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Friday, July 31, 2009

People Change, Right? Not Ron Paul (1988)

Big Finale Archive Available Tonight, Host: Jeff Radt, Guest: King Wells

The Archive is up for tonight's broadcast. Excellent Show!

After Thoughts On Thursday's Acceleration Radio...

That was a ton of fun to host Acceleration Radio on Thursday. Nick Redfern was phenomenal and even though he is not a Christian, much of his research, I believe, proves to be compelling residue that all of these beings are, in fact, the same type of entity. I think those points were made quite well on the program. I can't wait to have him back some time... he's a great guest.

Nick's research knows no limits, he looks into everything from Bigfoot to UFOs. It was interesting news to hear about his upcoming book that there are top secret groups in the government who are convinced that aliens are demons and that these demons use a form of technology that is advanced to what we know and that they have the ability to 'conjure' up this technology (like Jesus creating more bread from a limited source of bread).

We see from past societies that had direct contact with the 'gods' that they had certain similar characteristics. The Egyptians, Babylonians, Aztecs, Mayans and Incas all shared:

- Advanced science and technology

- participated in animal and human sacrifices at a frenzied pace

- believed they had acquired metaphysical knowledge from the 'gods' who came from the stars and also the subterranean level of the earth- and we have proof in their drawings...

- their cultures disintegrated and abruptly became extinct (warning, America)

Many of these feared entities who visited these peoples were described as looking like winged reptilians or dragons.

There is, indeed, a supernatural tie in or parallel with the whole UFO movement, too. Dr. Richard Boylan writes that many who find themselves involved in UFO/ alien sightings/ abductions have similarities, such as: a high degree of psychic ability, similar phenomenon occuring to other family members, children who have been subjected to severe abuse or trauma, individuals affiliated to government and/or military intelligence or military departments.

In conjunction, a strong relationship exists between occultic ritual sites, top secret military installations and UFO/ alien sightings and abductions. A prime example is DARPA which is in Dulce, New Mexico in an underground complex on the Jicarella Indian Reservation- a region known for Native American shamanism. Of course, there are rumors of different breeds of aliens existing in this underground base. Don't know if it's true.

Nick admitted on the program that where and when there are Bigfoot or Mothman sightings, there are also UFO sightings as well as occultic activity. Fascinating. It all does seem to fit...when you have a Biblical worldview.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friday Night On The Big Finale: Host: Jeffrey Radt

Jeffrey Radt will be hosting tomorrow's edition of The Big Finale at 7pm Pacific/ 10pm Eastern. Jeffrey is the webmaster/ blogger at - I know he will have more info on tomorrow's show on his blog.

Thanks to all who listened to Acceleration Radio tonight!

I'm Pretty Sure This Video Of Alex Jones Has Been Retouched...

My Brother Brent Says He Found The Perfect Job For Me. Seriously.

I hope he's kidding ...?

New Link To Hear Acceleration Radio Live Tonight at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Re: Acceleration Radio

In the 11th hour, it appears that tomorrow night's show is up in the air.... due to the fallout between host Steve Quayle and producer Steve Melching (who is the Acceleration Radio producer), there is impact to Acceleration Radio.

I hope to have an update regarding tomorrow night's show but I suspect I won't know until Thursday - more than likely, with a new link for you to access the show.

Sorry for the confusion. It is beyond our control.

Welcome Ta Phoenix... Pick Yer Buildin'

'We need the money'...


Since the 1940's the U.S. government has quietly engaged one of its key defense and intelligence agency contractors as a secret UFO "think tank." New investigation reveals that the esteemed RAND Corporation is a "think tank" that has given far more than "passing thought" to things extraterrestrial.

RAND's hidden history of UFO involvement has been discovered to include work in policy analysis; evaluation of evidence and in advising on the potential technological advantages achieved from UFO study. Telling connections have also been found between RAND and the Roswell crash event of 1947.


RAND Corporation was established in 1946 by the U.S Army Air Force as Project RAND ( for Research ANd Development) and is today registered as a nonprofit organization. It is funded through government contracts, university collaborators and by "private donors." RAND's primary agency clients include the CIA and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.)

Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA the think tank maintains branches worldwide. RAND's stated mission is to "help to improve policy and decision making through objective research and analysis." Its work is officially conducted "for the public welfare and security of the United States of America."

Over 30 Nobel Prize winners have been employed by RAND. From physics to economics, the 2000 person think tank provides high-level information and evaluation to the U.S. government. Deeper review shows that RAND has conducted studies in such areas as weapons development, intelligence gathering and analysis and the design of sensitive underground installations for the USAF.

Far more concealed is RAND's intimate involvement in highly classified UFO study for the U.S. government:


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thanks For The Recognition...

These are hardly accurate Top 10 or Top 40 lists. Nonetheless, it is nice to be acknowledged (although for me, I do not consider myself a 'blog person'...too many excel way past me in terms of blogging- my passion is hosting shows and making guests look as good as I possibly can - and I actually developed a system of how I do that but I digress). Anyway, it is still nice for the blog to be acknowledged however 'unofficial' it is.... Humble thanks!

Here is a post where someone lists it as a Top 10 blog-- He writes: " Bruce writes the blog and does some podcasts that blend politics, promotions and faith. It’s kind of like politics and NPR and church all rolled into one…?"


Here is another one, called Blogs Top 40: Somehow when I post a story here, it ends up there in a revolving post section.

Also, special thanks to a company I highly respect, JEREMIAH FILMS, has put my blog posts in their revolving news links. THANKS !

Thanks also to all of you!

By the way, just a reminder, Jeffrey Radt, co-host of The Big Finale and webmaster extraordinaire at the highly popular, will be hosting The Big Finale this Friday night at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST. I will post a reminder as we get closer to the broadcast.

