected between the Pakistani ISI, the East German Stasi DVD and the Bush-Clinton- Gary Best-Mossad riddled Crime Family Syndicate.

Indian Intelligence officials inform us that the funding for the Somalia pirates and the current paramilitary group aka scripted mercenaries, is directly linked to the Hamburg, Germany "Becker" cell and the East German Stasi DVD Deutsche Bank.

It should be remember that in various terrorist trials in German involving 9/11, FBI Director Robert Mueller took the 5th Amendment concerning the identity of various alleged terrorists because of their links to U.S. Intelligence and the Israeli Mossad dating as far back to the early days of Iran Contra.


Indian Intelligence officials have told us that the Indian counter-terrorist official, who was allegedly killed in the paramilitary attack, had actually been compromised by the Pakistani ISI, which allowed the Pakistani ISI paramilitary group, tied to the Somalia pirates, commandeer Indian Naval vessels and actually use these vessels to arrive in Mumbai aka Bombay.

The late Indian counter-terrorist official may have also had a role in the assassination of the late Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

The late Indian anti-terrorist official is not Hindu but a described Muslim.

At this hour, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is actually trying to negotiate with Indian President Pratibha Patil, the release of some of the paramilitary Pakistani ISI leadership that were captured in the attack by India's Internal Security forces.

There is an attempt now by the U.S. government to have the Indian government distinguish between the Intelligence- linked leadership of the Pakistani ISI group and the rank and file soldiers who were recruited by Pakistani ISI for the purpose of the BLACK OP.

Yes, folks, this whole thing is really unraveling.

In closing, the NSA-Mossad riddled, corporate controlled American media are desperate to blame this on the boogey man, alleged Al Qaeda, and basically ignore the overwhelming evidence that has been gathered by Indian Intelligence, French Intelligence as well as European INTERPOL, which clearly points to the perpetrators of this crime being Pakistani ISI, East German Stasi DVD and the rogue Bush-Clinton- Gary Best-Mossad riddled British Intelligence linked "TRUE COLORS" mercenaries aka pirates and assassins.

"Al Qaeda is nothing more than an extension of the apparatus linked to U.S. intelligence that was allowed, by script, to remove itself as a rogue breakaway entity of the U.S. government; allowed to de-compartmentalize from oversight, and was run instead by Gary Best's rogue black ops specialists for scripted activity outside the U.S. government, with its funding being orchestrated through the Pakistani secret police—an entity of the U.S. government."

Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Psalm 100:4-5 – "Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures for ever; his faithfulness continues through all generations."

So once in every year we throng
Upon a day apart,
To praise the Lord with feast and song
In thankfulness of heart.

~Arthur Guiterman, The First Thanksgiving

An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day.

~Irv Kupcinet

God has two dwellings; one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful heart.

~Izaak Walton

Fear Not... These Things Must Happen...

78 Die in Mumbai Shootings, Officials Say

MUMBAI, India (Nov. 26) - Teams of heavily armed gunmen stormed luxury hotels, a popular tourist attraction and a crowded train station in at least seven attacks in India's financial capital, killing at least 78 people and wounding at least 200, officials said Thursday.

The gunmen were specifically targeting Britons and Americans and a top police official said the gunmen are holding hostages at two luxury hotels, the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Banking Shutdown Possible...

It pains me deeply to announce that, despite the massive government rescue, yesterday’s collapse of Citigroup could ultimately lead to a shutdown of the global banking system.

For many years, I hoped this would never happen, and I thought we might be able to avoid it.

Indeed, that’s why, my firm, Weiss Research, first began rating the safety of the nation’s banks in the early 1980s, and why I later founded Weiss Ratings, a separate subsidiary dedicated exclusively to safety ratings — on thousands of banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, mutual funds and stocks.

I subsequently sold the Weiss Ratings subsidiary to Jim Cramer’s organization,; and today, my former company is called Ratings.

Citigroup collapses! Banking Shutdown Possible

!! HUGE: Largest Military Recall Since 1941 Possibly In Progress Right Now !!

A General Mobilization of ALL former military officers is underway. We caution that the talk we are hearing is conflicting, and that no concrete evidence has been uncovered yet. Still, reports from some who would be affected say that letters began going out on November 17th to all Non Commissioned Officers to recall them to service. Letters to Warrant Officers and Sergeants will go out this coming week. Reportedly some retired military have already gotten their letters. Right Soup is actively searching for scans of said letters, and for confirmation of this news.

