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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Heroes Unnamed By Bruce Collins

It is highly likely that we will not be able to completely separate the sheep from the goats or the heroes from the villians on this Earth due to the massive amounts of misinformation that are, in part, perpetrated by the Media. There have been many, however, who have come forward in their attempts to defend their fellow man from the corruption that infects those in power.

We used to call politicians public servants. We wouldn't dare call them that now. They no longer serve the people, they control the people. Few citizens want to think for themselves, they would prefer that those 'authorities' (once called public servants) would make the decisions for them.

Frank Murphy was appointed by President Franklin Roosevelt as Attorney General in 1938. Later, he rose to the lofty, and well respected, position of Supreme Court Justice. Indeed, he was a political insider.

Meeting with Congressman Martin Dies, Murphy poured his emotions out.

"We're doomed! The United States is doomed! The Communists have control completely. They've got control over Roosevelt and his wife as well." (American Opinion, February 1971, page 14)

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