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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ron Paul Will Not Quit Until The Fed Is Audited

Congressman Ron Paul has vowed that he will not be stopped in his effort to audit the Federal Reserve, as he slammed Senate authorities for blocking the bill earlier this week.

Appearing on Fox News’ Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano Paul referred to Senate authorities blocking Jim DeMint’s attempt to attach the legislation, which already has 250 co-sponsors in the House, as a provision to a spending bill as a “facade”.

The amendment was blocked by Senate authorities on Monday after they claimed that it violated rules for provisions attached to spending bills.

“Technicalities are always ignored for things they want – this means they don’t want it and this is their organized effort now to stop us, but we’re not going to be stopped, it’s just going to energize everybody at the grass roots,” said the Congressman.


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