Keep cool!

A Promise To Declare And Meditate On

Isaiah 46:4

Even to your old age and gray hairs

I am (God), I am He who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

More On Acceleration Radio's Guest This Thursday: Nick Redfern

Nick has appeared on more than 60 TV shows to promote his books and his research. In the late summer of 2004 he traveled to Puerto Rico for two weeks with a film team from the Sci-Fi Channel’s series, Proof Positive, to make a documentary about the Chupacabras. He appeared on the MSNBC show Countdown with Keith Olbermann on February 9, 2005. He also traveled to Puerto Rico in September 2005 to make a show about the Chupacabras for Canada’s Space Channel. He has lectured at a variety of conferences, including the Laughlin UFO Congress (in 1998 and 2001); the Mutual UFO Network Conference in 2004; the Aztec UFO Conference in 2003; the Texas Bigfoot Research Conference in 2004; at numerous events for the British-based UFO Magazine between 1997 and 2000 (now closed); and at the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas (in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006).

His new book is "There's Something In The Woods!"

Acceleration Radio airs at 8pm Eastern/ 5pm Pacific. You can listen at .

House Intelligence Subcommittee's Investigation of CIA Activities (Interesting Read)...


Congress remains completely in the dark about the activities taking place under a secret program and is being lied to regarding when the program began. Most importantly, these proceedings must be pursued with a genuine desire for change and this requires disclosure. Congress cannot continue to legislate from a position of ignorance.
The program has been active for over a decade. Media reports including a recent New York Times article1 have stated “Several members of Congress said the program, begun in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, involved creating a capability that was never used”. I wish to make perfectly clear that this claim is erroneous. Contract personnel whom I have communicated with have been under contract to develop “The Program” technology since 1989, it was viable in 1994 as demonstrated in a documented feasibility trial2, and portions were mature and refined when George W. Bush was inaugurated in 2000.

In addition to being deceptive about when the program was initiated, the program has not been discontinued or terminated.

The 1960's era CIA MKULTRA program for example existed for over 10 years in a research phase, used secret funding mechanisms, was exempt from audit, and only surfaced years later as a result of a commission established by Congress in the wake of the Nixon Watergate scandal. This exemplifies the necessity for this commission. The current secret CIA program similarly has existed for over a decade, and is currently funding secret activities through the Department of
Veterans Affairs and funds are being dispersed to CIA/OMS personnel.

UFO Digest (?) Revisits The Spear of Destiny

Bruce Note: If the Spear of Destiny possesses any kind of power, it would be a relic with a dark power. There are many types of objects in the world that carry this type of evil power- mostly statuettes/ idols. In some foreign countries, many statues have holes in the back of their 'heads'- this was to allow the spirit to possess the idol while it was being worshipped.

The Spear of Destiny

The story…… the legend…...the truth.

The Biblical story is told in only two verses Matthew 27:54; 64.

The Roman governor Pilate had sent a Roman Centurion and soldiers to escort Jesus to Golgotha and to crucify him. Since a Centurion was commander of a Century or 100 men, that is likely the size of the escorting force. Pilate was taking no chances that a mob would seize Jesus and tear him to pieces, or that his followers would try to rescue him. The Bible clearly records that one of the ordinary soldiers thrust his spear into Jesus side, not the Centurion. The blood and water that poured out of Jesus side is not a miracle, but an explainable medical fact.

The Legend begins there.

There are many authors recounting the legend of the spear. Wikipedia gives a brief synopsis of the story and many references.

The book "The Spear of Destiny" by Ravenscroft gives the story of how the spear shaped the events of the 20th century through the nightmare of Hitler's Occult Reich.

The Book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" traces both the spear and the search for the Grail down through the centuries. I have both in my library and they are extraordinary.

Most of the versions have the Centurion Longinus being the one to thrust through Jesus with his spear. Some say that As Jesus blood poured over him, the blood changed him into an immortal wanderer who has lived among us in every generation, waiting for Jesus to return. Indeed many volumes have been written about that.

There is a long list of kings and princes that have lusted to possess the spear and have shed rivers of blood to hold it in their hands. It does seem to have a mystical, occult power. Little good and much evil have been done by those who have possessed it; as it has possessed them. The ordinary man has been slain by his thousands of thousands; their Princes reigned briefly, covered by their blood. It is a true proverb that most Princes have been merely successful thugs and gangsters.

Canadian Bank Asks For Urine / Hair Samples To Obtain Mortgage!

SASKATOON - It has become a first for Canadians and the implications can be astronomical, a massively large insurance firm; The CUMIS Group Limited Insurance who have been partnered along with thousands of 'credit unions' across North America for insurance requirements, has now accepted a policy of pre-screening drug tests & hair samples for the right to obtain home loan insurance, a necessity, if you’re going to purchase a home in Canada.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Promo Post: The Many Books of Nick Redfern, My Guest This Thursday On Acceleration Radio (More On Nick As We Get Closer)

One of the scariest interviews I ever did on The Big Finale. I will be interviewing him this Thursday on Acceleration Radio- for an easy way to listen to Acceleration Radio- go here:
Nick is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM and has appeared on several Discovery Channel documentaries. He spends a great deal of time trotting the globe in search of cryto-zoological beings... often in the dead of night. He truly has earned his title, Monster Hunter.

Washington Post Removes Mask of "Transparency" To Reveal Itself As Bully Pulpit For The Federal Reserve

THE FEDERAL Reserve Board's independence is a bit like the judiciary's independence. Absolutely vital for the institution's proper functioning, it nevertheless depends on Congress and the president to respect decisions with which they disagree. In such cases, the best protection for either the Supreme Court or the Fed is to stay strictly within its legally prescribed authority and to act according to principled criteria: legal ones for the justices, technical economic ones for the central bank.

