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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Got A Phone Call Tonight...

Bruce- Got a phone call from Julia Parrish at She told me to check out the piece written in the Rolling Stone magazine titled, "The Great American Bubble Machine."


Read it.

It is a damning article on the decades of manipulation in the markets by Goldman Sachs.

It is a MUST READ.

Here is the subtitle of the article (says it all) : Matt Taibbi on how Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression

This, folks, is HUGE.

... and, I will drop this bit from the last paragraph - and hints at the next Goldman induced bubble:

And instead of credit derivatives or oil futures or mortgage-backed CDOs, the new game in town, the next bubble, is in carbon credits — a booming trillion- dollar market that barely even exists yet, but will if the Democratic Party that it gave $4,452,585 to in the last election manages to push into existence a groundbreaking new commodities bubble, disguised as an "environmental plan," called cap-and-trade. The new carbon-credit market is a virtual repeat of the commodities-market casino that's been kind to Goldman, except it has one delicious new wrinkle: If the plan goes forward as expected, the rise in prices will be government-mandated.

What am I saying?

The banksters are going to send commodities SKY HIGH. You better get in it now.

That's what I am telling you... you better get in it now.

Read this BIG article (what conspiracists have known for years):

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