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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Haven't Seen It Yet, A Snip of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory From Last Night

This episode dealt with Jesse visiting the HAARP facility in Alaska. It is my understanding that HAARP is under the 'ownership' of DARPA which is obviously military. So, it is a military device! Coincidentally, my guest this Saturday on The Bruce Collins Show is Dr. Brooks Agnew, who was on last night's episode of Conspiracy Theory!

Heads Up: There were a lot of things that Dr. Agnew said on my show that I do not agree with, particularly his New Age philosophy. I state this on the program and I also make it clear that I come from a Biblical Worldview and he does not. However, I do want to interview folks from time to time that have varying beliefs in the hopes that those who follow them (and they do have significant numbers) will become part of the listening audience. I do not want to air a program on secular radio that is only listened to by a specific group. I want everybody to listen and to, hopefully, be able to present them with an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This will take some time. Anyone who has ever spent time fishing in a stream knows that one of the greatest commodities on a fishing expedition is time...and really good bait.

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