A General Mobilization is VERY serious, about as serious as it gets. The Posse Comitatus of 1878 , which limits the use of the military for law enforcement is possibly being cast aside, if the rumored mobilization is for domestic enforcement. The Act can be set aside Executive Order of the President. Bottom line is, something big has to be imminent for this to be happening.

All sectors of society would be affected by this recall; there are doctors, lawyers, policemen, accountants, mechanics etc…it would be a huge disruption of society. For this to be happening would mean the “threat” is something which would occur within the next 3 months. A mobilization of this magnitude would be impossible to hide, so there would be a public pretext issued soon.

American Electric Power, one of the nation’s largest electricity providers, has reportedly moved 45-50 housing trailers to it’s Gavin power plant in Ohio. These trailers are equipped with beds and MREs, and reportedly many power facilities are doing the same thing AEP is doing. There is also chatter about some of our ships mobilizing to the Persian Gulf. Could something be happening with Iran? Or could our military be preparing for a domestic problem?

Behind The Obama Agenda

Written by John F. McManus
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 00:00

The team Barack Obama has begun assembling suggests that, in terms of substance, the incoming administration may not be that different from the outgoing.

In April 1992, Senator Joe Biden — now our vice president-elect — penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal entitled "How I Learned to Love the New World Order." Senator Biden was miffed that the Journal had cast him as a "neo-isolationist" because he had objected to the foreign-policy strategy of then-President George Bush (Senior), a strategy which Biden characterized as "America as 'Globocop.'" Sen. Biden wanted to make clear that far from being an "isolationist," he is a solid internationalist who subscribes to the doctrine of "collective security" under the United Nations Charter. He argued that "the Bush administration should be reallocating Pentagon funds to meet more urgent security needs: sustaining democracy in the former Soviet empire; supporting U.N. peacekeepers in Yugoslavia, Cambodia and El Salvador."

Biden called for "an honest debate over America's proper role in the new world order." Unfortunately, there never has been any honest debate over just what America's political elites mean (Senator Biden included) when they use the term "new world order." Nor did the senator explain his assumption that there is a "proper role" in this "new world order" for an America that would still be recognizable as a sovereign, independent republic and still be operating under our system of limited, constitutional government.

It's important to remind ourselves of the context of those 1992 remarks. Biden, a Democrat, was responding to the pronouncements and policies of President George Bush, a Republican, about this "new world order," a phrase with which most Americans were totally unfamiliar prior to September 11, 1990.

On that day, President George Bush delivered his televised "New World Order" speech on the Iraq situation to a joint session of Congress, several months before launching the U.S.-led attack on Saddam Hussein in the First Gulf War. "Out of these troubled times," said the president, "our fifth objective - a new world order - can emerge." Immediately following President Bush's address to Congress and the nation, Congressman Richard Gephardt, the House Majority Leader, gave the Democrats' official response on the Gulf crisis: "From the summit at Helsinki [on the Iraq-Kuwait conflict] ... we could see beyond the present shadows of war in the Middle East to a new world order" - that is, to the reining in of rogue states and global policing of nations.

On July 14, 1993, a little over a year after writing the Journal op-ed cited above, Senator Biden introduced Senate Joint Resolution 112 urging the new president, Bill Clinton, to initiate discussions to establish a standing United Nations army. Under his proposal, United States bases and facilities would be made available to train UN forces, and the president would not "be deemed to require the authorization of Congress" to make American troops, facilities, or other assistance "available to the Security Council on its call."

Even though Barack Obama has avoided using the term, his plans for our country fit nicely into what has long been known as the new world order, a phrase employed in recent decades by Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller, Fidel Castro, Mikhail Gorbachev, George H.W. Bush, and many others. None of the proponents of such an "order" have ever fully explained its meaning or noted its origin. However, a few have come fairly close to doing so. Perhaps the one who has come closest is Zbigniew Brzezinski, arguably President-elect Obama's most important adviser. In an address to Mikhail Gorbachev's 1995 State of the World Forum in San Francisco, Brzezinski lamented that with only five years to the start of the new millennium, "We do not have a new world order." "We cannot leap into world government in one quick step," Brzezinski noted. Attaining that objective, he explained, would require a gradual process of "globalization," building the new world order "step by step, stone by stone" through "progressive regionalization." The supranational EU in Europe is an example of that regional approach, as is NAFTA on our own continent.

