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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ron Paul To Ben Bernanke: 'Path To Socializing Our Entire Economy'

Bernanke should be growing a nose like Pinnochio. Today, he announced a recovery by the end of 2009... a jobless recovery.

When did we hear that last?


All they are doing is putting off the inevitable. You cannot recover by just creating more credit/ liquidity/ money supply. It is not a recovery that you are creating.

MANUFACTURING = EXPORTS = JOBS = RECOVERY. Anything else is smoke and mirrors.

Borrowing, i.e. going to the Federal Reserve and building on an already insurmountable debtload is not recovery.

Ultimately, they are going to create rampant inflation and more asset bubbles (anyone remember tech stocks that never crash and houses that never go down in price?). They know this.

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