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Thursday, October 09, 2008

THIS FRIDAY'S BIG FINALE: Philip Chabot, author of "Operation Blue Light: My Secret Life Among Psychic Spies"

Philip Chabot is the author of "Operation Blue Light: My Secret Life Among Psychic Spies." At a young age, Philip was used by the US government as a 'psychic spy.' His book serves as a reminder that there is much about our government that we know nothing about. Philip's website is

NOTE: While my show comes from the perspective of a Biblical worldview, I believe it necessary to document what our country has/ is doing to people- and how it does these things behind the backs of the citizenry. Based on the above sentence, we do not advocate someone pursuing psychic abilities- this show's purpose is to document government actions to those that have the ill informed notion that government does no wrong. If this type of discussion would offend you, please do not listen.

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