Which brings us to the proposed Federal Reserve Transparency Act, sponsored by anti-Fed crusader Ron Paul (R-Tex.) in the House and socialist Bernard Sanders (I-Vt.) in the Senate. In the name of open government, it would subject the Fed's decisions to a full-blown audit by the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress. Though the bill has attracted 276 co-sponsors in the House and 17 in the Senate, it is wrongheaded in the extreme. By opening up the Fed's most sensitive interest rate and credit policies to public second-guessing, the bill would create a risk -- real and perceived -- of monetary policy bent to suit congressional overseers. This would destroy financial markets' faith in the Fed and, by extension, the value of the U.S. dollar, just as surely as a political "audit" of the Supreme Court's deliberations would undercut public faith in the justice system.

-- This last sentence is rich like a frosted Sugar Cookie! Interestingly enough, these are the very problems we are having NOW with no audit of the Federal Reserve!?!

Friday Night's Big Finale with guests, Paul and Phillip Collins, is now available in archive and on iTunes!

Politics, God and Us

Excellent article (original post comes by way of Bob Morley's blog but link posted by "Late Night Lisa" on L.A. Marzulli's blog, )

So what are we as believers to do if Satan and his demons and their earthly minions are going to continue to advance evil in this world until Jesus returns to physically reign as King and do away with them all?

We are to press into our Lord with everything we can, and try to stay as close to Him as possible throughout each and every day. We are to do all in our power to thwart evil as much as possible in our personal situations as well as in the public arena of politics. We are to strive to bring every person we come in contact with into the saving knowledge of the Gospel. And we are to ask and trust Jesus to guide us every minute of every day in our individual lives.

Beyond that we should remember that “Their destiny is destruction, their glory is in their shame. But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await our savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.” Phillippians 3:19-20.

CIA "Ghost Flights" To Be Revealed

Confidential documents showing the flight plans of a CIA "ghost plane" allegedly used to transfer a British resident to secret interrogation sites around the world are to be made public. The move comes after a Sussex-based company accused of involvement in extraordinary rendition dropped its opposition to a case against it being heard in court.

Lawyers bringing the case against Jeppesen UK on behalf of the former Guantánamo Bay detainee, Binyam Mohamed, claimed last night the climbdown had wide-ranging legal implications that could help expose which countries and governments knew the CIA was using their air bases to spirit terrorist suspects around the world.

Jeppesen UK, a division of the Jeppesen Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boeing, is alleged to have provided a range of services that allowed planes owned by shell companies operating on behalf of the CIA to fly suspected terrorists to "black sites"

Security Guard Alleges Former VP Cheney Saw 'Flying Saucers And Alien Bodies'

Around April 1991, Dick Cheney was taken inside a secret underground facility located in a remote area in Nevada adjacent to Nellis Air Force base to view captured flying saucers and dead extraterrestrial bodies. The startling claims were made by a former security guard at the facility who in October 1991 gave his testimony on video. The guard had documents and photos supporting his claims of working on the secret facility called S-4.

The guard, Derek Hennessy, used the pseudonym Connor O’Ryan in giving his testimony in a set of interviews with Lt Col Wendelle Stevens (USAF, ret.) and his associate Gem Cox. O’Ryan/Hennessy claims he had worked for 8/9 years as a Navy SEAL and performed various covert operations. He said that 18 of these missions were assassinations sanctioned by the CIA or other agencies. During the last nine months of his military service in 1991, he worked at the remote S-4 facility which had stringent security procedures. It appeared that the isolation and security at S-4 helped assassins hide their trail after missions.

O’Ryan/Hennessy described his work on the second level of the S-4 facility. S-4 employed approximately 75 personnel on levels 1 and 2. He said he was aware of a further two levels of the facility, but was never allowed to enter levels 3 and 4. He said that approximately 12-15 personnel worked at Levels 3 & 4. His primary duty was to guard the elevators to them which required three keys, a thumbprint and a retinal scan to open.

O’Ryan/Hennessy described the hangar facilities on level two for storing the seven flying saucers retrieved from various crash sites. There were ten hangar bays in total. The facility was described as “the museum” suggesting it was designed to store advanced extraterrestrial technologies that had been superceded. He revealed how one or more of the flying saucers would be raised to the surface for a flight test. This would only occur when no Russian or other spy satellites were passing overhead. All testing would stop when satellites were detected.

He also described seven tubes with bodies of extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) typically described as Grays. A biologist would regularly check the fluids to maintain the right temperature and fluid mix to maintain the bodies. In addition to the photos he showed to two witnesses, O’Ryan/ Hennessy drew pictures in his taped interview describing the facilities.

Miracle Baby Keeps Beating Odds...

8:40pm Sunday 26th July 2009

By Amanda Williams »


THE mother of a premature baby given hours to live has spoken of her pride and relief in watching her son defeat the odds – and even dodge swine flu – as she prepares to celebrate his first birthday.

Jardell Townsend weighed just 2 lb when he was born four months early, in August last year.

The baby boy from Headington developed post haemorrhagic hydrocephalus – fluid on the brain which causes the skull to swell – and further complications, including chronic lung disease, coliform on the lungs and epilepsy.

But despite bleak predictions from doctors at the John Radcliffe Hospital, who told his mother Hailey to say her final goodbyes to him three times, Jardell has battled through.

Now, despite being in a high-risk category, he has managed to escape infection after his sister contracted swine flu.

Miss Townsend, 25, who lives in Wharton Road with her four children, said: “They said he wouldn’t live past 24 hours – but he did.

