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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just Finished Taping Ralph Epperson's Interview For This Saturday

Ralph's phone got disconnected halfway through the interview and my producer called him back and we will splice the interview together seamlessly.

If you ever want to talk to Ralph by instant message and ask him about Conspiratorial History, he loves talking to people, his instant message on aol is EppersonRA .

Ralph asked me after the show, " Do you think they will permit this on the air?"

I told him I thought so because so far the show has covered the New World Order and Secret Societies. He said," But this is pretty heavy."

It was and if Ralph is right (and he has some pretty compelling information), the Constitution is no longer a document that carries any weight. It has been rendered obsolete ... by laws. Its' power has been usurped in secret.

I will put up a reminder later in the week but hope you are able to catch the show this Saturday morning at at 10am EST/ 7am PST or if you live in Nashua/ Manchester, New Hampshire area-- tune us in at WSMN 1590 AM , Nashua's home for News & Talk.

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