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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I smelled rotten eggs Friday night...

Interesting AND true.

My guest last week was Travis Verge, demonologist. He had mentioned on the show that he believed that Satan, the father of all lies, would try to stop the distribution of his book as it exposes satanic cults.

After my interview with Travis Verge on Friday night, I went into the living room and smelled a foul odor and it appeared to be eminating from an open door. However, when I actually checked outside, the fumes appeared to not be widespread. What was very pungent and strong only occured to me to be something that smelled like "rotten eggs."

Later that night, I viewed a documentary piece on UFOs. It focused on Roswell and how some debris smelled like sulfur. Then, it hit me- I had smelled sulfur!

Now, I am convinced that a demonic presence had visited near my house as that, to me at least, was the probable smell. I believe that. I have never had that happen before.

Anyone who listens to my show knows that I do not try to be a sensationalist, I do not hog the airwaves with "unbelievable stories" or fabricate experiences to appear to be more 'guru-like'. I'm just a guy, plain and simple, and I do believe that something came visiting.

Apparently though, he was not allowed to disturb the show because it went off without a hitch. Praise the Lord for that.

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