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Monday, December 14, 2009

British UFO Witness Speaks Out As UK Closes Door To Investigations

UFO Witness Darren Perks experienced a UFO sighting in March 1993 at age 16.

Perks' incredible triangle UFO sighting is featured in this Austrailian Sunday Night show here and well worth watching.

"To date in the UK there has been thousands of UFO sightings," Perks tells the UFO Examiner, "some good, some bad, and some simply explainable. However, thousands of genuine people cannot be wrong in what they see and witness.

"The UK MoD has just said that from the 1st December 2009 it will no longer have a deticated UFO desk in operation investigating reports.

"But i am sure that somewhere and someone in the MoD will be looking out for reports, and the end of the day if UK airspace is intruded by an unknown craft it has to be investigated properly. The more reports people come forward with, the more the truth will come out.

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