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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fringe Doom Peddlers For Profit - Uh, Pastor Xavier?

It's November 1st in Washington, D.C.

Elsewhere on the fringe dial:

1. Said on Coast to Coast AM that Jack and the Beanstalk was based on a true story.
2. Has a secret spy host code named Hawk who was recently hit by an energy beam from a passing by helicopter- yet he was fine the following week to broadcast
3. Two months ago, Steve started spreading the spirit of fear by reporting that a large 15- 20 mile wide object was heading toward earth ..this was reported all over Bible prophecy websites- and Steve quickly changed the subject a week later- by the way, I'm told he also spread this same rumor back in the 90s.
4. Despite the fact that the government is compartmentalized, Mr. Q has no shortage of spies and generals at his disposal to give him the full report, including the one about dragons under the vatican
5. Recently said on Alex Jones that troops were landing in the US and getting on motorcycles with coolers and heading to different parts of the United States (insinuating viruses going forth).
6. Urged patriots not to march on September 12th because there was a planned sabotage (disinfo agent?)
7. Urged patriots not to go to tea parties because info was being taken by FBI.
8. Reported 4 years ago that crematory trucks were rolling down the highway and shoving patriots into them for cremation (stated with Al Cuppett). When pressed by email to supply names of the dead that would have allowed his warning to be proven, he clammed up.
9. Claimed that a giant was found by the military. Will not provide sources.
10. Once told people on air to wear your gas masks outside and "wear them proudly" since something bad was imminent.
11. Used Professor Tom Mack, so called Bible Code expert (gnosticism), to state on air that Steve's feuding enemy, James Lloyd, was in the code and his name intersected with satan.
12. Stops during his broadcasts to give "codes" to specific, secretive parties.

It's one thing to interview a fruit loop. It's another thing to associate yourself with one for profit. Think about that, when you see Christians intermingling with Mock Prophets and Watchmen- and sort of 'winking' over it. Think about those who 'market' EVERYTHING.

I do a show on AM radio- I am officially not fringe radio anymore. This is big. This is huge... and I thank God for this opportunity as it has to be with His help (and some hard work on my part). However, the message has not been compromised- I wouldn't do it any other way.

But, I am resolve in my efforts to do this to reach people. Not people who would necessarily listen to fringe 'Christian doomers', either. I want to reach the people who wouldn't consider listening to the internet while sitting in a bomb shelter, eating from a case of Little Debbie snacks! The truth must be taken seriously (all of the truth, not pieces).

But, here's the deal- I don't do this for money. All costs come from my pocket. I am not making a dime. There are no commercials on my show. I'd gladly take support, don't get me wrong ..but I'm also not shoving products down your neck!

There is no book in the stratosphere that you "HAVE TO HAVE" except the Word of God. Period. There are some great books out there though- but understand that they all pale in comparison to the Holy Scriptures.

Does anyone think that maybe the "itching ears" are not just the mainstream church but those who would follow doom and gloom? There is a place for sincere, honest discussion of the signs around us, don't get me wrong. But, given the fact that a large percentage of this stuff is completely inaccurate with very little critical analysis of the charlatans, shouldn't that change?

I try to balance that here. The greater story of history- past, present and future- is that the victory has been WON. Jesus and Him Crucified paid it all. Amen.


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