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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Northern California: The Ghost Held Me Down

Tonight I was supposed to bless a home in Tracy. That appointment was canceled. Let me tell you a bit about the Tracy case before I talk about the Sacramento case in which a ghost actually held me down. You are probably wondering..."what is Paul saying? Is he actually saying he was held down by a ghost?" My answer to you is that I believe I was I kid you not. The Tracy case is quite strange. The occupant of the residence says that red gooey goblets form all over her home. The red goblets have no point of origin, it's as if they are created from nothingness and just appear all over the house. The occupant says that some of the red goblets take on the shape of a male organ and when she takes a picture of the goblet, there are faces in the goblets. I have seen pictures of the goblets and I could not make out any faces in the goblets, nor could I determine what the goblets were made of from just a picture.
Note: I remember an old Unsolved Mysteries episode where a demonically possessed man had the horrific experience of rain occuring wherever he went (even indoors). At some point, he was arrested and there was rain inside his jail cell (and this "rain" was flying in different directions- up, down and sideways). Anyone else remember this episode? There were many police officers and eyewitnesses that were interviewed for the segment. This gentleman was delivered by God, via a Pentecostal preacher in the area who prayed with him.

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