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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Totally Off Subject...But I Thought It Was Kind Of Cool (Also, Throw In Reminder Here)...

This is an Expert website where people go to ask questions. A gentleman in India writes to the site and asks for advice on how to be a wrestling promoter. The expert gives him some solid advice and then at the end, tells the person to buy the book "So You Want To Be A Wrestling Promoter?" I wrote most of that book and it is always a thrill to see someone write about it. It really carved a niche as it is the only book on Amazon on the subject of promoting pro wrestling (and the book is in several libraries across the USA).

Also, don't forget, Lynn Marzulli will be on Coast to Coast AM tonight. In the first hour, George will interview Travis Shortt who is a Christian film producer and has been interviewed by Lynn many times (even back when Lynn was doing a back to back show with The Big Finale- his show was called Spiral of Life radio - anybody remember that?). The topic will be the Mothman of Point Pleasant (the 'inspiration' behind the movie, The Mothman Prophecies- but they will talk about the true events).

Lastly, here is an outstanding blog from someone who has been very supportive and who has been a great listener to this show. His name is Doug and his blog is . He has a lot of great information on there.

By the way, for those who didn't hear...I will be hosting Acceleration Radio on Wednesdays starting the first week in August. Thanks to Lynn for this opportunity.

OK, back to work. Another busy week this week.

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