“They said he’d never, ever be able to drink from his bottle, but now he’s drinking from his bottle every day and he can hold his rattle and everything.

“They said he’d be completely paralysed on his left hand side, but now he is moving there.

“And they said he would be completely brain damaged – but for the first time recently, we managed to make him laugh.”

Last week, Miss Townsend’s five-year-old daughter Emily contracted swine flu and the family were quarantined, although she has since made a full recovery.

Miss Townsend said: “My little girl was very ill. She stopped breathing at one point and started convulsing – I was so worried about her.

“They told me if Jardell got swine flu he could potentially die, but luckily the doctor gave him Tamiflu immediately and he has even managed to battle against that.”

When the Oxford Mail first told Jardell’s story, in January, several readers called in and offered to make him hats to keep his swollen head warm.

Miss Townsend is beginning preparations for a first birthday party for her ‘miracle baby’ on August 27.

She said: “I wondered whether to have one, because he’s so tiny, he’s still wearing a three-month-old’s clothes.

“But he wasn’t expected to live this long, so we want to make sure it really is a celebration.”

-- The only thing that has kept this miracle baby alive is God. God has sustained this child's life, protected him from swine flu, restores him. As adults, we must remember that it is God who put us here and the fact that we are still here is because we have not fulfilled our role. When it is time for us to go, that is when we will go. Despite all of the threats and disturbances along the way that make you believe you may not make it another day, if you are supposed to be here, you will be here. Likewise, to see all the problems in the world and not believe in His ability to change the situation through you, does not speak to faith in the One who gave you life.

Mysterious Predators Devour Goat Herds in Namibia

Unknown creatures that reportedly devour and suck blood from livestock are haunting villagers at Onheleiwa, Oidiva and Oikango of Ongwediva constituency.

Over 20 goats have been killed at Onheleiwa and Oidiva villages and an unknown number at Oikango, where the situation is said to be worse.

Villagers are convinced that the creatures have something to do with witchcraft. They are now accusing an elderly man who has a house at Onheleiwa village and his sister who has a house at Oikango village of being the owners of these strange, blood-sucking beasts.

Oshana Police spokesperson, Christina Fonsech, said the police were called at Onheleiwa last week where they followed the creatures’ footprints.According to her, the creatures’ footprints are bigger than a dog’s footprints, and police could not identify the creatures.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How Rich Are We?

One day a father and his rich family took his son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose to show him how poor people can be.

They spent a day and a night on the farm of a very poor family.

When they got back from their trip, the father asked his son, "How was the trip?"

"Very good Dad!"

"Did you see how poor people can be?" the father asked.


"And what did you learn?"

The son answered, "I saw that we have a dog at home, and they have four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of the garden; they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lamps in the garden; they have the stars.Our patio reaches to the front yard; they have a whole horizon."

When the little boy was finished, his father was speechless.

His son added, "Thanks, Dad, for showing me how 'poor' we are!"

Isn't it true that it all depends on the way you look at things?

You can't buy any of these things.

You may have all the material possessions you can imagine, provisions for the future, etc.; but if you are poor of spirit, you have nothing!

1 Timothy 6:17 (GNB) "Command those who are rich in the things of this life not to be proud, but to place their hope, not in such an uncertain thing as riches, but in God, who generously gives us everything for our enjoyment."

Sounds Like A Plan

Hillary Clinton Admits CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Control Of Obama Administration

Thank you very much, Richard, and I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the mother ship in New York City, but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.

And this speech is on the State Department's website FOR ALL TO SEE:

(by the way, many of you know- Richard HAAS was an advisor to the darling of the Christian Right, Mike Huckabee- something to think about!)

FEMA "Death" Cars For Sale On Amazon

What does concern me at this point are the situations going on in the United States that would propel the country into martial law.

Amazing 3D Projection in Germany (Incredible Technology)

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

Mind-blowing 3-D projection on German building created by UrbanScreen:

The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture - the theoretic conception and visual pattern of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The Basic idea of narration was to dissolve and break through the strict architecture of O. M. Ungers “Galerie der Gegenwart”. Resultant permeabilty of the solid facade uncovers different interpretations of conception, geometry and aesthetics expressed through graphics and movement. A situation of reflexivity evolves - describing the constitution and spacious perception of this location by means of the building itself.

During the election, some people speculated that the Anti-Christ would use CNN's hologram type technology to show himself to the world. This little building display shows that this type of 'magic' is visually remarkable. No telling what HAARP technology can do on a large scale (if it can do what it is allegedly capable of doing)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eliot Spitzer Admits: The Fed(eral Reserve) Is A Ponzi Scheme"

Eliot Spitzer: "The Fed is a Ponzi scheme, an inside job, it is outrageous, it is time for congress to say enough of this"

I didn't know where Dylan Ratigan had gone since he left CNBC (I don't get MSNBC)- now I know! By the way, what do you think about that sign that he flashes at 5:23?

How are we doing?

Almost nobody talks about this...but did you realize that when you carry debt on your credit card, you are subsidizing the New World Order (your potential future enslavement)?- because that credit is pure profit for the banksters- the next time you want to charge, consider this!

New Crop Circle

Smeathe's Plantation near Ogbourne Down Gallop, Wiltshire.
Reported 24th July.

Patrick Wood (Upcoming Guest On Acceleration Radio) Asks, Constitutional Crisis Looming?

The inflam­ma­tory issue of Bar­rack Obama’s birth cer­tifi­cate is gath­ering steam across America: Was he or was he not born in the United States?

If he was born any­where other than on Amer­ican soil, then his pres­i­dency is inval­i­dated. Why? The Con­sti­tu­tion of the United States point­edly requires that the Pres­i­dent be a nat­ural born citizen.

