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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Crop Circles - Alien Messages Or Human Hoaxes?


Unfortunately, many readings taken at crop circle sites are also possible to recreate and it is difficult to be know whether any of the crop circles found are real, at least those with more complicated designs.

However, marks left by UFOs "landing" are a different matter and are usually too simple to attract any interest in the media (which in my opinion gives them more credibility), much like the Australian report mentioned earlier.

The subject of Crop Circles has recently arisen in a claim made by a Bulgarian Scientist, who says Aliens "already exist on Earth".

Oddly enough, a comment made by Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, was that "humans were not going to be able to establish contact with the extraterrestrials through radio waves but through the power of thought"

Some weeks ago I received an email from a person (who did not wish to be identified) also claiming that Aliens were already here, but taking control of people's minds.

The "informant" chose to provide this information on a weekly basis (not sure why), and whilst the details seem fantastic, there was something about his story (I am assuming it is a "He") that appeared genuine.

Apparently, this person works for "a government agency involved in technology research with military connections". No location was given, but a search revealed the first email came from an area near Arlington, Virginia.

I have received three emails, but these stopped suddenly. The person was clearly worried about the risks involved, and said, "...but feel I must tell someone about the information I have."

In his email, he claimed that a number of people at the agency had apparently been taken over by Aliens, and that many unusual promotions had taken place (to replace lost staff). He wrote "The thing that attracted my interest and concern was the sudden deaths of five senior members of staff within just three months. We were told that these were as a result of accidents, health problems and one suicide."

It has been almost three weeks since I received the last email (which is just signed "D") and the person sounded quite desperate in the last communication. He mentioned meeting a colleague who also had information on the Aliens, but this person died from a "Heart Attack" just a few hours after they met.

He expressed a desire to provide more proof but ended by saying "I must think about this some more, I just don't know what to do yet."
Bruce Note: I once interviewed a Doctor (can't remember his name) who studied crop circles. He was from the United States but even traveled to England to study the crop circles there. His conclusion- that most of these crop circles ARE man made (not all of them though, in his opinion). What was very interesting was that the crop circles that were proven to be man made had the same characteristics as the ones believed to be made by an unidentified means, i.e. cameras were knocked out, equipment failure, etc. This Doctor, who also practices remote viewing, believed that these 'magic artists' (his words) who made these crop circles were able to tap into the same 'source.' I don't know about you but this certainly does not appear to just be some humanoid-like beings from another planet- it clearly appears to be supernatural in nature. The Scriptures say that Satan is the father of lies and he is a deceiver. For those of you involved in the study of UFOs who have never considered this....please consider.

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