Brzezinski, of course, was President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser. Less well known is the fact that he also was Jimmy Carter's tutor on world affairs long before Carter came onto the national stage, while he was still a little-known governor of Georgia. Brzezinski was appointed tutor by David Rockefeller, who had tapped Carter for membership in his newly formed Trilateral Commission, one of a number of elite groups pushing for world government. The inspiration for Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission had been Brzezinski's 1970 book, Between Two Ages, in which the Polish immigrant argued that "national sovereignty is no longer a viable concept." According to Brzezinski, U.S. sovereignty should be jettisoned for "the goal of world government." He also contended, in the same book, that "Marxism, disseminated on the popular level in the form of Communism, represented a major advance in man's ability to conceptualize his relationship to his world" and that "Marxism supplied the best available insight into contemporary reality."

Don't expect Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Zbigniew Brzezinski, or the individuals they choose to help them run the new administration to explain honestly where their plans will take our country. They won't attach the word socialism to their economic plans. Yet, this is precisely what is presented in Obama and Biden's Blueprint for Change. Nor will they admit their willingness to submerge our nation and the rest of mankind into a UN-led world government. For them, the United Nations is an untouchable, even sacrosanct constant. America's deep entanglement in the world body - not only financing it but relying on its resolutions to supplant congressional declarations to authorize war - was a non-issue during the recent campaign. So, advancement toward the twin deadly features of new world order - socialism and world government - can be expected. Meanwhile, the U.S. Constitution, written to limit government power and to prevent any semblance of the New World Order taking root within our shores, received only grudging mention during the 2008 campaign. Furthermore, it will receive virtually no adherence once the oath of office is taken.

How did America arrive at such a state? Knowing the answer is essential if what is happening to our country is to be reversed. The answer begins with the realization that we are not being taken into an anti-American new world order by chance, stupidity, or unstoppable historical forces. The suicidal policies of past and present decades are the work of deceptively brilliant but determinedly driven individuals. They and their plans can be found by studying the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, several related organizations, and their membership rosters. Barack Obama and Joe Biden may not hold membership in either of these new-world-order groups, but a heavy preponderance of those being chosen for their administration does. Both Obama and Biden have been closely associated with the CFR, writing for its journal, Foreign Affairs, and speaking at its programs. In 2006, Biden and CFR President Emeritus Leslie Gelb teamed up to produce a CFR-promoted plan for partitioning Iraq into three ethnic states.

Obama's Team

Speculation about who will fill the many posts in the new administration appears everywhere. During the run-up to the election, the list of Obama advisers included CFR members George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, James A. Johnson, Orin Kramer, Penny Pritzker, and Tom Daschle. Among Obama's Senior Working Group on National Security were CFR members Madeleine Albright, David Boren, Warren Christopher, Lee Hamilton, William Perry, Susan Rice, and James Steinberg. Within his economic brain trust could be found CFR members Daniel Tarullo and Michael Froman.

We can be quite sure that somewhere between 400 to 500 high-level members of the Obama administration will be members of the CFR. How can we say that? Because that's about how many CFR members occupy the current Bush administration (beginning with Vice President Dick Cheney, an in-again, out-again member of the CFR board of directors). And about the same number occupied posts in the Clinton administration. And so it has gone since the New Deal reign of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Wall Street banker John J. McCloy, chairman of the CFR from 1953 to 1970 and adviser to nine Presidents of the United States, was once quoted by the New York Times on how the system works. According to the Times:

When Henry Stimson — the group's quintessential member — went to Washington in 1940 as Secretary of War, he took with him John McCloy, who was to become Assistant Secretary in charge of personnel. McCloy has recalled: "Whenever we needed a man [in Washington], we just thumbed through the roll of Council members and put through a call to New York" [to the CFR's headquarters office].

And over the years, the men McCloy called in turn called other Council members.

Through many such "calls to New York," the council has gained a virtual lock-hold on the U.S. government, regardless of which party is in office. No other organization comes close to boasting the kind of clout that the CFR members have held: eight presidents of the U.S.; seven vice presidents; 17 secretaries of state; 20 secretaries of war/defense; 18 secretaries of the Treasury; 15 directors of the CIA. And on it has gone throughout the Cabinets, in seriatim — through Democrat and Republican administrations — with hundreds of deputy secretaries, assistant secretaries, etc.