Defusing the issue would be easy: Obama could simply pro­vide a legit­i­mate and com­plete birth cer­tifi­cate proving his birth loca­tion. Not only has he stub­bornly refused to do so, but he has spent sev­eral mil­lion dol­lars in legal fees to thwart var­ious cit­izen law­suits that demand proper disclosure.

Obama has also legally cloaked records that could poten­tially sup­port or dis­credit his cit­i­zen­ship claims, like school records and tran­scripts from Har­vard and Occi­dental Col­lege. Some inves­ti­ga­tors sus­pect that he may have applied for admis­sion as a for­eign student.

The pack of critics (called “birthers” by Obama defenders) is get­ting larger by the day. Lou Dobbs and Rush Lim­baugh are both talking about it. WorldNet Daily devoted an entire issue of Whistle­Blower Mag­a­zine to it. Lawyers have filed dozens of law­suits. Mil­i­tary offi­cers are chal­lenging poten­tially illegal orders to be deployed to combat zones over­seas. Left-wing orga­ni­za­tions are being drawn into vocal oppo­si­tion, thus stir­ring the pot even more.

As the battle heats up, the attacks on the “birthers” by their detrac­tors (mostly left-wing) is taking on a familiar pat­tern. The former are being being ruth­lessly ridiculed, scorned and mar­gin­al­ized as the “lunatic fringe.”

So far, nei­ther side has blinked. Nei­ther is willing to give an inch. The battle lines have been drawn.

Herein lies the problem.

Bar­rack Obama’s approval rating is already drop­ping like a rock and the public is more sharply polar­ized than ever.

After just six months in office, Obama has fared worse than even Jimmy Carter in 1976, whose out­ra­geous acts had enraged the Amer­ican public like none before him. Carter had no chance of serving a second term.
Many Democ­rats have already pulled away from Obama, fearing that he is a) too far to the left or b) pur­suing a nar­cis­sistic agenda that leaves them out of the picture.
Obama should have balked during his cam­paign when sup­porters and his cap­tive media com­pared him to the Mes­siah. Every­body hailed Jesus Christ when he appeared in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, but less than three days later, they demanded his execution.
Per­haps Obama was con­vinced by his han­dlers that nobody would care about this nat­ural born cit­izen thing. Or, per­haps they con­vinced him that he could get away with it even if they did care.
What Obama may not know is that these same han­dlers might soon offer him up as a cheap sac­ri­fice in order to force a Con­sti­tu­tional crisis.
Why? Because it would almost cer­tainly require a Con­sti­tu­tional Con­ven­tion to straighten out the mess. Every Pres­i­den­tial act would be inval­i­dated. Civil unrest would be ram­pant. Chaos would reign, and chaos is the desired envi­ron­ment for the powers behind Obama.
With every passing day that the birth issue is not resolved in Obama’s favor, the odds will per­sis­tently increase that a Con­sti­tu­tional crisis will soon unfold, and that America will be polar­ized like never before in history.
-Patrick Wood
Jeffrey Radt, co-host of the Big Finale, also has an informative blog post discussing this very problem, right here:

Is It 2003 All Over Again?

Is it June or late September?
Is it the year 2003?
Would you help me to remember?
Is this how it should be?

Ben Bernanke has triumphantly declared that we are living in another age of the "jobless recovery." Alan Greenspan before him similarly proclaimed the "jobless recovery" in the post-2001 recession world.

True enough, the economy did hum along without the return of jobs after 2001 but it came crashing down right around the end of 2007. What happened? A jobless recovery is nothing more than irresponsible money printing that causes the credit markets to lend (ultimately, speculatively- as we saw in the housing market) and this causes a 'rebound' of sorts. A jobless recovery. You just can't create the vital jobs and productivity if your manufacturing jobs are not there.

So, here we are again....and the results will be the same. Please do not believe the lie that this economy has recovered. This is merely an injection of liquidity.

The end result will be the same. This time, I do not believe the recovery will be a period of approximately 5 years. I think the 'recovery' may last a year and then come crashing down even harder.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Silencing the Saber-Rattling: How the American Empire Threatens the Potential Iranian Counter-Revolution

By Paul David Collins

John Loftus proved to be a treasure chest of information over the Middle East during an interview with this writer on March 21, 2009. In little over an hour, the former Justice Department prosecutor and former Army intelligence officer addressed the issues of postwar Nazi activity, the September 11 attacks, and fanaticism in the Arab world. The most fascinating information Loftus shared, however, concerns Iran.

The Central Eurasian Islamic Republic has been a hot topic for many observers of the international political landscape ever since Bush II referred to it as part of an “axis of evil” during his January 29, 2002 State of the Union speech. That speech helped create an absolutely schizophrenic political climate filled with saber-rattling and war-fever that has held sway for the last seven years. During that period of time, rumors of an invasion of Iran have periodically surfaced, causing people in both America and Iran to oscillate between anxiety and sighs of relief. Former CIA case officer Robert Baer has referred to Iran as “the third rail of American foreign policy in the world” (Interview: Robert Baer). It is the country that every administration has dared not touch since 1979. With Iran on the verge of possessing a nuclear power program, however, avoidance may no longer be an option. What will be Iran’s fate? For Loftus, the tide of history will soon make an invasion of Iran completely unnecessary.

Are These The FEMA Trains? (By The Way, Not Completely Sure...But They Do Look Similar)

I do not know conclusively if these are the FEMA train pictures that were started at the Q Files site...but they are most definitely similar. I am all for truthful news and sometimes I get news here that I believe is truthful, only it turns out that it is not- and I am the first to let you know. But, if the sites where these pictures originate from (not referring to sites and forums that reposted it, nothing wrong with that) know they are perpetuating a fraud and know that fraud will go 'viral'- that is highly unethical in light of very real and serious attacks on our freedoms!

