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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fascinating, and enlightening, website---

Gives a list of all the lenders that have imploded in the mortgage lending industry- sobering!

News of Interest for July 31st...

Wow, it's August already (ok, theoretically it's August tomorrow)!

More firms hit by meltdown in subprime loans

Consumer confidence near 6-year high - This is pretty interesting. I wonder if this is 1929/'everything is great' mentality.

Retirement risk: Who's falling short

Housing Death Knell for the Economy

Let's see what they are saying overseas:
Sub-prime crisis may trigger global meltdown

Friday, July 27, 2007

Big Finale Guest Tonight: Craig Pepin-Donat...

Craig Pepin-Donat is going to talk about fitness and health- what works, what doesn't work and what is an outright scam.

Craig's website is

He'll be with us tonight for the full hour on The Big Finale at 7pm PST/ 10pm EST.

News of Interest for July 27th...

Happy Friday!
Feds: Economy Growth Best in a Year...
Boy's Lemonade Stand Robbed... Obviously, a crime perpetrated to feed the subprime credit addiction

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Death Spiral

Great article from my friend (and a guest twice on The Big Finale), John Rubino:


by John Rubino

July 20, 2007

In “The Coming Collapse of the Dollar,” James Turk and I said this about the effect of a falling dollar on other countries:

Recall that the only reason Japan or Europe can generate even their current meager rates of growth is the willingness of U.S. consumers to buy their Hondas and BMWs. As the dollar plunges, Japanese and European goods, priced in suddenly-appreciating currencies, will become prohibitively expensive for U.S. consumers, who will respond by buying U.S.-made alternatives or nothing at all. Correctly interpreting this change in buying patterns as a threat to their vital export sectors, European and Japanese leaders will respond with the only weapon they have left: monetary inflation. They’ll cut interest rates and buy dollars with their currencies, flooding the world with euros and yen the way the U.S. now floods the world with dollars. The result of these “competitive devaluations” will be a death spiral for all major fiat currencies, in which European or Japanese bonds will fare as badly as their U.S. cousins.

This week the markets got a glimpse of how the competitive devaluation story might play out, as Europe confronted the impact of a “strong” currency. For the past few years, the European Central Bank has shown admirable restraint, raising rates in response to a surging money supply and allowing the market to set the value of the euro. This in turn has caused the euro to soar against the dollar, testing the premise that a system as fragile as Old Europe can’t tolerate an appreciating currency for long. And sure enough, France has begun lobbying for—get this—the right to vote on European Central Bank interest rate policies.
From Bloomberg:

Trichet's Rebuke of French Government Widens Rift With Sarkozy

July 19 -- Jean-Claude Trichet's rebuke of a French demand for a greater voice for governments in setting interest rates deepened a rift with President Nicolas Sarkozy.

``Such declarations are not acceptable,'' European Central Bank spokeswoman Regina Schueller said yesterday on behalf of Trichet. ``The president of the ECB repeats with gravity that any attempt'' to influence the ECB violates the European Union's founding treaty.Sarkozy has complained that the Frankfurt-based central bank's eight interest-rate increases since late 2005 have driven the euro to a record, threatening European exports. While Sarkozy has retreated from a challenge to ECB independence, he said last week he and Trichet are not ``on the same wavelength.''

``For Trichet, more lobbying from the French government undermines the credibility of the ECB and that's what worries him, which is why he's hitting back,'' said Julian Callow, chief European economist at Barclays Capital in London. ``The battle will get more intense as the euro continues to rise.''

The euro rose 0.2 percent yesterday to $1.3810 at 6:11 p.m. in Paris, retreating from a record of $1.3833 set earlier. It's up almost 5 percent this year and 55 percent since the end of 2001.

Sarkozy has criticized the bank's exclusive focus on inflation, and Trichet has questioned Sarkozy's tax cuts that would violate a French pledge earlier this year to reduce the nation's budget deficit.