The Obama Cabinet will be no different. Candidates for secretary of state include CFR members John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, and Bill Richardson, plus the ambitious wife of prominent CFR member Bill Clinton. The final choice will be arrived at with the help of a transition team that includes Thomas Donilon and Wendy Sherman, both CFR members. The transition team appointed to recommend who will serve as secretary of defense is being led by John P. White and Michele Flournoy, both CFR members.

Other names being mentioned by the media for federal posts starting January 20 read like a membership list of the CFR. (All the individuals whose names follow hold CFR membership.) Will octogenarian former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker actually be tapped? Will he be assisted by New York Fed official Timothy Geithner? Educated guesses for jobs in the new administration include former Cabinet officials Federico Peña, Bill Daley, Lawrence Summers, and Colin Powell. Add to these the names of Jane Harman, Thomas Kean, Jack Reed, Janet Napolitano, and John Spratt.

There will be some surprises to be sure. Some high posts will be given to men and women who aren't CFR members. But the chance that the goals envisioned by the new world order partisans at the CFR will be replaced by anything resembling true Americanism appears to be nil. In the nearly 90 years of the CFR's existence, no one has altered its drive to achieve U.S. socialism and world government. And, we have no hesitation in predicting that no one in the soon-to-be-staffed Obama administration will try to do so.

Piecemeal Socialism and Global Governance

The new world order can never be imposed on a thriving America whose unmatched productivity and power has stood in such stark contrast to so much of the rest of the world. Merging the United States with other nations becomes possible only if our country's uniqueness is significantly watered down to where it no longer stands apart from the rest of the world. So, our CFR-influenced leaders commenced building socialism here at home (the social-welfare state), giving away our wealth (foreign aid), and entangling the United States in an assortment of sovereignty-compromising pacts and agreements (the UN, WTO, NATO, NAFTA, etc.).

The National Debt has passed the $10 trillion level, but foreign aid to almost every nation on Earth continues. Obama wants another stimulus package to be financed either by printing more dollars or by borrowing. Like the United Nations, the Federal Reserve and its power to create money out of nothing is an untouchable. While steps to wrest our country from the Fed's grip and return to commodity-based currency are essential, the Obama administration has no intention of even considering them. His Blueprint and the already known Obama-Biden record in the Senate make that very clear.

All truly serious students of America's decline don't believe any of this is occurring by chance. Nor do they believe that it results from the unfolding of irreversible historical forces. America is being taken off track deliberately. Should Americans become aware that some crisis has engulfed our nation, CFR members in the media can be counted on to ramp up a campaign to persuade a worried populace that some new governmental system, a world system perhaps, is the solution to the crisis. As Rahm Emanuel, newly appointed to become the next White House Chief of Staff has stated, "You don't ever want a crisis to go to waste."

In 1966, Georgetown Professor Carroll Quigley's monumental Tragedy and Hope became available. In his 1,350 pages, this influential academic, who mentored Bill Clinton, bared details about a "secret society" (Quigley's phrase) formed to rule the world. He was one of the rare scholars who had been allowed access to the network's secret records, and he was sympathetic to its goals, though he disagreed with its intent to remain unknown. The network's front group in the United States, he said, is the Council on Foreign Relations. Toward the end of his remarkable tome, Quigley noted that the Democrat and Republican parties had converged on many of the most important issues, particularly concerning the adoption of internationalism and big government as central features of their programs, regardless of their rhetoric to the contrary. He urged continuation of the practice of insuring that the two major political parties in America would remain virtually indistinguishable and continue to work toward full achievement of CFR goals. He expressly urged the two major political parties to be almost identical "so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy."

That, of course, is what has happened, with predictable, cyclical regularity. The Republicans and Democrats at the national level have become the flip sides of the same CFR coin; they both promote the steady growth of big government and internationalism, while placating their core constituencies. The Republicans are allowed to cater to the right on a few issues (pro-life, pro-gun, pro-military, pro-business) while the Democrats cater to the left (pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-gun, anti-war, pro-union).

With either John McCain, a veteran CFR member, or Barack Obama happily surrounded by CFR members, the network identified by Quigley could proceed with nary a worry toward its new world order goal. And with continued dominance of the major political parties guaranteed by CFR members, the network's plan for America and the world faced little threat of exposure during our nation's most recent election.