Just to reiterate, those who reposted this story did nothing wrong, in fact they reported the news as they should. My problem was that the Q Files really should have checked into the sources or not reported it as fact. The situation is too serious to let something like that come out, only to be proven as a fraud.

On American Soil (Barack's Backyard)

The Islamist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir al Islami (The Islamic Liberation Party or by the abbreviation HT), held a recruiting conference in Chicago on Sunday July 19. The title and theme of the conference was "The Fall of Capitalism, the Rise of Islam."

Hilton Hotel
Grand Ballroom
9333 South Cicero Avenue
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Sunday, July 19th 2009
11AM - 5 PM
Hizb ut-Tahrir America
Khilafah Conference 2009 - Fall of Capitalism & Rise of Islam

Website for the Conference

***Session 1: Failure of Capitalism***
Lecture 1: Capitalism is Doomed to Fail
Lecture 2: The Suffering Under Capitalism

***Session 2 : Islamic Perspective on Economy***
Lecture 1: How Wealth is Distributed Justly
Lecture 2: Life Under the Islamic Economic System

***Session 3 : Rise of Islam***
Lecture 1: Global Activism for Islamic Revival
Lecture 2: Role of Muslims in America

Interesting, isn't it? Because in a Muslim country, if you did the very same thing (pro-capitalist, anti- Islamist), you'd be beheaded!

According to this, America knows the HT is a very dangerous terrorist group! Yet, they are very openly operating and recruiting in Chicago! Why isn't the media all over this???

According to David Storobin, the HT is reaching into Russia and Uzbekistan. Here he writes:

As a wave of terrorist attacks swept Uzbekistan in spring 2004, the government of Uzbekistan immediately blamed "Wahhabis" and in particular, the clandestine Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami (HUT), or Party of Islamic Liberation, whose avowed aim is to create a worldwide Islamic caliphate. [20] HUT does not subscribe to Wahhabiyya, but the term Wahhabi has become the catch-all term for all Islamic extremists in Central Asia or even regular Uzbek opposition.

Also, he writes:

Hizb ut-Tahrir operates clandestinely in over 40 countries around the world, with members organized in cells of five to eight members each. Only a cell commander knows the next level of leadership, ensuring operational security. "Representatives" in Great Britain and Pakistan claim to speak for the organization but have no official address or legal office. Leadership for large regions (e.g., the former Soviet Union), countries, and local areas is kept secret.


Because of the terror network that has been established by the Taliban, Saudis, Egyptian and Palestinian fundamentalists, as well as others in Uzbekistan, the government cannot move towards democratic liberalization. Rather than building up its political institutions and economic system, Uzbekistan is stuck trying to fight terrorist organizations, such as Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan — and any other Islamist terrorist organization that chooses to set up bases in the country.

If we know that terrorist organizations are actively recruiting right under our noses in Obamaland, shouldn't our government be removing them from the premises??? Free speech is one thing, terrorism is another.

It's time the citizens of the United States wake up, look at what is going on in their country and rise up against it.

A Blogger Becomes Convinced: The International Banking Cartel Is The New World Order

My belief in the existence of the New World Order centers around the activities, actions and writings of the members of the elite (mostly Anglo-American) inside the international banking cartel - which of course includes the Rockefeller and Rothschild families – over roughly the last century.

This cartel, through their financing of two World Wars; the revolutions of Lenin/Stalin and Hitler, among others; the creation of the IMF, World Bank and other private "central banks" like the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England; as well as their backing of international organizations like the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization has sought to control not only the purse strings of the governments of the world, but also the policies, laws and programs that those governments and agencies implement.

Through their financing of both sides of wars (WWI and II, Cold War, War on Drugs, War on Terror, etc); their manufacture of financial crisis (Great Depression, the coming Greater Depression) and financing of ideological movements (eugenics/population control, feminism, communism, fascism, global warming, etc) the banking cartel has sought to undercut the political, economic and social sovereignty of nations around the world. As a result, their IMF, World Bank and other central bank proxies have managed to put nation after nation in massive debt to them. And as a result, they can further manipulate and control the governments (and citizens) of those nations to further enact their goal of a global government and banking system run - by them and for them - at the expense of all of humanity.

IMO, the New World Order is not a Jewish thing, it’s not a religious thing, it’s not even solely a money thing (although money is its greatest weapon). It instead is a control thing. The banking elite want to be able to control the globe and everyone in it.

You're Appointing Who? Please Obama, Say It's Not So!

The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar. This is no joke.

Here's the back story.

Motorist Has Near Collision With Bigfoot In Pennsylvania

A report of a possible Bigfoot encounter in Pennsylvania was received by the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia and was then referred to Eric Altman, the Director of the (PBS) Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society to investigate. The incident occurred on July 10, 2009, outside of Uniontown, in Fayette County.

On July 15, 2009, a team from the PBS traveled to the location where the reported Bigfoot encounter occurred to interview the witness and to look over the area for any possible physical evidence. The team was comprised of Eric Altman and PBS members Dave Dragosin and his wife Cindy. Eric also invited me to go along to participate in the investigation.

When we arrived on the scene, the witness and her husband were awaiting us. We went through our introductions, then walked over towards the roadway where the encounter had occurred. The location of the incident was on a two lane roadway outside of Uniontown.

It was about 6 P.M. when the event occurred, and the weather was warm and clear at the time. The witness was driving down the road about 35-40 mph, when suddenly, she caught out of the corner of her eye, a figure coming from the left side and approaching her. Her first thought was that a person was about to walk out in front of her car, and she was about to hit the subject.