Trichet’s European Central Bank won this early skirmish, of course. By law the ECB is independent, so a frontal assault by France or any other European country isn’t going to succeed—at first. But anyone who thinks the Eurozone welfare states will maintain their composure with the euro at, say, $1.50, simply doesn’t understand how democracy works in this late, decadent stage of its evolution. If the dollar keeps falling against the euro—as market forces pretty much guarantee that it will in the absence of major intervention—the euro system will have a nervous breakdown. Under pressure from exporters no longer able to sell to U.S. consumers, member governments will change the ECB charter and force it to cut rates, or they’ll start opting out of the common currency, or they’ll adopt wildly inflationary tax-and-spend policies designed to offset the rising euro.

However it plays out, the result will be a world in which competitive devaluations drive the price of all the major currencies inexorably towards their intrinsic value, which is the paper on which they’re printed. But it might be a while before most people notice. As surreal as this sounds, if the major fiat currencies are falling more or less in tandem, to unsophisticated eyes they’ll continue to appear to be stable. That’s been the case for the past few years, with the prices of oil, gold, healthcare and food soaring (which is another way of saying that paper currencies are plunging) while mainstream analysts proclaim inflation low and many of the world’s currencies “strong.”

But as this process accelerates, the fiction of strong and weak currencies will be harder and harder to sell. Inflation will migrate from “good” things like houses and stocks to life’s necessities, and the link between prices and the unit in which prices are expressed will become clear to everyone. Then the death spiral begins.

© 2007 John Rubino

John Rubino is the author of The Coming Collapse of the Dollar (co-written with James Turk), How to Profit From the Coming Real Estate Bust (Rodale, 2003), and Main Street, Not Wall Street (William Morrow, 1998). A former Wall Street financial analyst and columnist with, he currently writes for Fidelity Magazine and CFA Magazine He lives in Moscow, Idaho. Contact by Email.

Thanks to Jerry E. Smith for being a wonderful guest last night on The Big Finale..

Jerry E. Smith, as usual, was an outstanding guest last night. I really enjoyed learning about the 'Spear of Destiny'. I don't know what to make of it but if the spear truly carried 'power' to cause things to happen amongst powerful leaders, I suppose there could be something sinister controlling it. It's a fascinating topic and we got down to a lot of great information and lore surrounding this most mysterious relic.

In case you missed it, I'll have the archive up sometime this week. JUST A REMINDER: Soon, 99.9% of information on The Big Finale will be found at

I'm converting into a site devoted mostly to my books (as I plan to devote some time to publishing one or two books in the near future).

Have a great weekend all!

Ron Paul Silver Liberty Dollars

Ron Paul Silver liberty dollars available at

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

News of Interest for July 18th...

US Preparing Domestic Clampdown? Thanks to

Gold rallies on Bernanke's subprime concern Wrong. Gold rallied on Bernanke's inflation concern. As I stated twenty four hours ago, the Fed telegraphed what I just predicted yesterday- they will convey their inflation concerns which will justify future rate increases- but they will not be able to raise rates fast or severely enough to combat runaway inflation.

Difficult conditions worsened in the second quarter

Ron Paul emerges as GOP's unlikely rock star candidate ROCK on!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

News of Interest for July 17th...

It's really the big question: will we face Depression era deflation or 1970's style inflation. The answer is probably both. It looks like inflation is the current issue and don't be surprised (even though a lot of contrarians are predicting rate cuts) if the Fed does not cut rates and, in fact, has to raise rates. They won't be able to raise rates fast enough to stem the inflationary problems but they will sharply destroy the home mortgage industry- in other words, the worst is yet to come in that sector.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ron Paul's speech from the rally on Saturday

By the way, excellent show with David Lowe and Peter Goodgame. We'll have the archive up soon....

This is the video from Ron Paul's speech on Saturday. I'll have pictures later in the week!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'll be at the Ron Paul rally today...

Big Ron Paul rally in Mountain View, CA today ( Guest speakers include G. Edward Griffin, Joe Bannister and Justin Raimondo. The main speaker, of course, is Ron Paul.

