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Friday, May 01, 2009

My Book Review On Raiders News Network Today

Defeating The Totalitarian Lie: A Hitler Youth Warns America“Defeating The Totalitarian Lie: A Hitler Youth Warns America” by Hilmar Von Campe is a sobering look at the bleakness of life and culture of death within Nazi Germany and shines like a torch as bright and as threatening as the one Paul Revere once saw. Hilmar Von Campe wrote “How Was It Possible?” in 2006. In his book, he wanted to explain why Germany allowed a madman like Adolph Hitler to rise to power and to persecute the Jews. However, since the publication of that book, Hilmar felt that current events demanded that he expand on his work. From his life experiences, the author understood the frightening correlation between Nazi Germany and the erosion of freedom in the United States. So, his new book is a look back at the extreme socialist agenda in Germany (taken from “How Was It Possible?”) and a look forward at the increasing extreme socialist agenda in the United States

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