Counteraction Needed

Those who want the new world order are very few. Most Americans certainly don't want socialistic domination and the loss of our nation's independence. Why are so many silent? Why don't they rise as one and really "throw the rascals out"?

Can it be done? Yes! Will it be done? That remains to be seen. All who love this country, love their children, love truth, and love freedom had better get busy and start using our freedoms to save our freedoms. If a mere minority of the American population can be enlisted, educated, and let loose throughout America with honest facts and perspective, the new world order will crash and be relegated to history's dust bin.

Probably Not The Right Way To Go...

Would you like an apple pie with that?

Robot workers could 'disrupt unskilled labor markets,' federal report says

A U.S. government intelligence agency thinks robots may be so capable by 2025 that questions such as "Would you like fries with that?" may be uttered by a smiling machine at the order counter.

In a report titled "Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World" that was released last week, the National Intelligence Council offered its long-range strategic thinking about the military and economic challenges the U.S. will face from other countries over the next 17 years, as well as the environmental challenges ahead. The report also looks at technologies, and it includes some sweeping ideas about the future.

Change We Can Believe In?

Defense Secretary Said to Be Staying On 25 Nov 2008 President-elect Barack Obama has decided to keep Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates in a time of war, the first time a Pentagon chief has been carried over from a president of a different party, Democrats close to the transition said Tuesday.

George Noory mentions Bush pardons, then Campeon & Ramos...

George, are you reading my blog?

Welcome, Sir.
By the way, George Noory actually does live broadcasts on the holidays. Yes, he will be broadcasting Thursday night, LIVE.
George Noory: " I do the show and pull in my staff as well.....its a promise I made to my audience, some of them don't have family, we are there for them."
Coast to Coast AM's broadcast on Thanksgiving will be full of suprise guests...

Disturbing Huckabee supporters comment on Chuck Norris' new support of Ron Paul...

"This cant be true?No please G-d no G-d please oh Im crying Chuck endorsed the homo sexual abortionist Wrong Paul Chuck was lead astray by the Devil now G-d hates Chuck and he will for eternity burn in the pitfires of hell alongside homosexual drug addict wrong paul Why G-d? Whyyyyyy?"

Homosexual abortionist?

Another Huckabee supporter:

"Chuck Norris-Judas [as I and my family here in Shiny Meadows Trailer Park refer to him now] will hopefully redeem himself by pulling a Darth Vader and tossing the Emperor down the shaft, but if not... Well, the Devil is too tall to roundhouse kick, and the Lake of Eternal Infernal Fire is a bit too deep for him to crawl out of to do so anyways"

"Wait... Chuck Norris is Judas because he doesn't support a Liberal Governor from Arkansas? and you believe he is going to Hell for that? Hmmm "

Bush Pardons- Why Didn't He Pardon Two Border Patrolmen, Campeon and Ramos?

Why didn't he pardon: Border agents sent to prison

Here's a new batch of 14 pardons and commutations by President Bush,just announced from the Justice Department. They are his first since March and are nowhere near as controversial as President Clinton's final pardons on leaving office. Bush has handed out far fewer reprieves than Clinton or President Reagan, totalling now 171 pardons and eight commutations, fewer than half his two-term predecessors.


Leslie Owen Collier, Charleston, Mo. Offense: Unauthorized use of a registered pesticide and violation of the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. Sentenced Feb. 2,1996 to two years probation and fined $10,000.

Milton Kirk Cordes, Rapid City, S.D. Offense: Conspiracy to violate the Lacey Act. Sentenced Dec. 14, 1998 to 18 months' probation conditioned on loss of hunting privileges for one year, performance of 100 hours of community service and fined $2,000.

Richard Micheal Culpepper, Mahomet, Ill. Offense: False statements to the United States. Sentenced Jan. 15, 1988 to five years probation conditioned on payment of a $1,000 fine and $4,351.90 in restitution.

Brenda Jean Dolenz-Helmer, Fort Worth, Texas. Offense: Misprision of a felony. Sentenced Dec. 31, 1998 to four years probation, 600 hours of community service and a $10,000 fine.

Andrew Foster Harley, Falls Church, Va. Offense: Wrongful use and distribution of marijuana and cocaine. Sentenced April 17, 1985, U.S. Air Force general court martial, to 90 days confinement, forfeiture of all pay and allowances and dismissal from the Air Force.

