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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Book Review on Monster Radio, December 10th

I am scheduled to return to Monster Radio on December 10th to review two books. Martha Stewart's "The Martha Rules" and "Tough Guy" by Eddie Maloney.

Weird weather...

in the financial markets.

New Home sales hit a record while gold hits a high of $500. I guess one segment of the population is going in one direction and the other is heading the other way.

On top of that mixed signal was the data that consumers are more optimistic and that retail sales are down and studies conclude that for most of us, our salaries will not keep up with inflation in '06. Like I said, weird 'weather'.

The fundamentals seem to be all there for a higher gold climb (in some undetermined point in the future) based on scarcity and demand overseas.

I don't know about you..but I was thinking today that 1929 must have felt a lot like this.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

Hello All,

Did you see the crowds at Wal-Mart? Man!

Now, there is nothing funny about seeing people getting trampled but I have to say, that the video of the lady taking her time to pick up her wig off the floor and adjust it on her head- was pretty close to hysterical!

I attended my first Gold Show at the Marriott on 4th Street in San Francisco on Sunday. What a great event! I will make sure to be there every year, if I can.

A lot of well respected 'money experts' were there. Granted, they are all of the opinion that there will be a huge metals boom but it was interesting that all of them arrive at different conclusions as to how we will get there.

Tom O'Brien of TFNN believes there will be no "dollar armaggaedon' and that the Dow will actually spike up to 13,000 in 2006. His point was that even if the government inflates the currency here, all the world's currency is phony money and ours will still be the most respected. Hope he is right. He is also bullish on gold, believe it or not. He showed some charts that compared gold strength in Euros, Australian currency, Yen, Canadian currency, USD, etc and the amazing thing is that gold is showing almost identical strength to ALL currencies. That means there is worldwide demand (a good sign). He believes that gold is about 9 months behind commodities such as oil (we saw the oil spike this year, imagine what a gold spike will bring!).

I listened to Paul Van Eeden for a few moments (, someone asked him if the inverted yield curve was the only evidence of an impending recession. Paul stated that actually the credit expansion that has propelled the economy is the real thing to be worried about.

I heard from one of the Aden sisters (who write a forecast newsletter). She was talking about gold fundamentals and how we would see a rise in the value of gold next year.

Finally, I listened to John Doody who had a list of the ten best gold stocks. At the top of his list was Yamana, followed by Goldcorp, Barrick Gold, Golden Queen, and a host of small caps. Doody was the most lively speaker.

There were approximately sixty booths of gold mining producers, lots of freebies and the best news of all: the whole thing is free.

Unfortunately, some of the people I really wanted to see (James Turk, Jim Puplava) are at TODAY'S event in SF. I don't know why they held the second day of the event on a workday!

I noticed that most of the investors that attended are senior citizens who are, no doubt, concerned about protecting their current stash. It seems that gold and silver investing has not trickled down to younger people. I think I was the youngest person there among the hundreds of investors (seriously!).

It's still an investment angle that the majority of people are not yet looking into.

By the way, gold, silver and the gold mining stocks are trading up today. There may be a pullback in about three months or so (as the Fed continues tightening) but once the government reflates, it should be the beginning of a long season of reaping.

Got gold?


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The future of the Dollar

This seems to sum it up for the next couple of years. It wouldn't be prudent for anyone to keep all your money in paper currency. Inflation will rise in '06 and eventually, (probably sooner than later) the interest rate raising cycle will have to cease.

Just a thought...

I look at a lot of blogs out there and people have some interesting things to say but most of them are diary in nature from people that nobody has ever heard of.

Is this Blog thing really the rage or is it basically millions of people just writing to themselves?

Makes ya wonder.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone finds a reason to give thanks this Thursday. We are so fortunate.

I'm thinking about getting satellite radio. I'm starting to lean toward XM, seems like they have a better selection of music.

I know Sirius will have Howard Stern shortly but that's not really a selling point for me. I can live without him.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bernanke (On The Hill)

Bernanke will have an 'inflation target' range as opposed to Greenspan's ambiguous approach. Yet, with no M3 reporting and 'hedonics' in the CPI numbers, how can we be sure of the truth in his pursuit?

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Blog is back...

The blog is back. The funny thing is, I haven't posted to this for about a year and things are pretty much the same... notwithstanding a huge increase in oil and some catastrophic events.

The talk about a housing bubble has only increased in that time.

We'll see how this goes for the next few months...


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