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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


KINGSTON, NY, 17 March 2010 —Yesterday, on Fox Business's “Happy Hour”, Gerald Celente explained – in six simple words – the powers responsible for the destruction of America's capitalist system.

Who is behind transforming the world's greatest entrepreneurial empire into a doomed merger of Big Government with Big Business? Celente identified who and what is responsible for:

Bailouts that bail out only the biggest, greediest, most incompetent, and most

Stimulus packages that mainly stimulate government workers and
special interests

Tax relief for mega-billionaires

Draining an already depleted treasury to wage endless, exorbitantly expensive wars in foreign

Health reform that will cost trillions and, as with virtually every other government initiated enterprise, is doomed to fail

The list goes on.

Given the all-encompassing scope of the destruction, some conspiracy
theorists contend it is a sinister plot to deliberately bring the American
system down.

“We are not conspiracy theorists” said Celente. “The dissolution of America is being accomplished in broad daylight, with full disclosure, for all to see. But, the fact is that the powers, principles and practices in place could not be doing a better job to destroy the nation if it were deliberate.”

What are those forces hastening the fall?

In less than six minutes, Trends Research Institute Director and publisher of the Trends Journal®, Gerald Celente, boiled the 60 complex years that have pushed America to an economic precipice and military quagmire into six simple words. Here they are (Click here.)

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