Obie Gene Helton, Rossville, Ga. Offense: Unauthorized acquisition of food stamps. Sentenced April 1, 1983 to two years probation, $500 fine and $875 in restitution.

Carey C. Hice Sr., Travelers Rest, S.C. Offense: Income tax evasion. Sentenced March 5, 1996, to three years probation condition with 180 days home confinement and a $13,000 fine.

Geneva Yvonne Hogg, Chamblee, Ga. Offense: Bank embezzlement, sentenced June 19, 1980 to five years probation and a $500 fine.

William Hoyle McCright Jr., Midland, Texas. Offense: Making false entries, books, reports or statements of bank. Sentenced Oct. 20, 1986 to two years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.

Paul Julian McCurdy, Sulphur, Okla. Offense: Misapplication of bank funds by a bank officer. Sentenced Feb. 12, 1988 to five years probation and $5,000 in restitution.

Robert Earl Mohon Jr., Grant, Ala. Offense: Conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Sentenced Oct. 22, 1987 to three years in prison.

Ronald Alan Mohrhoff, Los Angeles. Offense: Unlawful use of a telephone in furtherance of a narcotics felony, possession of cocaine. Sentenced Oct. 9, 1984 to one year of in prison followed by five years probation with 2,500 hours community service.

Daniel Figh Pue III, Conroe, Texas. Offense: Illegal treatment, storage and disposal of a hazardous waste without a permit, illegal transportation of a hazardous waste to an unpermitted facility for storage or disposal. Sentenced Oct. 25, 1996 to three years probation conditioned on six months home confinement and a $1,000 fine.

Orion Lynn Vick, White Hall, Ark. Offense: Aiding and abetting the theft of government property. Sentenced June 17, 1975 to payment of a $250 fine within 90 days.


John Edward Forte, North Brunswick, N.J. Offense: Aiding and abetting possession with intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine. Sentenced Nov. 20, 2001 to 168 months in prison, five years supervised release and a $5,000 fine. Terms of commutation: Sentence of imprisonment to expire on Dec. 22, 2008, leaving intact and in effect the five year term of supervised release with all its conditions.

James Russell Harris, Detroit, Mich. Offense: Conspiracy to aid and abet the distribution of cocaine, attempted money laundering,aiding and abetting the attempted distribution of cocaine, conspiracy to affect interstate commerce by obtaining property under color of official right,attempt to affect interstate commerce by obtaining property under color of official right. Sentenced May 10, 1993 to 360 months in prison, five years supervised release and a $50,000 fine. Terms of clemency grant: Unpaid balance of fine remitted; sentence of imprisonment commuted to expire on Dec. 22, 2008, leaving intact and in effect the five year term of supervised release with all its conditions save the obligation to satisfy the unpaid balance of the fine.

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Economic tumble worse than expected in 3rd quarter (AP)
Britain begins national identity card plan (AP)
Over 50,000 homeowners in NYS face foreclosure
PAPER: Is Britain going bankrupt?

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Death of Money

The Death of Money
Deflation or Hyperinflation

by Douglas V. Gnazzo, Honey Money Report November 24, 2008
“The fate of the nation and the fate of the currency are one and the same.” Abstract

Although I have written on this subject before Honest Money: Scylla & Charybdis: The Scourge of Mankind, I would like to revisit the topic, as it has once again become a popular theme. A financial crisis is occurring around the world. Few seem to know why or how to fix it. This paper attempts to answer these questions. First, some definitions are in order.

Inflation is an increase in the supply of money (quantity) over and above the demand for money. A loss of purchasing power or value of money follows.

Deflation is a decrease in the quantity of money (supply) below the demand for money. An increase in the purchasing power or value of money follows.

Either inflation or deflation is constantly occurring in the marketplace as the value of money never remains fixed. It is rare for monetary deflation to occur. Inflation dominates in a world of paper fiat money. This is easily illustrated by the Federal Reserve’s inflation calculator, which shows the dollar losing 96% of its purchasing power since the Fed was created in 1913.

The last period of significant deflation occurred during the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Our monetary system had just come off the gold standard. To compare present times with the 1930’s is comparing apples to oranges. Coming off the gold standard involved the dissolution of complex inter-market dynamics that throws meaningful comparisons out the window.

Purchasing Power

Loss of purchasing power is crucial in understanding today’s financial crisis. Money is used as a medium of exchange to purchase other goods with. Purchasing power is literally the power that money has to purchase. The larger the quantity of goods that a unit of money can buy, the greater is its purchasing power; and the better off the consumer will be.

