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Monday, October 20, 2008

Jesus 1, Bankers 0

Interviewing Ralph Epperson on Friday got me to thinking about the world as we know it.

We know that the Scriptures have stories that retell historical events- while prophesying of future events. We know that the Holy Bible has dual meanings in much of it's text.

Also, we know that ancestry is very important according to Scripture.

So, it got me thinking, why is the story of Jesus throwing the bankers (money changers) out of the temple so important ? Was it merely a story about the Messiah's anger toward the defiling of the building- or was there a deeper meaning?

So, I wondered, are today's money changers- the international bankers who destroyed the United States, who are causing a global meltdown and who are Jewish- the offspring of the very money changers who repulsed Jesus Christ?

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