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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Lynn Marzulli's blog (

Someone asked the following:
If this is a distraction what do you suppose it’s a distraction from?

My Reply (these are some of my thoughts about the reasons for a 'pandemic'):
1. Revolution was coming. Tea parties/ end the fed, etc. With a ’serious’ flu outbreak, no organizing, no assembly, etc.

2. As Rahm Emanuel once said, Crisis allows the government the opportunity to get things approved that they wouldn’t normally be able to do…i.e. medical and governmental services merging within this North American Union.

3. Legitimizing vaccinations. Selling of tamiflu.

4. Media has the opportunity to shape public opinion, bind the population into a hysteria. Global Warming, anyone?

5. Perhaps they are staging something militarily that we are not aware of yet.

I also believe this is not the ‘big one.’ It seems to be an event since day one that the media decided to hype.

Our leaders organize in places like Bohemian Grove where they have their satanic rituals. Is it really hard to believe that they would stage these types of events?

No, it isn’t and it would be so easy to confuse most people in this day.

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