It is not the quantity or number of units of money that is important. What is important is the quantity of goods the unit of money can purchase. It is the quality of money (purchasing power) that is important. The greater the value of money the more goods it can buy.

The loss of purchasing power is better known as inflation. Inflation is a hidden tax that comes like a thief in the night and steals one’s wealth or power to purchase. It is more lethal than any form of direct tax such as income tax. If you were taxed 96% of your income you would be up in arms. Yet, inflation has stolen the same amount of purchasing power from you over the years.

A financial crisis is occurring around the world. What caused this crisis? The answer is simple: monetary inflation of epic proportions created by excess credit and debt issuance. The tons of paper money created fueled unsustainable bubbles in real estate, stocks, bonds, and commodities – a crack up boom, which has now gone bust.


Man produces and he consumes. When he produces more than he consumes he can save the excess production. This is known as savings or the accumulation of wealth (purchasing power). Money is saved for future use to transfer back into income when it is needed to buy things. There is a limit to what man can produce. Likewise, there is a limit to the excess production that can be saved over and above consumption.

This means the savings pool is limited. Credit is loaned from the savings pool; or should be in a sound monetary system. This in turn means that credit is limited – in a sound monetary system.However, in a world run by central bankers that believe in excess credit creation spurred on by diminishing interest rates and exotic credit derivatives, savings is actually discouraged – consumption and debt is pushed as the opiate of the people. Central bankers have embarked on a zero interest rate policy in a mad dash to hell. Currency devaluation is taking place at unprecedented levels. Money is being destroyed.

In a sound monetary system, as the savings pool is drawn down through lending, savings become scarcer. A higher rate of interest results to induce savers to part with their savings. In other words – the greater the demand for credit – the greater is the rate of interest. This puts a natural check on the amount of credit extended. In today’s new world order we have just the opposite: greater extension of credit by lower and lower interest rates. This is misguided monetary policy of the highest order. It will end badly if not fixed. There are answers.

Highway to Hell

Savings are at historical record LOWS – yet debt levels are at historical record HIGHS. Interest rates are hitting record LOWS. How can this be? This is not a natural order; it is a man made or contrived order – a new world order: wealth transference from the many to the few. Perhaps this is why there is a credit crisis. Perhaps this is why the U.S. has gone from the greatest creditor nation in the world to the greatest debtor nation.

Total debt in the United States is $53 TRILLION dollars, which is almost 500% of net national income. We owe foreign entities 12.5 trillion or 24% of the total. Does this sound like our standard of living is increasing or decreasing?

We have come to a fork in the road. Ludwig von Mises stated: "There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit (debt) expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit (debt) expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved."

The first alternative is deflation. The second is hyperinflation. Welcome to the new world order, where debt is money and money debt.

Many believe that central bankers have unlimited powers, that they can conjure up not only the supply of money, but the demand for it as well. This is a grave mistake – an illusion of intended consequence.

The Fed is able to increase the money supply, but they cannot determine exactly how or where it will be used in the economy. In a falling interest rate environment the action is in the bond market. The bond market sucks up the badly needed capital that should be flowing to the producing sector of the economy.

Although interest rates are falling, businesses find it difficult to pay off debt borrowed at higher rates. The bond market mugs the productive sector. As interest rates fall, the value of debt rises. If it continues for too long, businesses are forced to liquidate or go bankrupt. We are witnessing this occurring at an alarming rate around the world. These are classic examples of mal-investments gone astray.

Markets and asset prices have been distorted by excess credit and money creation. Global asset prices are mispriced, and this is especially true of the huge toxic wasteland of debt derivatives: about $600 trillion just on the books of the BIS. No one knows how much has occurred on the OTC market, as there is no transparency reporting requirements made public.

Stuff needs to be re-priced. Markets need to be settled. The problem is no one knows what (if anything) the stuff is worth. That’s why certain assets are illiquid – no one wants them. The Fed and the Treasury are now the lender and buyer of last resort – robbing Peter to pay Paul. This is simply wealth transference. The productive sector of the economy is being pillaged and plundered by the financial sector via structured finance. Capital is looted from the former and given to the latter.

In a paper fiat system the supply of money tends to increase more than the demand for it. In other words – monetary inflation is the “norm.” Bernanke has said that the Fed has the ability to create as much money as needed. This means that an unlimited supply of money is paired off against a limited demand for money, even if demand is increasing.

