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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am very suspicious about the origins of this flu pandemic...

Interesting that I was talking about how this world system uses fear to cause people to move in a certain direction...

Let me just say that I do not think this is the 'big one', I think this will be contained ...but I think they are bullying the public through staged events... we are becoming 'conditioned', in my opinion.

Five years ago, on nationally syndicated Monster Radio, I predicted the rise in commodity prices due to inflation and the collapse in the housing market. This was at a time when most people were telling me I was crazy to believe that housing was going to crash (most said, housing never goes down in price! Seems crazy now but that was the 'conventional' wisdom- really, it was the Federal Reserve that caused this collapse..but that is for another day).

Alex Jones is believing that this pandemic could have been created at Fort Dix (haven't heard his reasons why he believes this)...

There is a clip of a medical director who said this pandemic WAS cultured in a laboratory

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