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Friday, November 13, 2009

CNBC - Dollar Will be Utterly Destroyed, Global Currency, New World Order

This guy is a globalist stooge. He acts like he is just guessing that, gee... this might lead to a ....hmmm, I don't know.... New World Order !?! Why doesn't he talk about how the banksters have screwed up this country.
Question: When Jesus threw the bankers out of the temple- was it prophetic?
Question #2: When we use credit cards and buy homes, charging up interest that is pure profit for the banks, are we funding the New World Order and our future enslavement?
I REVEALED on Acceleration Radio last Wednesday that J.P. Morgan was strongly tied to Alexander Hamilton. Why is this relevant? Alexander Hamilton was the first supporter of a Central Bank in the 1700s, J.P. Morgan was the supporter of the Federal Reserve in the early 20th Century. Time Magazine confirmed this in 1982 with the death of Pierpont Morgan Hamilton (the scoop: Hamilton was born in Tuxedo Park, New York on August 3, 1898 to William Pierson Hamilton (great-grandson of Alexander Hamilton) and Juliet Pierpont Morgan (daughter of John Pierpont Morgan)...Ever see this connection in your history books? Heard anyone else talk about this? Yes, families from generation to generation have been working toward this goal...
Nobody asks these powerful questions...but I am asking them!

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