As monetary inflation occurs, debasement of the currency takes place and loss of purchasing power results. Our money is continually becoming worth less and less. It requires more units of money to buy the same amount of goods. Because more units of money (supply) are needed, the demand for money increases. Bernanke has said: no problem, we will create all the money you want.

As the money supply (quantity) increases to keep up with the rising demand for money, even more purchasing power is lost, which requires further units of money (supply) to make up for the loss of purchasing power; and the cycle keeps repeating. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of currency devaluation and destruction.

Soon it is discovered that the purchasing power of money is falling faster than the demand for money is rising. What was an unlimited supply of money meeting a limited demand for money suddenly becomes an unlimited demand for money meeting a limited supply of money. Money cannot be created fast enough to make up for the loss of purchasing power.

Suddenly interest rates start to rise, as do prices. But the rise in interest rates does not support the currency. The purchasing power of the currency falls in spite of higher interest rates. Slowly panic sets in. People can’t spend their money fast enough – before it loses more purchasing power. The race to hell begins.

Now the monetary beast of inflation turns upon itself: suddenly what was an unlimited demand for money meeting a limited (although ever-increasing) supply of money, now becomes no demand for money, as the market correctly perceives that no amount (quantity) of money can make up for the loss of purchasing power (quality) destroyed by the debasement of the currency.

The gig is up. The fraud is seen for what it is. The currency is no longer accepted as the common medium of exchange. The use of the currency ends. The creature destroys itself by suicide – by hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is the death-knell of paper fiat debt-money.

Staring Into the Abyss

Deflation and hyperinflation are different in form, but are identical in substance – two sides of the razor sharp edge of debt. On either side lies the abyss. Deflation destroys debt through defaults and bankruptcies, hyperinflation by debasement and loss of purchasing power.

Which fork in the road will the economy take? One thing is certain: the decision is no longer in the hands of the producers as it should be. It now rests with the financial sector – the bond market: the debt market. In paper fiat land we live and breathe and have our being in a world of debt.

History is replete with bouts of deflation and hyperinflation. One distinction that history shows, however, is that hyperinflation ends the life of a currency – it no longer is accepted as the medium of exchange. Although deflation is wrought with pain and suffering, defaults, bankruptcies, job losses, depressions, etc.; the currency is not destroyed. The slate of debt is wiped clean and the game begins anew. Deflation prolongs the life of the currency; hyperinflation destroys the currency. The first allows the game to continue. The second ends the game. Bernanke and company have said that they will not allow deflation to occur. The only way to stop deflation or hyperinflation is to stop the inflation that comes first. Since the day the Fed was created it has repeatedly increased the supply of money. Subsequently, inflation has been baked into the cake.

If Bernanke holds true to his word then the Fed is going to attempt to stave off deflation by increasing the supply of money via inflation, which means further devaluation and loss of purchasing power for the U.S. dollar.

The Fed is going to try to walk the high wire act above the bottomless pit. The odds are against them winning such a dangerous game. Delicate balance and a deft touch are required. One wrong move can tip the scale in either direction.

Asset deflation is presently occurring. The Fed has responded by increasing their balance sheet 125%. There is more to come. Once the new credit plugs the hole in the dam of asset deflation – the increase supply building up will cause greater pressure until the dam finally bursts.

At the rate things are going a new cycle of excess credit creation will filter through the economy later in 2009, precipitating the final leg up of monetary inflation run out of control. Hyperinflation may be here by 2010. If and when it hits, the death of money will not be far behind. Steps need to be taken now – before it’s too late. The clock is running out.

The cause of the financial crisis is the paper fiat money system itself; and all the baggage it brings with it: inflation, debasement of the currency, mal-investment, devaluation, and loss of purchasing power. It is nothing more than a wealth transference mechanism that takes from the many and gives to the few.

I have written a book titled Honest Money that explains the history of our monetary system and how the Constitution mandates that our money is gold and silver coin – not paper money. The Constitution even goes out of its way to disallow paper money (bills of credit).

The answer to the financial crisis is a monetary system of gold and silver coin as mandated by the U.S. Constitution. Nothing less will affect any change in the present mayhem. Free samples of the book are available both in audio and text at my website: Honest Money Gold & Silver Report.

Come visit the website: Honest Money Gold & Silver Report

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