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Saturday, May 31, 2008

With permission of Lynn Marzulli, his analysis of new Indiana Jones movie...

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls… A Movie or Propaganda for the Luciferian End Game?

By L. A. Marzulli

I'm a fan of the Indiana Jones movies, especially the first one. I'll never forget that huge stone rolling down the narrow passageway, of the temple while Jones, clutching the prized 'idol', in his hands, ran for his life. I loved the fact that the Nazi's were the bad guys and I was fascinated about the idea that the Ark of the Covenant could have been hidden away for millennia, only to be discovered in the modern era!

The title of the new movie refers to the crystal skulls, a collection of skulls, in which each one was carved out of a single block of quartz. I had researched them a few years back and found then fascinating, although their origins spurious. So with the title of the movie hooking me and with fond memories of the first of the series, my wife and I headed toward a matinee last Saturday. The trailers rolled by and we both mentally checked the coming features we thought we might see, as we munched on popcorn and waited for the start of the feature film.

I loved the opening scene of the movie, especially when the viewer finds himself or herself in the old warehouse that the Ark of the Covenant was stored in, at the end of the first movie. It's a nice cinematic touch.

What happens next put me on the edge of my seat. There is something that the Russians - who are the bad guys in this adventure - are desperately seeking for and even accuse Indiana of observing it eight years earlier. I'll cut to the chase and say that what they find is the body of a retrieved alien from the 1947 Roswell crash site, and with it the missing crystal skull.

OK, why are they showing me this and how does this tie into the crystal skull stuff? Glad you asked…It seems that there is one skull, out of thirteen, that is missing and, as legend would have it, the person who finds the skull and returns it to the temple - where the other crystal skulls are - will receive all wisdom and knowledge.

So the race is on to place the missing skull in its appropriate place. We then cut to a short lecture on the Nazca lines. For those of you who aren't familiar with these they are a series of large 'sketches' that are etched, into the bleak desert terrain of the Nazca Plateau in Peru. The Nazca lines were not discovered until the invention of the airplane, when from high above the etchings on the desert floor became visible.

This begs the questions, why would anyone create a series of very large drawings that were only visible from the air? Here's a link to the Nazca lines and you may check it out for yourself.

You will be amazed as you see how perfect and intricate the designs are. As the site mentions no one has proven who created them or why. There is also a very large figure that might resemble a being from another world, but that is up to you to decide!

The Nazca lines, links back to the retrieved body from the Roswell crash site, as well as pushes the story toward its conclusion. There is also a brief explanation of the cone head shape of the skull. It is a known fact that some ancient cultures engaged in head binding of their babies to elongate their skulls, but why? Were they imitating what the 'gods' looked like? Were they paying homage to them?

Here is a link to the mysterious skulls that are on display in Peru.

What is interesting is this site believes like I do that the fallen angels, described in Genesis 6, are responsible for these, but I 'm getting ahead of myself… The site also draws a parallel between the headdress worn by the Egyptians and the elongated skulls found in Peru. Is this coincidence?

After cliff hanging car chases, through the fire ant infested jungle, Jones and crew along with the Russians, who have been in hot pursuit wind up at the secret location of a long lost Mayan Temple.

So what's the big deal?

The Russians take control of the situation and the skull is placed on the headless skeleton of one of the thirteen seated crystal skeletons sitting in a circle. And that's when the 'magic' begins. The skeletons suddenly come together as one compresses against the other and finally we see… E.T., the extraterrestrial, large and ominous looking.

This takes everyone by surprise, but wait there's more.

Suddenly the Mayan temple begins to crumble as something begins to surface from deep below it. Jones and crew stand in awe as a huge flying saucer, UFO, MOTHER SHIP is revealed. It creates a cyclone effect, as it begins to take off, swirling trees, boulders, parts of the temple and anything else that's not nailed down, around it. Finally it fly's off! Jones asks, “Where did it go, outer space?” He is quickly set straight, as his sagacious mentor explains, “No Indy, it's interdimensional.”

Now let's take a minute and walk through this. First, the implications are that the god's of the Mayans' were in fact Extraterrestrials. It's good that the producers and writers picked a dead religion, one that is basically extinct so they're not offending anyone by saying that that E.T. is god, or created the gods that 'primitive' man worshipped. But isn't this a step away from declaring that all the religions of the world were started and manipulated by E.T.? Is there an agenda that ties in with what I would call the coming great deception?

In my book Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural I quote from an author who believes that all the religions of the world were in fact started by E.T. His name is Barry Downing and his book is called The Bible and Flying Saucers.

…But I very much suspect that the ascension cloud was the same UFO which led the Israelites through the Red Sea, gave Moses the commandments, carried Elijah into heaven, 'descended' like a dove at the baptism of Jesus, perhaps carried away bodily at the ascension. This was probably the same 'cloud', which brought two men to meet Jesus at the Mount of Transfiguration and probably the same UFO, which brought angels to the Shepherds at Christmas…

So there you have it! Downing embraces, in a nutshell, what I would call the “Alien Gospel,” which is synonymous with the subtitle of my book The Coming Great Deception and the Luciferian End Game. Simply put, the “alien gospel” will reveal that the “aliens” created humankind by genetically manipulating primitive man (early humans) thousands of years ago; therefore, they are, in fact, our progenitors. Hence they will present the supposed missing link in human evolution.

