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Sunday, November 01, 2009

I Was Watching An Episode of the 60's Batman...

...and I was shocked at the dialogue about Skull & Bones! Penquin is the bad guy in this episode by the way.

The episode even shows Penquin using mind control over the butler Alfred. This particular party that Bruce Wayne's (Batman's) aunt is attending is a Millionaire's party- so this shows elitists gathering together and Bruce's grandfather has a Yale shirt in the picture. As the aunt explains, not only was Batman's grandfather tapped for Skull & Bones ...but he FOUNDED IT (which of course is not true...but I'm sure the elites who might have been watching the sitcom had a good chuckle). This is amazing.

I'm sure most tv viewers in the 60s had no idea what they were watching! I had to go on YouTube to see if someone else ever caught this- which they did.

The footage in black and white shows actually occultic themed Skull & Bones "goings on." Here is a family show, Batman, where those on the inside revealed who was really in charge.

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