She suddenly swerved over to the right side of the road, and was thankful that nobody was there. As she was making the turn, she got a good look at the figure, and suddenly realized that it was not a person, but a strange creature. As she sat there for a moment, she looked into her rear view mirror, and realized that the creature had gotten behind her car. “I looked into the rear view mirror and I saw it leap across my trunk.”

The US Postal Service- Going Bankrupt?

The postal unions are raising red flags, and using the "D" (default) word to bring attention to a gap in the forward funding of their retirement benefits which they see coming in the autumn.

Most federal agencies pay their retirement costs as they are incurred. The Postal Service pre-funds their projected retirement benefit costs a few years in advance.

The issue here with the unions is a bit bigger than just the September preparyment. The Postal Service has funds set aside for future retirement costs in a way that is similar to Social Security. Indeed, one might think of this system as their version of Social Security.

There is about $32 billion set aside (on paper) for their needs. The unions would like the postal service to get access to that money now. Think of it as taking the Social Security Trust Fund out of the Treasury and making it available for management by some private entity now.

What's the issue? Since the system has been in place for so long, and only now is such a fuss being raised, there is an obvious fear on the part of the Postal Employees of a government default and a devaluation of their pension fund, along with Social Security.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday Night On The Big Finale- Guests: Paul and Phillip Collins, 7pm Pacific LIVE

The Collins Brothers will join me this Friday Night to unravel the current and covert foreign policy in Iran. They are the authors of "The Ascendancy of The Scientific Dictatorship" and their excellent website is

Join us at at 7pm Pacific time/ 10pm Eastern.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Demons, UFOs and strange voices

The beliefs of John Keel and Lou Gentile, two high-profile US investigators of the paranormal who died in recent weeks, suggest that reality is far more bizarre than most of us dare imagine. And demonology, in various guises, was central to those beliefs.

To many people, John Keel was simply a UFO researcher or ufologist. That may have been true at the start of this highly competent investigative journalist’s quest, but while others readily subscribed to the extraterrestrial hypothesis to explain UFO sightings, Keel soon took a very different approach.

For him, there were too many puzzling aspects of UFO reports, such as associated sightings of strange creatures, to accept the simplistic view of aliens in space ships.

Instead, Keel concluded that UFOs and the creatures that sometimes seemed to be associated with them, emanated from somewhere closer to home: another dimension which occasionally interacted with our physical world.

It was possibly a strange, nether world peopled by demons and other strange creatures, including Mothman – the subject of Keel’s 1975 study The Mothman Prophecies which was made into a movie in 2002. It was a theme he explored in some of his other books, including Our Haunted Planet and The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings. It was Keel who also coined the phrase “Men In Black” to describe the strange visitors who reportedly attempted to silence UFO investigators.

A follower of Charles Fort, the collector of oddities, Keel (real name Alva John Kiehle) preferred to be described as a Fortean rather than a ufologist, and came to the conclusion that UFO-like objects and apparitions “do not necessarily originate on another planet and may not even exist as permanent constructions of matter. It is more likely that we see what we want to see and interpret such visions according to our contemporary beliefs.”

But Keel, who died in New York on 3 July, at the age of 79, also declared: “Ufology is just another name for demonology.”

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've Been Given The Nod By Lynn And Will Be Hosting Acceleration Radio One Week Earlier On July 30th

Lynn has graciously asked me to host Acceleration Radio on July 30th while he takes a much needed break. I do not know exactly who my guest will be... yet. Nonetheless, I have opened my humongous, dust covered book of guests to see who will be available for this night. Stay tuned for more information (Lynn WILL be hosting Acceleration Radio this Thursday).
Also, my guests on The Big Finale will be Paul and Phillip Collins, who are the authors of the book "The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship." I will also have more info on that later in the week...

Fiscal Ruin Of The Western World Beckons

Events have already forced Premier Brian Cowen to carry out the harshest assault yet seen on the public services of a modern Western state. He has passed two emergency budgets to stop the deficit soaring to 15pc of GDP. They have not been enough. The expert An Bord Snip report said last week that Dublin must cut deeper, or risk a disastrous debt compound trap.

A further 17,000 state jobs must go (equal to 1.25m in the US), though unemployment is already 12pc and heading for 16pc next year.

Education must be cut 8pc. Scores of rural schools must close, and 6,900 teachers must go. "The attacks outlined in this report would represent an education disaster and light a short fuse on a social timebomb", said the Teachers Union of Ireland.

Nobody is spared. Social welfare payments must be cut 5pc, child benefit by 20pc. The Garda (police), already smarting from a 7pc pay cut, may have to buy their own uniforms. Hospital visits could cost £107 a day, etc, etc.

