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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The American People's Gold

During the First Depression, Roosevelt confiscated the people's gold. Rumor has it that it was melted down and turned into gold bars and stored at Fort Knox... all done for the sake of the good ol' USA.

In modern times, the Congress has refused to audit the gold in Fort Knox and many believe that this gold has been confiscated (again). This time, it is the Federal Reserve and they are the so-called 'caretakers' of the nation's gold. There are some who believe, as I do, that the real reason the gold now lies with the Federal Reserve (and has probably been shipped overseas ... meaning that Fort Knox and the United States do not possess physical gold) is that the Federal Reserve bankrupted the United States and, at some point, took the gold as payment and shipped it overseas.

In a "not so popular" article a few years back, the media may have told us where this melted US 'family owned' gold went:


Hidden away in vaults under the City of London, Britain’s hoard of gold bullion, regarded as the best insurance against any turmoil in global money markets, is beginning to crumble. The deterioration, some experts claim, may suggest that it is not pure gold.

The Bank of England, guardian of the 320-tonne stash under Threadneedle Street, admitted yesterday that cracks and fissures had appeared in some of its gold.

This particular gold that was discovered is not the pure gold we see in bars. Here is another telling remark from the article:

Peter Ryan, an analyst at the consultant Gold Field Mineral Services, said: “I would guess that it would only be a small proportion that doesn’t conform to standards and it would only be an issue if they needed to sell the gold. Some of this gold was acquired 30 or 40 years ago and standards do vary, but it is not difficult to fix.”

I think this is OUR gold!

Even if I am wrong, the American people DESERVE a Congress that will audit Fort Knox (and the Federal Reserve) to tell the American people once and for all where is the people's gold?

The late Aaron Russo interviews Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve and the people's gold:

Title 31 of the U.S. Code, requires an annual physical inventory of our gold supply, but a complete audit was never done, so officially, nobody knows what has occurred. After World War II, America had 70% of the World's supply of loose gold, but today, we may have less than 7%. Sen. Jesse Helms seemed to think that the OPEC nations have our gold, while others believe that 70% of the world's gold supply is being held by the World Bank, which is dominated by the financial grip of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

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