Should be a great deal of fun.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tomorrow night on The Big Finale...HOST: David Lowe, GUEST: Peter Goodgame

I'm really looking forward to this program... and hope you can join it!

It'll be fantastic.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sir Lancelot Liquidity Lies...


>>Investors appeared to largely overlook a speech on inflation by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who said energy price spikes have not led to persistent inflation or a recession in recent years.<<


News of Interest for July 10th...

Consumer credit rose $12.9 billion in May

Oil prices reach 11-month high

Hyperinflation and the bond markets

Florida foreclosure future shock

Hawaii Big Island Prices Down 20%

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A monstrous beast roaming in the Amazon? has the news about Ron Paul's campaign donations --surpassing John McCain!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I will be blogging live at the Ron Paul Rally.

Join me Saturday at 9am PST/ 12pm EST for full coverage of the Ron Paul rally from Mountain View California. I will be there and will be reporting the events live.

I will be bringing a laptop, a digital camera and possibly a webcam.

It will be live at Hope you can make it!
Special thanks to Patrick Wood for a great interview last night. We will have the archive posted soon!
Bloggers will be welcome at the Ron Paul Rally next Saturday.

I have conversed with one of the folks behind the scenes with the Ron Paul Rally in Mountain View, CA. Due to the Wi Fi that is available from Google (Google HQ is nearby), bloggers will be welcome to bring their laptops and blog during the rally.

I won't be blogging but I will report on the event later in the day. I will be having lunch in a group of about 200 people after the rally. Ron Paul will be present.

The speakers that will precede Ron Paul are also very dynamic speakers. G. Edward Griffin wrote The Creature From Jekyll Island, which was a very important indictment of the Federal Reserve.

Joe Bannister was an IRS agent who figured out that there was not a law requiring people to pay income taxes. He left the IRS, stopped paying taxes and then when the government took him to court for not paying taxes, he won!

Check out the full list of activities:

Friday, July 06, 2007

News of Interest for July 6th...

Global Exodus From the Dollar

$5 trillion of housing wealth gone

Happy Friday, all! Enjoy your weekend...


Tonight's guest on The Big Finale, Patrick Wood..

Patrick Wood has been tracking the globalist agenda for over 35 years now, having co-written Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes One and Two in the 70's with the late Dr. Antony Sutton.

Patrick is the editor of the very popular website,

The Big Finale, tonight, at 7pm PST/ 10pm EST.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Name That Test & Tune on The Speed Channel Update---

Big Schwag has informed me that "Name That Test & Tune" will be using his real name, Brett Wagner, for the show.

"Name That Test & Tune" premieres on the Speed Channel on July 15th during the Launch Hour.

Casey Serin, the man who traded everything for notoriety...

When I first heard of Casey Serin, he did not carry the label of "the world's most hated blogger."

I only knew him as the young man who made tremendous mistakes in a quest for instant riches. 'Get rich quick' never works but most of us, if we are honest, would probably admit to chasing instant wealth at least once in our lives - usually (and hopefully) when we were young enough to rebound from the ill fated experience.

However, what has transpired recently, is that Serin has apparently realized that money is beyond his reach and fame is the next best thing. I believe this to be the case. His debt must be piling up daily. CashCall isn't getting any wealthier from him.

About the book
In all seriousness, does Casey really believe that droves of people will buy his book? It is not going to be marketed, after all, by a major publisher and as near as I can tell, it's going to be sold as an 'e-book' from someone who resembles the same 'class' as the Rich Jerk ( Can you imagine a massive amount of people getting a book about someone's bad mistakes from a shyster looking website? I can't!

The cover is very cool, in my opinion. I like that. However, I can't understand the angle of the book and how people would find it interesting. It's all rehashed news.

