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Friday, January 08, 2010

Brett Wagner Is My Guest On WSMN Radio Tomorrow....

Listen online , Saturday 7am PST/ 10am EST. I will post the archive later in the day.

Word of warning: I had so much fun talking with Brett once again that I lost track of time and we mostly talk about his career. I find it interesting but, I assure you, we will return to regular programming starting next week (in fact, I have some brand new guests over the next month or so and looking forward to it). I did start talking about conspiracy theory at the end of the hour...but it is only about ten minutes or so. Brett and I have had long talks about the Bible, the government of the United States, and other topics behind the scenes. At this point, we have different perspectives- but for a reason- all of the Christian 'celebrities', producers and business owners have screwed Brett over. And, isn't that sad? So, pray for Brett.

I have hopes that by years' end, his views will be vastly different. Give it time, next show that Brett will be on, we will delve much deeper. More celebrities need to know about the conspiracy because, once you know, you realize there is supernatural evil behind the powers that we can see with our physical eyes.

Brett is so fascinated by this topic (because I keep bringing it up!) and I am encouraging him to run with it- to develop a nationally syndicated program on the topic (the more the information is out there, the better). I am happy to take a 'follow' position- this isn't about me. And, it's not about money (I wish all of these Christians selling survival gear, in conjunction with fear mongering, felt the same way too...).

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