Tesla Revisited: Wired Magazine On HAARP

Strange New Air Force Facility Energizes Ionosphere, Fans Conspiracy Flames

Todd Pedersen had to hustle—the sky was scheduled to start glowing soon, and he didn't want to miss it. It was just before sunset, a cold February evening in deep-woods Alaska, and the broad-shouldered US Air Force physicist was scrambling across the snow in his orange down parka and fur-lined bomber hat. Grabbing cables and electronics, he rushed to assemble a jury-rigged telescope atop a crude wooden platform.
The rig wasn't much, just a pair of high-sensitivity cameras packed into a dorm-room refrigerator and pointed at a curved mirror reflecting a panoramic view of the sky. Pedersen had hoped to monitor the camera feed from a relatively warm bunkhouse nearby. But powdery snow two feet deep made it difficult to string cables back to the building.
As darkness closed in, Pedersen tried to get the second imager working—with no luck—and the first one began snapping pictures. A few minutes before seven, throbbing arcs of green and red light began to form on his monitor, eventually coalescing into an egg shape. Other shards of light shimmered, gathered into a jagged ring, and spun around the oval center. "This is really good stuff," Pedersen cooed. This wasn't just another aurora borealis triggered by solar winds; this one Pedersen made himself. He did it with the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (Haarp): a $250 million facility with a 30-acre array of antennas capable of spewing 3.6 megawatts of energy into the mysterious plasma of the ionosphere.
Bringing Haarp to fruition was, well, complicated. A group of scientists had to cozy up to a US senator, cut deals with an oil company, and convince the Pentagon that the project might revolutionize war. Oh, and along the way they sparked enough conspiracy theories to make the place sound like an arctic Area 51.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big Brother Is Watchi-...Censoring.

New York Times:

In George Orwell’s “1984,” government censors erase all traces of news articles embarrassing to Big Brother by sending them down an incineration chute called the “memory hole.”

On Friday, it was “1984” and another Orwell book, “Animal Farm,” that were dropped down the memory hole — by

In a move that angered customers and generated waves of online pique, Amazon remotely deleted some digital editions of the books from the Kindle devices of readers who had bought them.

An Amazon spokesman, Drew Herdener, said in an e-mail message that the books were added to the Kindle store by a company that did not have rights to them, using a self-service function. “When we were notified of this by the rights holder, we removed the illegal copies from our systems and from customers’ devices, and refunded customers,” he said.
Amazon effectively

Friday, July 17, 2009

Walter Cronkite dead at 92, Never saw his dreams of world government come true

Reflate or Die? ... Reflate

( – Vice President Joe Biden told people attending an AARP town hall meeting that unless the Democrat-supported health care plan becomes law the nation will go bankrupt and that the only way to avoid that fate is for the government to spend more money.
Bruce- The above paragraph is a strong indication that the hyperinflation crowd is on the right track...

PBS Frontline: Breaking The Bank



Watch the entire program here:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hyperinflation Nation

Here is what I wrote over three years ago where I predicted hyperinflation, the bursting of the housing bubble and the rise in gold prices:
Hyper-Inflation, the popping of the housing bubble and the gold stampede

FRIDAY NIGHT: The Big Finale With Host Jeffrey K. Radt (

Jeffrey K. Radt will be hosting The Big Finale tomorrow night at 7pm Pacific/ 10pm Eastern at (there may be additional sources to listen from- check on Friday for additional information). Please welcome Jeffrey on his initial broadcast tomorrow night!

I'll be back on The Big Finale on July 31st.

Patrick Heron is on Acceleration Radio tonight with Lynn Marzulli

Paddy Heron is Lynn's guest. You can listen to the show here:

I had the privilege of interviewing Patrick or Paddy on May 22nd:

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Was Robin Hood A Nazi Spy?

Did Hitler recruit Errol Flynn as a spy for the Nazis?

He is remembered by millions for swashbuckling his way through The Adventures Of Robin Hood dressed in Lincoln green.

But Errol Flynn would have been more at home in a black SS uniform with a swastika on his arm, declassified CIA files suggest.

The Hollywood legend is said to have been an active Nazi spy. It is even claimed that he attended a secret meeting with Adolf Hitler himself at his Berchtesgaden mountain lair in 1938 - the same year the Robin Hood film came out.

Flynn biographer Charles Higham claims his research shows the dashing actor's espionage for the Germans led to hundreds dying in concentration camps.

Bruce - I don't think he was a spy in the traditional sense but he could have very well been a was the Eastern establishment / power brokers in the United States- like Prescott Bush.

What? Aliens Advised Kennedy On The Cuban Missile Crisis?

The Evil Alan Greenspan

The Evil That Controls You... Look At It.. You Allowed It And Still Do...

India To Issue 1.2 Billion Biometric ID Cards!


From The Times
July 15, 2009
India to issue all 1.2 billion citizens with biometric ID cards

It is surely the biggest Big Brother project yet conceived. India is to issue each of its 1.2 billion citizens, millions of whom live in remote villages and possess no documentary proof of existence, with cyber-age biometric identity cards.

The Government in Delhi recently created the Unique Identification Authority, a new state department charged with the task of assigning every living Indian an exclusive number. It will also be responsible for gathering and electronically storing their personal details, at a predicted cost of at least £3 billion.

The task will be led by Nandan Nilekani, the outsourcing sage who coined the phrase “the world is flat”, which became a mantra for supporters of globalisation. “It is a humongous, mind-boggling challenge,” he told The Times. “But we have the opportunity to give every Indian citizen, for the first time, a unique identity. We can transform the country.”

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's New Tag Team Partner Is...Oh Wait, My Bad, That's Gadhafi...

I guess that's the wrestling promoter in me.

No Bureaucracy Here! Democrats' Health Plan Org Chart!


Looks very, very expensive:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ron Paul: "I can't handle the controversy"

Ron Paul seemed a little disoriented on this interview, like he was blindsided. I think this was right after he made a speech last weekend in Vegas at Freedom Fest.

I sort of get what he is saying...despite the fact that 9/11 Truthers are probably disappointed by his stance. Understand...Ron Paul would be instantly discredited with the larger audience he has if he started blubbering on and on about the Twin Towers and explosives. Personally, I do believe that 9/11 was an inside job but my platform is not at all on a scale with Ron Paul. So, I get what Ron Paul is saying and, frankly, he does need to stick with the bigger picture on this and keep fighting the elites in Washington.

We should support Dr. Paul in his pursuit. He is just as much a threat (and therefore, in harms way) as any other patriot.

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