My book hasn't been a 'bestseller' but it did have a niche audience- because some people do actually like wrestling and there was a uniqueness to it as there was never an 'insider' book on how to promote the sport. However, how do you categorize a book whose sub-title is "A Mistake." This isn't self help (?). This isn't a success story. Where is the niche audience? Everyone can read about the unfortunate events on Casey's blog ( for free.

I have to be honest and say that I am fascinated by all of this because I don't know what's going to happen next. I'm also hopeful, or maybe wishful is a better term, that Casey will turn his life around and seek spiritual, emotional and financial counseling. I do read the blog regularly but I can't see spending money on what is already free.

Unfortunately, Casey has also apparently abandoned his family. Sad. True enough, usually your family will forgive you in time (although his marriage may be over since he left his wife for Australia) but trust will be incredibly hard to build in the years to come.

It's a fascinating world that Casey Serin lives in...

Ron Paul coming to the Bay Area

Ron Paul having a rally near Google HQ in Mountain View, California- very close to where I live and work. Needless to say, I'll be there and I hope you will, too!

Saturday, July 14th at 10am-- with some outstanding guest speakers (who were in the documentary, America:Freedom to Fascism). Should be a wonderful event.

For more info:

See you there!


I never knew something like this could happen in a swimming pool...

Parents, be watchful over your kids in swimming pools. I know that you shouldn't be diving in headfirst even at the deep end because of the way the pools are built. Many people have broken their necks diving into swimming pools from those little diving boards because the incline under water rises quickly at about the area that someone's head is landing into the water. Pools can be very, very dangerous.

Warning: this story is pretty horrific.

Book on the rise again on Amazon

The book is rising up again. Out of 20 million plus books, the book is now ranked 31,000. By comparison, Rev. Al Sharpton's book, Al on America, which was published in the same year , 2003, is ranked 827,000 +. I only use Rev. Al as an example as he has sufficient media exposure (wouldn't you say?).

Thanks to all who have purchased the book- AND sincere thanks to all who read this blog, listen to Monster Radio or The Big Finale!

Product Details
Paperback: 152 pages
Publisher: Imprint Books (October 3, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1591099498
ISBN-13: 978-1591099499
Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.2 x 0.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 7.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
Average Customer Review: based on 5 reviews. (Write a review.) Sales Rank: #31,420 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)
(Publishers and authors: Improve Your Sales)

News of Interest for July 5th...

Hope all of you had a happy and safe 4th of July....

Proposed OSHA Regulation Threatens Firearm and Ammunition Industry

Kansas Shoppers Step Over Dying Woman

Number of unsold homes increases

CLAIM: 45 Muslim doctors planned US terror raids...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Don't ya know? Talkin' 'bout Inflation...

At my 'day job', there has been a lot of banter over rising prices. Most recently, we've heard about an increase in the price of milk (said to be affected by corn/ethanol production).

Today, on the fourth no less when drunk drivers will sadly be using automobiles as dangerous bumper cars, we hear that ethanol is also affecting the price of beer.

Aside from this being a heavy blow to the pocketbook of Al Gore's son (GORE'S SON JAILED AFTER 100MPH DUI, DRUG BUST... oops, sorry- got a little political there), this is truly another sign of the dreaded "I" word that is feared by government spinmeisters and CNBC bubbleheads.

Make no mistake, inflation is coming hard. While some deflationary effects taking place in the over-leveraged housing market/ fiasco.

Happy 4th!!!

God bless the USA!


Fed Up With War, Some Won't Pay Taxes...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Congratulations, buddy!

Congratulations to the Big Schwag, the host of Monster Radio and former voice of Discovery Channel's Monster Garage, for his new tv show:Name that Test & Tune on the Speed Channel. It premieres July 15th on the Speed Channel during the Launch Hour.

For more info:

News of Interest for July 3rd...

Happy 4th, all !!!

Layoff Fears Part of 'New Normal'

Oil Hold Above $71 a Barrel

Bear Stearns Meets Possums in Georgia as Foreclosures Increase

Key home sale index slides to six-year low

Credit crunch will 'shred investment portfolios to ribbons'

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