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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swine Flu Affecting Entire NORTH AMERICAN UNION...

No word yet on if this is affecting our friends in South America (north travelling virus? Now, I understand that is a possibility because of illegal immigrants travelling north... but it seems to be dotting North America SPECIFICALLY). Several days ago, I posted a video of a reporter who was arrested for filming where there was military at the scene. In that post, I stated the following: Many military soldiers are serving within the United States these days. One might ask why.

Hmmm... will this outbreak lead to a greater melding of the three affected countries?

Canadian media bombarding Maple Leaf Minions:
Winnipeg, CDC lab find swine flu viruses in Mexican specimens; WHO ... - Winnipeg, CDC labs link Mexican-US swine flu ...
Canada on alert after swine flu outbreak in Mexico

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