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Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Time For Socialism (Censorship) In AM Talk Radio" - Please Support Shows Like The Bruce Collins Show

Look, I might not be the perfect spokeman for the causes you believe in, but I would continue to humbly ask you to support this program (not with your money, I have not succumb to greed) with email of support to my current location (, with emails to your local stations asking them to pick up the show and with feedback on forums and on your websites. Again, if you believe in freedom, liberty and the gospel of Jesus Christ- I would appreciate your support. Not many who speak in the way that I speak are on AM radio- and in secular radio, on top of that. We have a window of time and I am fortunate enough to have a microphone in this debate and discussion. I am not bragging, this is totally a blessing and an opportunity, of which I am not seeking personal gain. I am putting myself out there, getting interviews on secular programs (taking some jabs in stride), all to bring this message out in the open.

Please listen this Saturday if you can,, at the end of the hour, I speak very plainly with the clearest salvation message you may hear on News/ Talk Radio this week!

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