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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What an interesting year!

Well, the year has been very different from my perspective. But, I still believe- the best is yet to come, it resides outside of time.  Nothing has changed, only the scenery.

For me, I have not been immune from the difficulties around the world. I am thankful for work but the work is much harder now and I have less time, it seems, to do a radio show. Still, I am resolved to do one even if the continuity of the project may be a little hard to predict moving forward.

I have a show lined up to do in early to mid- August that should be fun and from there, my job ramps up from late August to early October. I had been believing that The Bruce Collins Show would return strong in September, but that may be pushed back to sometime in October now.

Whatever the situation calls for, I am willing to do it. You may be going through similar issues or maybe your situation seems worse. I know that God operates outside of time. He knows that your situation works out in the end.

Stay tuned at this blog as I plan to regularly update here with news.


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