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Saturday, October 18, 2008

A "New" Program: Big Finale Classic

I'm going to use my blogtalkradio show (which has not aired in a long, long time)to air old shows, hereby proclaiming it as "BIG FINALE CLASSIC"... I know, not a very original title. Tomorrow night, I will be replaying an interview with Patrick Heron, the author of "The Nephilim & The Pyramid of the Apocalypse." I might do a live intro to the program and if anyone is interested, there should be time after the broadcast (I reserved 90 minutes) to invite callers if anyone feels so inclined.

Thanks for all of you.'s monthly website hits has mushroomed, thanks to all of you.

Went to my aunt's funeral today. It's funny, you don't really feel like you are getting old but when you look around, it seems like everyone else is! Maybe that is a good thing.


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