They will claim that they are responsible for genetically engineering the leap between ape and humans. This, of course, will dovetail neatly with Darwin's theory of evolution that has been taught now for over a century as a fact, not a theory.The idea that aliens, or E. T. were directly involved in the miracles and /or supernatural events that are the foundations for the world's major religions will cause the great deception that will draw people away from what I believe is the truth of the Gospel - and replace it with a lie.

With the recent statement released by the Vatican announcing that E.T. is our “brother,” and we should embrace him coupled with the landing on Mars - and it's my opinion that they will find life there - and just today, the Drudge Report ran a story that announced a film of E.T. that would be shown this coming Friday in Denver, Colorado.

Is all of this leading up to full disclosure, of an extraterrestrial presence? Are we about to witness, what might be the most pivotal event in history? You'll have to make up your own mind on the issue as to where you stand, but in my opinion, we are being set up for the greatest deception mankind has ever witnessed.

In the words of Jesus……

Even the elect would be deceived, if that were possible.

You can find out more by going to

The official website of L. A. Marzulli and Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lynn Marzulli Joins Bruce Collins Friday Night On The Big Finale

Lynn Marzulli joins Bruce Collins this Friday night on The Big Finale. We will be discussing Lynn's book," Politics, Prophecy & The Supernatural." The Big Finale is broadcasting currently at and begins at 7pm Pacific/ 10pm Eastern LIVE on Friday night. Friday's interview is part one of a two part interview.

When he is not busy composing music or writing columns on Raiders News Network , L.A. Marzulli keeps active writing great books. His latest offering, “Politics, Prophecy & The Supernatural: The Coming Great Deception and The Luciferian Endgame,” is the non-fiction end times evidence that establishes his popular fictional “Nephilim Trilogy” as being, well, not so fictional.

L.A. Marzulli has made a smooth transformation from fiction to non-fiction. “Politics, Prophecy & The Supernatural” is well written, easy to understand and thought provoking.Marzulli begins with a chronology of historic events in Israel. The timeline he provides within the book is very important to understanding what is to come in this pivotal area, explains Marzulli.Other regions are also important as the author then takes a jaunt through various parts of the world and views their dominant religions. This includes the Christian roots of the United States, the Hindu beliefs in India and the Islamic devotion in the Middle East.

Marzulli then focuses a chapter on the politically (and religiously) charged Middle East. The analogy of a powder keg suits this geographic spot.The recent Islamic term infiltrating the West since September 11th, Jihad, is explored as the war cry rising up against the infidels, i.e. the United States and Israel- the secular representations or perceived symbols of the living scriptures. These brewing cauldrons of hatred boiling overseas were ignited centuries ago, both physically and supernaturally.

At this point, our esteemed researcher exercises a detour in the book that he labels “Authors Sidebar.” Yeah, this is the type of sidebar someone would need to take off the turnpike when the truck stop chili went bad. You’ll need the book to grasp the full effect but I’ll just whet your appetite with two chilling words: suitcase nukes.

The author gives a nice overview of prophecy so that each reader is literally ‘on the same page.’ He thoroughly details twenty five critical end-time prophecies.

Lynn devotes several chapters to all sorts of supernatural phenomena. He writes,” The supernatural is something which most people either choose to believe or not to believe. There seems to be little proof for the skeptic and a plethora of evidence for the believer. All over the world, cultures have their shamans, medicine men, seers, occultists, fortune tellers, gurus, holy men, visionaries, and contacts.”

What follows is a mountain of examinations and interviews in the supernatural portion of the book. Topics include: fallen angels, hybrid offspring, Fatima, UFOs, the Mothman prophecies, crop circles, cattle mutilations, abductions, false prophets, and other seemingly unexplained events. Like a skilled movie director, L.A. Marzulli puts it all together with frightening expert interviews and the methodical unpeeling of the drama as only a skilled novelist can do.

"Politics, Prophecy & The Supernatural” spends the last section within its’ fact filled pages unfolding “the coming Great Deception and the Luciferian Endgame.” Here, the author clarifies the prophetic overview of Ezekiel 38 and 39. He explores the main players and the horrific situation that follows.

The book appears to end as it begins (and as typical prophecy books tend to conclude): the hotbed that is the Middle East, the Jihadists and dirty nukes. However, if you have read any of Marzulli’s “Nephilim Trilogy,” you know he had to add more.

In the final pages, “Politics, Prophecy & The Supernatural” looks closely at the upcoming alien gospel and the return of the Nephilim. Finally, Marzulli reveals the heart of his work, the invitation for his readers to know a living and a loving God.

I’m a big fan of L.A. Marzulli’s fictional work. Now, I’m a big fan of the non-fiction investigative work of L.A. Marzulli. “Politics, Prophecy & The Supernatural: The Coming Great Deception and The Luciferian Endgame” is a clearcut winner.

Friday, May 02, 2008

No Show Tonight (sorry if this sounds like a broken record)...

Well, no show tonight. My producer and I were not able to connect in time for me to make the necessary changes to my website for broadcasting. For sure, I intend to be up and running by next Friday and I look forward to the guests who will be joining the show later this month....


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