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Monday, June 08, 2009

Email From Larry


THANKS so much for having Phil Arms on as a guest. I used to watch him EVERY Sunday night on his TV show and since he went off air I haven't heard from him at all.

It was so refreshing to hear our dear Brother Phil again! I don't think there are many that know more about scripture than Phil. I especially loved his explanation on the pre trib rapture. The view is getting so much heat these days. I think the main reason is because satan knows it's the correct view so he's turned up the heat on it.

Those who refute dispensationalism are the ones who will never get it right, because the trib is God's dealing with the Jews and the wicked unbelieving world AFTER the church is removed. They try to replace Israel with the church and then smash all those verses in where they don't belong.

YES, PLEASE have him back!



We will definitely have him back soon. Thanks for the input!

In fact, I have forwarded the email to Phil as I am sure he will be thrilled with your comments.

Thank you!

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