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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Closing Thoughts On Today's Lynn Marzulli Interview

Great interview with Lynn Marzulli (see link below).

I think most of his beliefs are on the money. Certainly, when we see alien abductions that mirror supernatural events such as ghosts and haunted houses, we can see the same manifestation. Even non-Christian researchers are beginning to see that many of these events (including crypto-zoological creatures) seem to portray the same characteristics as what the Scriptures called the demonic.

One of the questions I asked was, "Do you believe that the UFO craft is a deception?" I was expecting him to say yes. Instead, Lynn stated that the 'good' Angels, those who serve Yahweh, do not need these craft- but the fallen angels do because their 'wings had been clipped.'

That wasn't what I was expecting. I figured he would say, Yes, it is a deception..but I gather that Lynn feels that the UFO craft are possibly a necessity.

That's interesting..but I don't think that is the case. For example, the Mothman and the Owlman creatures have wings, can fly through the sky and seem to have the capability of appearing and disappearing at will.

I'm no scholar like Lynn Marzulli, in the least. I'm a host...but the above example leads me to believe that they must possess the same abilities as the good angels and must be using UFOs as a deception (and there is also the fact that many of these craft could be government technology- but that's another discussion).

Lynn is an outstanding guest and I'm always honored to have him on my show. I consider him a friend.

Those are my thoughts....

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