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Thursday, September 25, 2008

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I posted this at the popular (Casey Serin) blog:


I agree with this post except for the George Bush 3rd term scenario. We will get Obama or McCain but it won’t matter because they are also globalists (one a Fabian Socialist, the other a neo-con). So, the economy is toast, engineered since the advent of the Federal Reserve and put into full swing once they closed the gold standard. Fiat currencies are so easily manipulated through debt and the printing press.

All of this bailout means hyperinflationary depression. Gold and silver will do incredibly well as the dollar becomes toilet paper. Even though these central banks have been able to momentarily suppress the gold price- it cannot last.

Perilous times. This week, they move to create a fourth branch of government- the treasury.

So, we have a Federal Reserve which is not part of the government that controls our money supply and causes us to become indebted to it- and we have a Treasury Secretary who used to be on the board at Goldman Sachs. Essentially, the bankers who own the United States have infiltrated the Executive branch (they have for decades but this is a much more visible presence).

The best thing to do is get out of the matrix.. AND… if they ever want to microchip you as a form of digital money (because they crashed the paper), do not take the mark.


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