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Saturday, April 25, 2009

For The Last Four Years, I Have Tried To Prepare People To Survive These Types Of Pandemics/ Food Shortages/ Economic Collapses

For four years, I have done countless programs and written countless blogs about how people can survive a pandemic/ food shortage and economic collapse.

This seems to be the perfect timing to begin again and re-state the importance of becoming as self sufficient as possible.

I'm going to do this in a series of blogs. The first thing is DO NOT PANIC. God didn't give you the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.

So, do not panic.

Most of society will act as the people of hurricane Katrina...they will sit around and wait for the government to rescue them. Do not behave in this way. Nobody will come to save you, except God and yourself.

Prepare for these types of events. Buy canned food, store water, medical supplies, self protection devices possibly.

Here are some sites that sell MREs. MRE stands for meals ready to eat. The military eats these types of meals. They are totally portable, they taste good and you can store them for years. A case of MREs is composed of 12 meals.

I do not receive any money from these suggestions- this is just my opinion and experience. In the following days, I will talk about other areas to prepare for this type of event.

Even if we do not have an emergency event that creates a difficulty in purchasing food at the local market, there is the other point I want to make: All of this bailout money that the Federal Reserve is printing is going to cause inflation (and probably a hyperinflation) which will cause a spike in prices of commodities like food and water. Buying at cheaper prices today is a NO BRAINER. In addition, no one feels secure in their jobs, why not prepare? It's like a pay raise later on...

MRE sites:

1. - I like this site because they sell canned bacon and canned whole chickens... very unique stuff and the prices seem totally reasonable.

2. - This website has the cheapest MREs that I have found. Plus, they are tasty (at least I thought they were).

3. - my friend Tom Horn (who also is the editor of runs this website. It has good food products/ MREs, plus Tom is a very reputable person. His prices on MREs are not the cheapest but I will say it is nice to have a few sources for buying storable food because then you get a variety of meal choices.

Hope this helps, I believe it will.... Please do not wait for the next pandemic, natural disaster, martial law, etc....

God bless,


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