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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Solutions to Surviving The Great Depression- Food Issues

As I stated a few weeks back and based on a suggestion from a reader, I would like to provide some solutions on how to survive a Great Depression. A few days back, I wrote about the spiritual component and I want to write more of that because I do believe that is the most important part of a person's preparation. However, even Noah prepared an Ark, he didn't just float on top of the water for 40 days. On the flip side, he trusted God. So, there has to be a balance, I think.

Again, I don't have all the answers. I just want to provide something of value to everyone reading this blog. If it helps you, I'm very happy.

I think it is very important to prepare yourself in terms of food. Not necessarily because we will have a food shortage- but that is a big possibility, actually.

Again, this is a real possibility but the bigger concern, or more immediate concern, are the inflationary pressures on the dollar. With the bailout and the Fed continually injecting the market with liquidity, economic law tells us we should have hyperinflation.

That said, it stands to reason that buying food today allows you to have cheaper food tomorrow. If you are able to buy food today and store it- it is a GREAT investment. It's something you have to have. It's not getting any cheaper. The supply of food is actually not increasing.

Canned food is important. Make sure you check the expiration dates on the cans and store foods that have a couple of years left (that way you won't have to inventory for a while, checking all the dates on the cans). Protein is important so you'll want to pick up canned meats.

Need inexpensive protein? How about 12 cans of Spam for $30? Not bad...

Another way to store food are MREs. MRE stands for Meals Ready to Eat. The military makes good use of MREs. They usually have a main entree, snacks and various other things like condiments, coffee, etc. They are generally sold in a case of 12 meals. Here are a couple of websites I can recommend: These are the most inexpensive MREs I have found online- they're also not bad for the price! This is Tom Horn's website (Tom Horn of ). Sometimes it is nice to buy from different MRE companies as they tend to offer different types of MREs. You will want a variety someday- rather than three months of salsa chicken!

Another concern is the genetically modified food mess that is going on these days. Recently, it was revealed that the FDA wanted to allow genetically modified chicken into the marketplace WITHOUT a label. So, unsuspecting customers would be buying chicken and not knowing the chemicals and dna manipulation and other factors went into making Super Chicken. Not good!

Here is a website that lists fresh foods from local famers. This might be a good way to go at some point. Eat fresh, eat healthy... or as the famous Casey Serin ( says... Organic!

I'm sure I'll have more info on food in the future and have some other solutions for you soon.



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